4 non-coding jobs every IT team needs

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Programmers, engineers and developers are captious to immoderate IT team, but positions that don't impact codification are important, too. These hiring kits volition assistance you find the champion candidates for those jobs.


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Programmers, engineers and developers are often regarded arsenic the stone stars of the IT team. When everything from gathering ecommerce functionality to addressing clients' bundle needs requires code, the crushed becomes crystal clear: Those professionals are the backbone of immoderate tech-based initiative.

Such roles are regularly included successful assorted fast-growing occupation lists. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the bundle developer vocation unsocial is expected to turn by a whopping 22% betwixt present and 2030. And successful 2020, astir 2 cardinal bundle developer jobs existed crossed the country.

But adjacent though it should beryllium a precedence to find talented programmers, engineers and developers for your team, different IT-related functions — specified arsenic overseeing regulatory compliance, readying and managing budgets and maintaining effectual interior auditing systems — play a captious relation arsenic well.

Luckily, determination are individuals retired determination with accomplishment sets to fulfill each of these needs and more. Below, you'll find TechRepublic hiring kits that to assistance you capable 4 of the cardinal non-coding positions your IT squad needs.

Hiring Kit: Compliance officer

Regulatory compliance is indispensable for immoderate concern successful immoderate industry. However, compliance wrong the tech manufacture tin beryllium particularly complex. Advancements specified arsenic BYOD (bring your ain device) and the threats posed to information and idiosyncratic information are inspiring a dependable watercourse of caller regulations.

The compliance serviceman is liable for staying abreast of regulatory changes to guarantee that your IT squad and its exertion products are — and stay — compliant with these regulations. They're besides liable for processing strategical plans to execute compliance with each applicable regulations and for making definite that the plans are implemented and followed.

What to look for successful a compliance officer

The close campaigner should person respective years of acquisition successful regulatory compliance, and it's champion if this acquisition includes enactment successful your circumstantial concern niche. Strong candidates volition besides beryllium detail-oriented, meticulous and assured successful their abilities, with fantabulous verbal and written connection skills.

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Hiring Kit: IT concern manager/budget director

IT expenses thin to beryllium among the astir costly categories wrong a business. And the magnitude of currency companies are investing successful IT is lone growing. A recent survey completed by Spiceworks Ziff Davis recovered that 53% of businesses successful North America and Europe expect year-over-year IT spending to summation successful 2022.

The ebb and travel of IT budgets requires a concern manager oregon fund manager to guarantee your institution remains profitable. They're liable for processing a budgetary program to guarantee that profitability and for achieving the champion worth from your company's IT investment.

What to look for successful an IT concern manager oregon fund director

Any concern manager oregon fund manager should person an in-depth inheritance successful business, concern and accounting. But for an IT-based position, candidates should besides person acquisition successful accusation technology, including merchandise beingness cycles and improvement processes. This includes acquisition successful precocious technology, specified arsenic unreality computing and IoT. In addition, they should beryllium capable to pass with each stakeholders wrong the concern from the C-suite down.

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Hiring Kit: Chief diverseness officer

The occurrence of your endeavor is babelike upon your employees. The talent, ability, unsocial inheritance and one-of-a-kind position each worker brings to your squad does, successful fact, thrust success. That's wherefore it's captious to clasp and enactment toward the improvement of a divers team.

The main diverseness serviceman is liable for processing and monitoring programs that guarantee the hiring of employees with divers cultural, acquisition and career-based experiences. They're besides liable for processing inclusion initiatives, specified arsenic captious diverseness training.

What to look for successful a main diverseness officer

The main diverseness serviceman should person important acquisition successful quality assets management, with fantabulous concern acumen and acquisition arsenic a leader. Good candidates should beryllium capable to enactment and animate each teams wrong each country of business, from selling to legal. They should besides beryllium assured and spot value connected being a affirmative power connected others.

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Hiring Kit: IT audit director

As exertion advances, truthful bash cybersecurity threats. According to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2021 had the highest mean information breach outgo successful 17 years, a whopping $4.24 million. Factors included the question to distant enactment owed to COVID-19 arsenic good arsenic unreality migration.

As a result, information is present much important than ever — but your information measures won't enactment unless they're implemented consistently and updated frequently. The IT audit manager is liable for developing, scheduling and performing audits to guarantee information controls are successful spot and moving properly.

What to look for successful an IT audit director

The IT audit manager should person extended acquisition successful some exertion and business. They should person a coagulated knowing of each regulatory compliance requirements arsenic good arsenic fiscal audit principles, including laws specified arsenic the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

IT audit directors indispensable person the highest nonrecreational and idiosyncratic standards and beryllium capable to pb IT teams with integrity. They should besides person an manufacture certification specified arsenic CISA, CPA, CIA, CISM, CGEIT oregon CRISC.

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