42 incredible Photoshop artists with skills that will blow your mind

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(Pocket-lint) - We each cognize the powerfulness of Photoshop, you'll regularly spot the results of its usage connected mag covers and successful advertizing campaigns. But it's overmuch much than conscionable a instrumentality for touching up and beautifying images, it's besides a almighty portion of bundle for creating artwork and manipulating photographs to crook them to the artists will.

We've tracked down a fig of superb Photoshop artists and representation manipulators from astir the satellite to amusement you conscionable however awesome the results tin be. Will you judge your eyes?

Making the mean extraordinary

Monica Carvalho has a endowment for making the mean extraordinary. Like this weirdly edible presumption of a rocky godforsaken roadworthy merged with a breadstuff roll. Curious and weirdly fantastic too.  

Digital drawings

Choi, who goes by the sanction of daol_pater connected Instagram has immoderate unthinkable talent. Their works involves creating incredibly realistic looking images from integer drawings.

Like this representation of a shiny metallic shot and mirror-like surface. That don't exist, but were alternatively crafted digitally by hand. Amazing.  

Fantasy meets reality

Stas Novikov is simply a Russian creator who creates elaborate and fantastical images by combining realistic photos with surreal imagery. The results are surely fantastic. 

Buildings connected legs

Vadim Solovyev creates funny municipality views with oversized creatures and inexplicable sights. Including fantastic things similar this wherever a gathering has seemingly sprung legs. 

James Popsey

The Wales to London Underground

The Wales to London Underground

Rolling Welsh countryside interrupted by the unexpected lines of an underground entrance.

With this photo, James Popsys imagines a fantastic satellite wherever the London Underground was hundreds of miles long. Rush hr has ne'er looked truthful idyllic.

Jati Putra Pratama

Edge of the World

Edge of the World

Jati Putra Pratama, an Indonesian creator and graphic designer, takes photos of the satellite we unrecorded successful and twists the laws of gravity and the angles of quality to contiguous america with a caller reality.

Here, the edges of 2 worlds basal conscionable a abbreviated region isolated oregon possibly a sinkhole has appeared successful the mediate of the ocean?

Kirby Jenner

The piggy-backing model

The piggy-backing model

Much similar the Stock Photobomber we've featured previously, Kirby Jenner gets his kicks from injecting himself into different people's photographs. More specifically, Kirby uses Photoshop to enactment himself into Instagram photos posted by Kendall Jenner, 1 of the biggest celebrities connected Instagram

"Kirby" is of course, conscionable a fictitious sanction for the arsenic fictitious quality appearing successful these photos, but we can't assistance but respect the craftsmanship and hilarity of these images.

Erik Johansson

Full satellite  replacement service

Full satellite replacement service

The afloat satellite replacement work is retired successful afloat unit ensuring that lone the precise champion moons are connected show for our late-night snaps.

Erik Johansson has a talented oculus for quality and a endowment for believable representation manipulation. Various works of his diagnostic beauteous shots of landscapes but blended with the unbelievable. He's besides blessed to amusement the effort that goes into his enactment with down the scenes videos connected his website.

Erik Almas

The flying Whale

The flying Whale

In this surreal photo, a Whale floats inexplicably crossed the entity tugging a tiny airship and a pistillate successful a reddish formal connected a travel supra the clouds. Where they're going, we're near to wonder.

Artist Erik Almas regularly uses his awesome talents to make works similar this, wherever the intolerable is made some imaginable and believable.

Dmitry Rogozhkin

The marshes of time

The marshes of time

Russian artist Dmitry Rogozhkin, clearly has immoderate endowment erstwhile it comes to representation manipulation. He has galore magnificent works but this photograph is perchance 1 of our favourites. A queue of women descend into the depths of marshes earlier them.

A elemental and philosophical representation astir the passing of clip arsenic a miss turns into a pistillate and transitions into an aged woman reaching retired for begetter time.

The Lion Roar automobile

We've seen plentifulness of bonkers conception cars implicit the decades, but Swiss creator Frédéric Müller puts a caller rotation connected these designs. 

This masterful creator has taken classical car designs from the 1950s and 1960s and reimagined them with inspiration from nature. Now, these rides person taken connected an carnal similar aesthetic, some wrong and retired arsenic the vehicles not lone look similar animals but are besides being driven by them. Our favourite is this Roar, a Ford-250 redesigned to acceptable the king of the jungle. The remainder are beauteous awesome too

Urban Elephants

Phonsay Phothisomphane uses his creator talents to trade images of our satellite and what it would look similar if his imaginativeness could bring things to life. 

He regularly crafts dream-like scenes that are uploaded for each to bask connected his Instagram account. This representation of immoderate tiny elephants drinking from an municipality puddle is 1 of our favourites and a cleanable illustration of the benignant of things helium creates. 

Behind the scenes

Calob Castellon is fantastically talented and a clever bod too. He besides likes to amusement what goes connected behind the scenes of his work and regularly demonstrates however almighty props, positioning and a small Photoshopping tin be. 

The happening of dreams

Murat Akyol is simply a talented creator who turns his dreams into world done the powerfulness of editing. The results are arsenic chaotic and varied arsenic you tin ideate and his dreams indispensable beryllium beauteous special. 

Mathieu Stern

Amazing Photoshop Artists representation  6

Levitating Jedi

Mathieu Stern is popular YouTuber with a flair for photography and filmmaking.

During 1 sprout outing, helium enrolled a Cosplayer successful immoderate levitation to seizure immoderate really awesome images. Some Photoshopping editing made the magic hap and you tin see however here

Amazing Photoshop artists with skills that volition stroke your mind

An antithetic twist connected the connection successful the bottle, this enactment by Andric Ljubodrag appears to amusement a tiny pistillate floating connected the oversea successful a wide bottle. She doesn't look excessively blessed astir it either. We'd ideate the oversea sickness is astir apt kicking in. 

This is conscionable 1 representation of Andric Ljubodrag's portfolio - a postulation that's utterly breath-taking. This self-taught creator has had a passionateness for photography since helium was 15 years aged and that passionateness has turned into a existent talent. His creation includes hyper-realistic imagery which mixes CGI with real-world photography. We'd highly urge taking a look astatine his website to spot more.  

Adverts with pizzaz

Chris Labrooy has an awesome portfolio of enactment that includes immoderate snazzy and brilliantly colourful selling masterpieces. One of which includes this reasonably awesome task for Adidas kid's trainers.

There's nary denying helium is simply a maestro of utilizing CGI and 3D bundle tools to make breath-taking works that truly basal retired from the crowd. 

Stanislav Odyagailo

The surreal life

The surreal life

Ukranian integer artist Stanislav Odyagailo not lone takes unthinkable photographs, but he's besides a dab manus with Photoshop. Like a fewer others in this list, he's a large instrumentality of taking mean photos and turning them into mesmerising and surreal images.

Here we spot a histrion increasing retired of the backmost of the subject's head. 

Robert Rickhoff's

Out of place

Out of place

What if things were retired of place? That's the taxable to astir each of Robert Rickhoff's work. Unexpected items appearing successful places you'd ne'er expect to spot them successful each sorts of hilarious, confusing and downright unsafe ways.

With an adept hand, this German Photoshop maestro makes america question whether what we're seeing could truly beryllium true. It can't be, but it looks truthful convincing. Though we bash consciousness helium missed a instrumentality with his representation by not mounting the velocity bounds to 88mph.

Robert Jahns

The world's craziest rollercoaster

The world's craziest rollercoaster

Robert Jahns is different 1 of those modern representation manipulators who uses just photos taken connected his telephone to make surreal, intriguing, and mesmerising imagery.

With the usage of a assortment of apps and photographs snapped connected his iPhone, this creator surely has a flair for creating breath-taking and vertigo-inducing photos similar this impossibly gangly rollercoaster.

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Martin de Pasquale

Heavy is the caput  that wears the crown

Heavy is the caput that wears the crown

Martin de Pasquale is a Buenos Aires-based Photoshop creator with an oculus for the surreal. His benignant mostly revolves astir taking bland and different non-descript photos of himself, past injecting antithetic sights, colours and shapes into the imagery.

Here Martin tin beryllium seen dragging his ain caput adjacent down him.

Max Asabin

Two worlds go  one

Two worlds go one

Max Asabin, is an antithetic specimen successful the satellite of Photoshop manipulators. Not due to the fact that of what helium does oregon however helium does it, nor the extremity result, but due to the fact that helium shows his workings to show however helium creates the imagery.

Here we tin spot however 2 images are combined into 1 and transforming an different basal representation into thing retired of a fairy-tale.

Aydın Büyüktaş



Turkish artist Aydın Büyüktaş produced this representation arsenic portion of a bid of photographs called "Flatland" which seemingly amusement landscapes folding impossibly up connected themselves.

The images are created utilizing a batch of patience, Google Earth for scouting locations and careful drone flying to seizure the archetypal photograph which is aboriginal manipulated. The result is a fig of amazingly mesmerising images that crook the caput arsenic overmuch arsenic the land.

Bara Prasilova



Czechoslovakian lensman and Photoshop artist Bara Prasilova, created a bid of images for the Hasselbad Masters publication measurement 4 under the rubric "Evolve".

In this series, manipulated photographs of agelong hairsbreadth are intended to correspond the ties betwixt quality relationships and the threads of fear, emotion and interest we consciousness arsenic people.

Charlie Davoli

The emancipation of dissonance

The emancipation of dissonance

Photo manipulator Charlie Davoli creates collages and montages from edits of photographs helium took with his iPhone. The effect is simply a bid of surreal works that crook the imaginativeness and let america to question our reality.  

Chris Huet

Big heads

Big heads

This representation is simply a collaboration betwixt French photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne and Photoshop artist Christopher Huet.

This is an illustration of respective photographs created for an advertizing run that achieved respective manufacture awards and garnered overmuch praise.

Staudinger + Franke

The tiny   toaster people

The tiny toaster people

Staudinger + Franke is a celebrated photography workplace based successful Vienna who by time mostly enactment successful the advertizing manufacture delivering clever and astonishing photographic works for their clients.

Such enactment includes the likes of this dissected toaster which seemingly shows tiny men beavering distant connected delivering a delicious toasty morsel to their owner.

Agan Harahap

Super heroes done  history

Super heroes done history

Photoshop artist Agan Harahap has created a fantastic bid of images re-imagining historical events by injecting superheroes into iconic photos. Here, Batman replaces the Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied forces, seen addressing the troops earlier D-Day successful 1944.

Other photographs successful the bid see images of Superman helping to liberate artwork stolen by the Nazis, Darth Vadar attending the Yalta league and more.

Alex Belko

The key

The key

This photo, called "The key" is simply a integer self-portrait by Photoshop artist Alex Belko. It was selected for the commended class of the Sony World Photography Awards

There's an unthinkable magnitude of item present and we wonderment some what the creator was reasoning erstwhile helium created this enactment and whether helium tin spot into our soul.

Sergey Dibtsev

The past  step

The past step

Another representation shortlisted by the Sony World Photography Awards, "The past step" by Sergey Dibtsev is an penetration into misery and loss. A pistillate successful peril, a heart-broken antheral successful heavy contemplation and a chopper searching the onshore beneath for thing yet unknown.

Dark and moving, the photograph earlier america tells a communicative of woe and misery and yet does truthful with unthinkable quality and detail.

Milad Safabakhsh

Comatose Red

Comatose Red

"Comatose red" by Iranian Photoshop artist Milad Safabakhsh reached the commended class of the Sony World Photography Awards. This representation is said to correspond what it feels similar to beryllium successful a coma with a passageway of airy calling you backmost to the world.

A solitary, down-trodden antheral holds a dependable regard astatine the airy earlier him, but seems incapable to determination towards it, stuck successful heavy wrong the grip of his unconsciousness.

Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion

Magrittean Immersion

Magrittean Immersion

This photograph by Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion is portion of a bid of photo-montages wherever characters immerse themselves into the surrounding landscapes, by reflecting the presumption astir them. Here the creator wants america to contemplate the mode we comprehend reality, the interaction we have upon it and the power it has upon us.

Another fantastic portion recognised arsenic specified by the Sony World Photography Awards who selected it for their enhanced category.

Yong Lin Tan

Fish park

Fish park

Yong Lin Tan snapped this photograph from the balcony of his level during a peculiarly miserable downpour. He past struck upon the thought of manipulating the photograph to talk to the surreal feeling of being trapped successful a factual jungle portion searching for the state we each genuinely desire.

Fish park was shortlisted nether the enhanced class of the Sony World Photography Awards.

Martin Seraphin



A photographic commentary connected society, taxation and subsidies, this representation by German artist Martin Seraphin is fundamentally a reflection of modern capitalism and the misery that accompanies it. "Subsidies" made it to the commended class of this year's Sony World Photography Awards.

Mitch Boyer

Man's elephantine  champion  friend

Man's elephantine champion friend

Mitch Boyer took his emotion for his favored pooch and turned it into thing scarily surreal. In a bid of photographs, Mitch transforms his dachshund Vivian into a overmuch bigger beast – a six-foot gangly mentation of herself that dominates his photos.

The conception soon turned into thing bigger erstwhile Mitch struck upon the thought of turning the photos into a children's publication to assistance kids beryllium much comfy with the thought of moving home. And so, "Vivian the canine moves to the large city" was born.

Natalie Shau

The ladies of gothic popular  surrealism

The ladies of gothic popular surrealism

Lithuanian artist, Natalie Shau uses a operation of integer painting, 3D programming and representation photography to make acheronian and surreal images of women.

Her distinctive images often premix historical styles with modern elements to make ocular that lucifer thing described arsenic "gothic popular surrealism".

Magnificent cartoons and editing skills

Luisa Azevedo has immoderate superior talent. She usually produces each mode of fantastic cartoon stylings for her assemblage to bask but she besides takes portion successful assorted surreal artwork competitions. 

This includes wonders similar this representation which seems to spot immoderate marine beingness contained wrong a cliff which itself is protruding retired of the ocean. 

Surreal landscapes and wonderment worlds

Jati Putra Pratama crafts immoderate earnestly awesome works which lend a caller position to our surrounding world. This includes skewed landscapes, gravity-defying cities and overmuch much besides. 

If you privation to spot thing antithetic past this is the relationship to follow. 

Other worldly views

Shaun Ryken is simply a Canadian Photoshopper who's capable to archer ocular stories with awesome creations that defy logic, confuse world and bring pleasance to the eye. 

In this example, he's created a literal watermelon, but astir apt 1 you wouldn't privation to instrumentality a wound of. Unless you're truly into eating unrecorded food of course. 

Mystical skies and magical views

Renato Prkic crafts intriguing views of skylines, mystical worlds and funny horizons. The results are fantastic, mind-bending images similar you've ne'er seen before. 

Out of this satellite views

Marco Zagara is an Italian integer creator who creates immoderate awesome otherworldly views with spacemen and seemingly distant planets. 

Some are elemental yet wonderfully funny similar this astronaut seemingly defying gravity portion sitting connected a cloud. While others see magnificent retired of this satellite views. 

Behind the scenes

These surreal works are fantastic, but if you privation to spot however they're created past beryllium definite to travel Creative Photo Folk. You'll get a presumption down the scenes similar nary other. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 29 June 2017.

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