5 tools helping companies more effectively manage cybersecurity in 2022

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As much companies absorption connected integer adoption goals successful 2022, uncovering information tools to observe malicious enactment is top-of-mind for executives.

Cybercrime is connected the rise, with nary signs of slowing down. Recent findings amusement a 358% summation successful malware activity. Further, each day, the AV-TEST Institute registers implicit 450,000 caller malicious programs and perchance unwanted applications, with caller malware cropping up astatine an alarming rate. Some experts adjacent judge cybercrime is the fig 1 occupation with mankind and that cyberattacks airs a bigger menace to humanity than atomic weapons. 

Types of information tools

Falling nether a larger umbrella called cybercrime is malicious unauthorized programs oregon executable codification specified arsenic adware, bots, ransomware, viruses, phishing, email oregon net fraud, cyber-extortion, and others. Each is aimed astatine theft, disrupting, damaging oregon accessing systems, reputations, slope accounts and more.

With much companies making the indispensable displacement to a work-from-home worker model, it's nary astonishment that 33 percent of executives successful the United States see malware 1 of their 3 apical cyber menace concerns moving forward. 

Tools to efficaciously negociate integer security

As cybercrime is acceptable to outgo the satellite 10.5 trillion dollars annually by 2025, IT executives and their teams volition request to marque argumentation changes, measurement up information grooming and usage cybersecurity tools specified arsenic these to negociate integer information successful 2022 — and beyond. 


avast logo

Image: Avast

Avast offers all-in-one customizable business, managed work supplier and reseller unreality information solutions focused connected gathering a safer satellite for companies and their customers. Scalable from location office-based information to broad analyzable endpoint solutions, Avast works smarter to support businesses harmless from cybercrime with precocious cybersecurity. 

Key features:

  • Six layers of heavy protection
  • Artificial intelligence, behavior-based instrumentality learning, and unreality menace laboratory analysis
  • A system-centric attack examines endpoint processes to artifact malware algorithmically
  • A multi-functional, azygous lightweight cause reacts instantly to malware yet maintains strategy performance

Contact Avast for pricing. 




Image: Bitdefender

Bitdefender offers a menace prevention, detection and effect level that provides endpoint, web and unreality information to businesses and MSPs. With aggregate information products, Bitdefender makes it imaginable for businesses and work providers of immoderate size to unafraid each instrumentality endpoints and containers with broad and unified security. 

Key features: 

  • Unified endpoint information and analytics–across endpoints and hybrid workloads 
  • Technology and machine-learning onslaught prevention models to place and halt much attacks
  • Built-in precocious menace quality menace probe to enactment with instrumentality enforcement 
  • Monitor and study hazard levels crossed languages and users

Contact Bitdefender for pricing.




Image: Kaspersky

Kaspersky helps tiny and mid-sized businesses and enterprises safeguard their occurrence with industry-leading extortion against caller and emerging cyber threats. Several cloud-based information solutions are disposable to support endpoints from precocious threats depending connected your concern size and needs.

Key features: 

  • Threat identification, mapping and contextual information
  • Evaluation of the astir captious threats, utilizing customized automated hazard scores
  • Ability to make customized workflows and operational procedures with a no-code interface
  • Monitor and study hazard levels crossed languages and users

Contact Kaspersky for pricing.




Image: Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes focuses connected helping tiny to ample businesses and work providers destruct ransomware, spyware, adware, viruses and different malware. The solution provides tools and resources, specified arsenic endpoint and incidental detection and effect to unafraid endpoints and servers. 

Key features:

  • Ransomware extortion with 72-hour ransomware rollback 
  • Unknown zero-day malware detection
  • Brute unit extortion against attacks connected on-premises and distant worker information
  • Security compliance for prevention, detection, effect and accelerated and thorough remediation
  • Monitor and study hazard levels crossed languages and users

Malwarebytes offers scaled pricing tiers depending connected the fig of devices oregon servers.




Image: Vipre

Vipre provides simplified yet broad concern information solutions covering endpoints, email, network, information and idiosyncratic protection. Their unified suite of information technologies protects your business' instauration from interior and outer risks and assaults.

Key features:

  • Endpoint information to trim helpdesk visits, bandwidth misuse and mislaid productivity
  • Email information to artifact threats that instrumentality employees into leaking delicate information
  • Network information that prevents unauthorized entree with behavioral investigation and menace simulations
  • User and information information to trim quality mistake and support backstage accusation harmless  

Vipre offers 3 pricing tiers, Core Defense astatine $96/user/year, Edge Defense astatine $96/user/year, and Complete Defense astatine $144/user/year. 


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