A page of Spider-Man comic book history just sold for $3 million

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(CNN)A seminal infinitesimal of Spider-Man history, sketched connected a azygous leafage of a Marvel comic, conscionable became the astir costly leafage from a comic publication ever sold astatine auction.

The page, which depicts Spider-Man's archetypal clip donning the infamous all-black suit, fetched $3.36 cardinal astatine auction earlier this week, becoming the "world's astir invaluable leafage of archetypal comic publication artwork," according to Heritage Auctions.

Another leafage from the aforesaid comic was sold for $288,000. Together, the 2 pages of Spider-Man past sold for $3,648,000, Heritage Auctions said.

    "Today's results beryllium what we've agelong been saying: Comic publication creation is arsenic beloved and invaluable arsenic thing enactment connected canvas," said Joe Mannarino, who heads Heritage Auctions' section of comics and comic creation successful New York, successful a statement.

      'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is archetypal  movie  to marque   $1 cardinal  since 2019

      The auction location didn't uncover the winning bidder, but whoever it was intelligibly knew their Spider-Man history. The pages came from the Marvel crossover bid "Secret Wars," successful which beloved heroes squared disconnected against classical villains connected a satellite called Battleworld. In the eighth installment of the constricted series, published successful 1984, Spidey encounters an alien symbiote -- dependable familiar? -- who gloms onto his accepted red-and-blue suit, which helium damaged successful battle.

      "That glob conscionable -- conscionable dispersed retired and became a costume -- and dissolved distant the tatters of my aged 1 successful the process!" Spidey exclaims connected the 25th page.

      But erstwhile our web-slinger dons his caller suit, the symbiote drastically alters his property -- per Marvel, he's nary longer a quippy bully feline but a "vengeance-fueled vigilante."

        Spider-Man yet splits from the symbiote aft the decision of "Secret Wars" -- agelong story, but Mister Fantastic himself has to bash immoderate science to get it disconnected Spidey erstwhile and for each -- and that alien goo finds its mode to a much suitable big -- Eddie Brock, who goes connected to go Venom.

        The movie mentation of Spidey recovered his mode to the achromatic suit, too, though the fusion earned decidedly mixed reviews. In "Spider-Man 3," Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker donned the symbiote suit and got snippy with his beloved Mary Jane, damaging their relationship. It besides inflated his ego to the constituent wherever helium danced successful the streets of Manhattan, an uncomfortable but eternal portion of movie history.

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