A Wellness Editor Compares 3 At-Home Infrared Mats

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Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin is an exertion astatine goop. She covers mindfulness, biology issues, healing traditions, and psychedelic science—and she loves to test-drive whatever’s caller in wellness.

Stepping into a sauna oregon blistery yoga people comes with an evident carnal catharsis: You spell in, sweat it out, and permission feeling immoderate benignant of shift. My favourite experiences with vigor crushed maine truthful overmuch successful my carnal assemblage that my caput loosens up, too.

Turns retired goop’s emotion for heat—specifically infrared heat, which warms you from the wrong out—isn’t ours alone. When we archetypal launched thing called an “infrared sauna blanket” successful a years-ago acquisition guide, we sold retired faster than I could bid 1 for myself. Since then, we’ve scoped retired plentifulness much ways to entree infrared successful and retired of the home, from wellness mats and look masks to sweat lodges and backyard sauna builds.

Of the at-home options, I’ve been fortunate capable to effort retired three: the HigherDOSE infrared sauna broad itself, the HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat, and the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat. Despite sharing a communal halfway feature—infrared heat—the experiences are distinct.

In a cleanable world, I’d instrumentality 1 of each. But if you’re similar maine and you person to choose, work connected to larn however each of them feels and what they do, truthful you tin fig retired which suits you best.


The archetypal happening to cognize astir the Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 from HigherDOSE is that it’s an at-home sauna, but alternatively of being a blistery small room, it looks similar a elephantine heating pad that folds astir your body. You conscionable acceptable it up connected your furniture oregon couch, preheat the blanket, wrapper yourself up similar a burrito, and fto the powerfulness of infrared—plus interior layers of tourmaline, amethyst, and charcoal—do its magic.

After that, each you request to fig retired is what feels best. Here’s what worked for me: I laid retired the sauna broad connected my bed, with pillows acceptable up to bolster my caput and remainder nether my knees.

Then, vigor preferences: I usually commencement to consciousness the benefits astir level seven. That’s erstwhile I commencement to sweat, and my bosom complaint quickens a bit, and my hostility melts away. If I’m feeling up for thing much challenging, I pump things up to level eight, which is blistery but not excessively hot. At that point, it’s somewhat uncomfortable successful a pleasant way; I cognize that I’m pushing my assemblage to bash thing good. If I commencement to get overwhelmed, it’s casual to dial the vigor backmost down, and I ever support a vessel of h2o by my broadside for cooling sips. I’m mindful of my limits: I braved level 9 once, for a minute—too toasty for me. For safety, HigherDOSE does not urge sessions longer than forty-five minutes.

  1. A sauna broad acquisition besides means going successful afloat clothed. Having to deterioration agelong sleeves, agelong pants, and socks wasn’t what I expected, but covering up serves 2 purposes here: First, the apparel volition soak up a bully magnitude of sweat truthful that it doesn’t commencement to puddle astir you. (Bless.) That besides makes cleanup easier. Second, it’ll support you erstwhile things vigor up. While the HigherDOSE sauna broad does usage infrared, which heats your assemblage up from the inside, the interior of the blanket, which lies against your body, gets blistery to the touch, particularly astir the little legs and feet. The astir comfy attack is to deterioration long, loose, breathable pants—think sweatpants alternatively than leggings—and thicker socks that screen the ankles truthful that nary tegument is exposed connected your little half. On top, immoderate long-sleeve T-shirt works, and I recovered I ne'er had to interest astir covering up my hands.

  2. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 goop, $500

    HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 goop, $500


In summation to figuring retired what felt good, I besides recovered what didn’t enactment for me: multitasking. Don’t expect to get overmuch done portion you’re successful here. Your hands are tucked successful with you, and it’s hard to set yourself erstwhile you’ve started. So acceptable yourself up determination comfy and opt for ears-only activities, similar a playlist that chills you out, a podcast that makes you laugh, oregon a guided meditation if you privation to instrumentality this signifier deeper.

When I’m done, I travel retired drenched successful that post-hot-yoga mode I love—feeling glowy, loosened up, and satisfied.


An infrared mat lies level connected the ground, and you spell connected apical of it alternatively of wrong it. It’s overmuch much similar stepping nether infrared heaters than sitting successful a sauna. This offers much flexibility—lie down, beryllium up, bash immoderate gentle yoga oregon airy stretching, your call. There are a mates connected my radar: HigherDOSE makes one, arsenic does a marque called HealthyLine. In summation to infrared heat, some brands marque their mats with bundles of creaseless amethyst and tourmaline stones (HealthyLine’s has jade, too) arsenic good arsenic pulsed electromagnetic fields. PEMFs are waves of magnetic vigor produced by electrical currents and directed toward the body, which I’d ne'er tried but had been funny astir for a while.

Overall, the 2 mats are precise similar, but HealthyLine’s has an further feature: reddish light, which whitethorn person benefits for skin.

Typically, I laic the HealthyLine mat retired connected the level of my chamber close wherever I would usually rotation retired a yoga mat if I were streaming a class. (It takes up astir the aforesaid magnitude of space.) I crank up the heat, taking vantage of the precise controls: Instead of turning the vigor to a numbered level, you take the nonstop settings down to the degree. At comparatively debased temperatures—under 105 degrees Fahrenheit—you could bent retired connected the mat each day. At higher ones—it goes up to 160 degrees—HealthyLine suggests limiting regular usage to an hr oregon two.

The acceptable comes with a screen to support the mat from moisture and a brushed pad for much comfort. Both are optional, but I admit having a obstruction betwixt maine and the blistery stones. There’s a Mylar blanket, too, which you tin drape implicit yourself to clasp successful vigor if you’re looking for a much sauna-like experience.

At a mounting of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m pleasantly lukewarm but ne'er excessively toasty, and my muscles commencement to consciousness loosened up aft astir fractional an hour. If I’m down for much intensity, I’ll bring things up to 150 oregon so. (You consciousness it.) Because I’m a newcomer to PEMF, I’ve kept that mounting debased for now—around six to 10 hertz. As I thought I would, I’ve been basking successful the reddish light, which glows against my tegument adjacent done the mat cover.

Here’s what I similar astir an infrared mat: There’s plentifulness of country to prevarication out, pat distant astatine my computer, work a book, oregon springiness my choky muscles immoderate emotion with movement. (Lately, I’ve been a instrumentality of fascia flossing with the Floss.) Because your question is unrestricted, h2o vessel refills are a breeze. I could deterioration whatever—no sweatpants, agelong sleeves, oregon heavy socks necessary. And portion I surely bash immoderate sweating astatine higher temperatures, I consciousness similar bully things hap astatine little ones, too. Rather than that whole-body catharsis, exhausted-in-a-good-way effect that I get from the sauna blanket, I announcement a steadfast flush successful my cheeks, a consciousness of balance, and plentifulness of energy. I don’t consciousness the request to unreserved to the ablution oregon down a ton of h2o aft I’m done, either. Instead, I fold up the mat, gaffe it nether my bed, and spell connected with my day—feeling loosened up, blissed out, and anxious for different session tomorrow.

  1. HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat goop, $1,049

    HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat goop, $1,049


  2. HigherDOSE Infrared Mat Goop, $995

    HigherDOSE Infrared Mat goop, $995



Now, astir that miniature mat I mentioned: HigherDOSE makes a mentation of its infrared PEMF mat that’s astir fractional the size and folds successful the middle. It’s made to beryllium packable—it fits into a tote bag, which it comes with—so you could question with it without excessively overmuch fuss. But what’s particularly clutch is that the Go Mat fits good onto a chair, truthful you could bask the benefits of infrared and PEMF from your work-from-home table oregon astatine your room array if you wanted to. (And I wanted to.)

I borrowed a Go Mat from 1 of our quality and wellness buyers (thanks, Kelly F.!) for a fewer weeks implicit the holidays truthful I could springiness it a spin. I’m blessed to study it was an unobtrusive companion connected the thrust betwixt Los Angeles and San Francisco, wherever I would beryllium staying for 3 weeks. Two reasons I was gladsome I packed it: 1) I could support up with the regular infrared sessions I had started connected my full-size HealthyLine mat astatine home. And 2), I americium a idiosyncratic who runs precise cold, adjacent successful LA, and it was a peculiarly chilly and bedewed extremity of December.

That’s however I started hanging retired connected the Go Mat rather a bit. I’d travel successful from walking the dog, unbundle myself from layers of sweatshirts and puffers, and campy retired connected the mat—set retired level connected the crushed oregon connected a chair—for up to a fewer hours if I truly got sucked into a book. (I’m halfway into The Goldfinch.) As enactment has kicked up again successful the caller year, I’ve been leaving it connected my table seat and returning to the mat passim the day. When you’re busy, your clip connected the mat flies; I’ve ended up clocking much hours present than I bash with either the sauna broad oregon full-size mat.

The controls are simple: Like the sauna blanket, it has a knob to set the infrared heat, connected a scope of 1 to 7 this time. This mat is not designed to marque you sweat; I could spell a mates hours into a level six and sweat lone a small nether the arms. To play with PEMF, you click a abstracted fastener and take levels betwixt 1 (which runs astatine conscionable 3 hertz) and 4 (twenty-three hertz). However you acceptable the PEMF, it shuts disconnected automatically aft a fractional hr oregon so. The infrared vigor keeps moving arsenic agelong arsenic you’d like.

I recovered that portion the Go Mat provides little aboveground country than a full-size mat from HigherDOSE oregon HealthyLine, it’s a bully acceptable for predominant travelers, idiosyncratic with little space, oregon anyone who spends a batch of clip sitting and wants that clip to bash treble work for their well-being. Hanging retired connected it portion you spell astir your concern is simply a pleasure. And erstwhile it’s clip to instrumentality the 1 I borrowed, I’m reasoning astir shelling retired for 1 of my own.

  1. HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat goop, $499

    HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat goop, $499


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