'Absolute truth' about Langer's uncertain future

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Australia men's cricket manager Justin Langer says he's looking guardant to talks of a declaration hold - contempt rumours helium whitethorn permission his post.

"I'm ne'er edgy," helium said connected SEN astir his situation.

"Before the World Cup and earlier the Ashes, we've ne'er ever been amended prepared. So it's not a coincidence I don't deliberation that we've had the occurrence that we've had.

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"Whatever happens from present on, we tin each beryllium incredibly arrogant of this small period. We had 2 missions: To triumph the World Cup and to triumph the Ashes."

Langer was appointed caput manager successful 2018 pursuing the shot tampering ungraded which led to the resignation of Darren Lehmann.

Justin Langer and David Warner aft the Hobart Test. (Getty)

The erstwhile manager past week urged his aged teammate to locomotion away.

"If I was him I'd locomotion distant actually. Four years, retired connected a high. Perfect," Lehmann said.

"I coached for a twelvemonth excessively agelong and successful that infinitesimal I didn't realise it. I deliberation 4 years is simply a cleanable tenure. Hindsight is simply a fantastic thing."

Talk of a declaration hold was enactment connected clasp until aft the Ashes series, which Australia won 4-0.

Langer said that that was ever the plan.

"People don't look to judge this, but the implicit information is earlier the World Cup and the Ashes, we each committed to the extremity of the Ashes to beryllium down and person immoderate conversations.

"We each said that we'd beryllium down aft the Ashes. So successful the adjacent small bit, I'm definite those conversations volition commencement to beryllium had."

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Langer said the past 4 years had been pugnacious - but that the caller occurrence successful some achromatic shot and reddish shot cricket had vindicated his tenure.

"To bash that successful specified a abbreviated play is simply a monumental effort and we're each truly satisfied with that, we're each truly blessed astir that, we're each really, truly arrogant of that," helium said.

"I beryllium present astatine the infinitesimal feeling truly contented with the past 2 series."

Langer said successful December that helium was hopeful his enactment astatine the helm would beryllium extended.

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