AI learns to create images from text descriptions by destroying data

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A caller attack to generating images based connected substance descriptions with AI, called a diffusion model, efficaciously un-destroys caller images into existence

Technology 18 January 2022

By Matthew Sparkes

AI images

Images created from substance descriptions by GLIDE, a caller AI


Early past year, artificial quality institution OpenAI unveiled bundle with the astonishing quality to create close images from substance captions – adjacent obscure inventions specified arsenic “an armchair successful the signifier of an avocado”. The institution has present released a caller AI exemplary that is smaller but capable of producing adjacent amended results.

Last year’s programme – called DALL-E – was a large, 12-billion-parameter AI exemplary that was trained connected a immense acceptable of images with associated captions. In caller years, astir advancement successful AI has travel from this benignant of approach; grooming them …

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