AirPods 3 production purportedly already underway, so when will they be released?

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple’s California Streaming lawsuit came and went, with updates to the iPhone lineup, the iPad, and Apple Watch. However, quality connected the upcoming AirPods 3 went unannounced - contempt the information numerous notable Apple leakers each pointed to the lawsuit arsenic a imaginable unveiling opportunity. 

Regardless, further reports look to bespeak that Apple is preparing yet different lawsuit aboriginal successful the period of September to contiguous a caller lineup of redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, alongside a larger Apple silicon iMac and, of course, caller AirPods. 

The accusation regarding AirPods 3 already being successful accumulation comes from Digitimes, who successful their paywalled study item however the Cupertino institution has already begun receiving finalized shipments of the caller headphones by suppliers.

On insubstantial astatine least, it sounds much logical to present a redesigned acceptable of AirPods alongside the ever-so-slightly redesigned caller iPhone 13 series, considering that the archetypal AirPods were archetypal introduced alongside the iPhone 7 successful 2016 erstwhile Apple decided to nix the headphone jack from its devices. 

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As we already know, however, that won’t beryllium the case, and we’re present each the much apt to spot a caller acceptable of the wireless headphones alongside the company’s caller Mac lineup successful conscionable a fewer weeks. 

In lawsuit you're wondering what a caller variation of AirPods mightiness look like, a leak from April seems to springiness america a wide thought of the caller design: a shorter, boxier lawsuit and stems, bringing it much successful enactment with the AirPods Pro sans adjustable rubber tips. 

Apple AirPods 3 alleged hands-on representation leaked connected Weibo.#Apple #AirPods3 #AppleEvent

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Pocket-lint has spent months extensively covering each the known details of the upcoming AirPods 3, truthful to check retired our full recap, click here

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 16 September 2021.

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