Amazon Glow is a video-calling projector for your kids

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has unveiled Glow, a beauteous left-field summation to its enactment of hardware that marries a video-calling instrumentality to a projector and is aimed close astatine families.

It has a short-throw projector that aims down astatine a aboveground to let interactive games and activities that tin beryllium interacted with by the different enactment connected the call.

That means grandparents could assistance them larn to read, oregon lick puzzles, from a tablet oregon different instrumentality that tin tally the caller Amazon Glow app, portion a contented kid gets an easier woody connected the attraction front.


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Disney, Mattle, Nickolodeon and Sesame Street are each connected committee to make contented for Glow astatine release, which should mean that determination are plentifulness of recognisable characters and worlds to leap successful with.

Glow isn't going to instantly merchandise widely, though - it's alternatively going to beryllium connected a constricted tally that you tin petition entree to, for $249. We don't person planetary pricing, oregon a steadfast merchandise day yet, either. That each points to Amazon not wanting to physique millions of the happening earlier uncovering retired it's not arsenic fashionable arsenic hoped.

It's surely an intruguing concept, and 1 that's a small much of a hazard than overmuch of what Amazon has unveiled recently, truthful we'll beryllium watching to spot whether it finds overmuch of an audience.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 28 September 2021.

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