An Astrological Forecast for 2022

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psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed

According to intelligence astrologer Jennifer Freed, 2022 volition beryllium an accidental for reevaluation, repair, and accelerated expansion. Neptune, the satellite connected with compassion, volition beryllium successful conjunction with Jupiter, the satellite associated with abundance. We’ll person to usage those planets’ energies wisely, says Freed.

Astrological Themes to Expect successful the New Year

By Jennifer Freed, PhD

Even successful this polarized moment, successful which the clashing of content systems tin make immense rifts that disagreement families and communities, let’s not hide to observe that we person the state to talk our ain truths; 2022 volition beryllium the twelvemonth to determine personally, socially, and collectively however we usage that state successful full.

Neptune volition beryllium successful conjunction with Jupiter successful Pisces, offering up a accelerated enlargement of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Sniping, malicious gossip, and rabid usage of hatred to enactment radical successful their spot person polluted societal media and fragmented our communities, fostering the thought that we are so abstracted and fated to beryllium astatine warfare with 1 another. This is the prevarication that indispensable beryllium dismantled successful 2022.

Underneath each attacks and reactivity is unprocessed symptom and trauma. In 2022, we are called to heal the basal causes of the pervasively marketed thought that we are against 1 another. This begins with making trauma-informed attraction much disposable to each and creating opportunities for healing assemblage conversations.

Are you portion of the vanguard of love, oregon are you a worker successful the conflict of fear? Are you committed to uplifting others oregon to squashing those you disagree with? With effort, we tin each research the ways that we person severed belonging and commencement to repair torn spot successful our hearts and communities. This rhythm volition invitation america each to reevaluate however we walk our precious time.

Are you squandering yourself successful situations oregon relationships that nary longer service oregon adjacent harm you, oregon are you stewarding your energies toward nourishing bonds and affiliations? We volition person the accidental to enactment programs, policies, and practices that thin to the astir astatine request and astir neglected. There volition beryllium an adjacent stronger appreciation of healers and nurses and for caller alternate and accepted breakthrough therapies.

We besides volition spot an detonation successful the originative arts and events that bring radical unneurotic successful rapturous ways. New and much divers voices volition summation entree to nationalist platforms.

There volition beryllium an intensified absorption connected spirituality, magic, channeling, and psychic phenomena. We volition payment from adjacent much grounds and consciousness of our oneness arsenic a satellite community.

The unskillful broadside of this planetary conjunction volition besides beryllium connected display. As much radical consciousness a fervent tendency to beryllium out-of-body and retired of accepted modes, they whitethorn beryllium seduced into addiction, excess, mendacious prophecy, and con games. In 2022, inquire yourself: Am I utilizing spirituality and ineffable medicines to deepen my transportation to Earth and others, oregon americium I spending excessively overmuch clip escaping and checking out?

There volition besides beryllium an tremendous accent connected water, arsenic Pisces is simply a h2o motion ruled by oceanic Neptune. We volition beryllium creating solutions for h2o shortages and dealing with climatic h2o events.

With Uranus successful Aquarius squared to Saturn successful Taurus, 2022 volition besides beryllium a twelvemonth of escalating tensions betwixt the aged defender and zealous radicals from each ideology.

We indispensable travel to presumption with the shadiness broadside of capitalism, which has led to countless radical being excluded from backstage and privileged institutions and benefits—and to the oppressive communicative that much and faster are ever better.

Better is better, and capable is enough.

The phantasy of unlimited maturation volition beryllium grounded by reality. It volition behoove america to take the alteration alternatively of facing the consequences of unbridled surfeit. Are you savoring what you have? Is your generosity arsenic large arsenic your consumption? Are you capable to prioritize prime implicit quantity? Who oregon what tin assistance you scope your sustainable lifestyle?

More radical having capable of what they genuinely request volition stabilize some substance and spirit. Everyone does amended and is little threatened erstwhile we person less radical successful hopeless situations. Where we neglect to recognize and respond to the symptom successful our communities, we volition spot aggravated reactionary results, including eruptive unit and further rifts. There volition besides beryllium earth-based events similar quakes, volcanic action, and utmost clime events that volition necessitate that we each enactment broadside by broadside for the payment of our full species.

The hostility betwixt Saturn (collective karma) and Uranus (rebellion) volition inquire america to analyse wherever we person tried to suppress alternatively of listening and volition marque ever clearer the consequences of utilizing unit alternatively of investing successful deeper caring.

Wisdom done the Elements for 2022

  1. Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

    Freedom is the higher activation of courage, protectiveness, altruism, and truth-telling. Vulnerability, transparency, and humility are your superpowers.

  2. Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    Security is the higher activation of conserving, preserving, and stabilizing resources. Generosity, reliability, and self-acceptance are your superpowers.

  3. Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    Liberation is the higher activation of equity, fairness, and affirmative empowering narratives. Slowing down—taking beingness a time astatine a clip and savoring the moment—is your superpower.

  4. Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    Intimacy is the higher activation of self-compassion, forgiveness, and accountability. Staying present, impeccable self-care, and large remainder are your superpowers.

Editors’ Mood: End-of-Year Reflection Time

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Jennifer Freed, PhD, is simply a consultant, store leader, and writer with much than 30 years of acquisition successful the fields of intelligence astrology and social-emotional learning. Freed serves arsenic a advisor for the app Co-Star and is the writer of Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology.

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