Ancient humans may have started hunting 2 million years ago

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Cut marks connected carnal bones suggest past hominins butchered them for their meat, and that they were archetypal connected the country alternatively of having to scavenge from carnivores similar large cats

Humans 11 January 2022

By Michael Marshall

percussion notches connected  ample  bovid humerus

Notches connected a bony near by quality butchering activity

Jennifer A. Parkinson, Thomas W. Plummer, James S. Oliver, Laura C. Bishop

Ancient humans were regularly butchering animals for nutrient 2 cardinal years ago. This has agelong been suspected, but the thought has been bolstered by a systematic survey of chopped marks connected carnal bones.

The find cements the presumption that ancient humans had go progressive hunters by this time, contrasting with earlier hominins that ate mostly plants.

The caller grounds comes from Kanjera South, an archaeological tract adjacent Lake Victoria successful Kenya. Kanjera South has been excavated connected and disconnected since 1995. It …

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