Apple's next-gen AirPods may have MagSafe magnets built in

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(Pocket-lint) - A caller FCC filing by Apple shows an updated MagSafe charger which was archetypal introduced connected the iPhone 12 bid past year, and portion the differences aren’t instantly apparent, we tin marque a fewer educated guesses arsenic to what we mightiness beryllium seeing.  

The diagrams successful the filing bash amusement an AirPods lawsuit atop an updated MagSafe disk, which is funny considering Apple has ne'er officially advertised utilizing a MagSafe charger to refill an AirPods lawsuit - though you tin already bash that owed to the information MagSafe is truly conscionable fancier Qi charging with magnets, the lawsuit won’t automatically connect oregon clasp itself up similar the latest iPhone 12 bid does. 

New Apple MagSafe charger conscionable went thru the FCC. Wonder what’s new. Wouldn’t it beryllium chill if the caller Airpods magnetically attached, too…

— Dave Zatz (@davezatz) September 6, 2021

With rumours swirling that Apple is readying the motorboat of caller third-generation AirPods beauteous soon, the stars bash look similar they could align and we precise good whitethorn spot MagSafe AirPods this twelvemonth oregon aboriginal next. 

Images besides amusement the MagSafe disk atop a vague boxy rectangle labeled “Phone”, but this shouldn’t travel arsenic immoderate surprise. If anything, immoderate expect the iPhone 13 MagSafe to diagnostic adjacent stronger magnets than the existent iPhones, truthful possibly the updated puck is conscionable a mode to link to the caller devices with a amended grip.   

Within the documentation, Apple references investigating the charger connected 4 “new phones” and connected the iPhone 12 series, which is amazingly referred to arsenic “legacy phones”. 

Those 4 caller phones are of people the upcoming iPhone 13 series, which you tin work much astir successful Pocket-lint’s roundup close here. 

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