Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood hasn’t invested in the ProShares Bitcoin ETF

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The capitalist said concerns astir taxation ramifications informed her determination to instrumentality clip to recognize the taxation implications.

Cathie Wood, an American capitalist and laminitis of Ark Invest, has said she did not articulation the buying frenzy astir the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, Business Insider reported pursuing the fund’s debut connected 19 October connected the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

The  ETF, trading nether the awesome BITO, saw monolithic trading volumes connected Tuesday arsenic request pushed its debut measurement to $1 billion.

Wood, who is besides the CEO of the Florida-based concern absorption firm, cited issues astir taxes arsenic the main crushed for her not jumping connected the bandwagon connected the ETF’s opening day.

Acknowledging that so she did not enactment wealth into the futures-based Bitcoin fund, she added that her concern squad was cautiously studying the exchange-traded fund, suggesting a imaginable concern successful the future.

“There are immoderate taxation ramifications we’d similar to recognize much having to bash with contango versus much mean backwardation,” she explained.

In presumption of investment, contango is erstwhile an ETF’s guardant curve shows terms is importantly higher athn spot price. Backwardation, connected the different hand, is simply a concern wherever the future’s guardant terms is little than its spot price.

Despite not being among the archetypal to gobble up ProShares’ BITO, Cathie Wood and Ark Invest stay precise overmuch pro-bitcoin. arsenic good arsenic predicting that the terms of BTC volition scope $500k, her institution precocious filed for a Bitcoin ETF, collaborating with 21Shares s to record an exertion with the US Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Elsewhere, the marketplace could person its 2nd and 3rd Bitcoin Strategy ETFs this Friday and Monday. According to ETF analysts Eric Balchunas, Valkyrie’s BTF is acceptable to spell unrecorded connected 22 October, portion VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF (XBTF) acceptable to marque a debut connected Monday.

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