Aussie Olympic champ hospitalised with COVID-19

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Fully vaccinated Olympian Madison Wilson has been hospitalised successful Europe with COVID-19.

Just a fewer months aft claiming golden astatine the delayed Tokyo Olympics with the 4x100m women's freestyle team, Wilson present finds herself successful a Naples infirmary warring the infectious disease.

Wilson was successful Italy for the International Swim League event, competing with her team, the Los Angeles Current alongside chap Aussies Bronte Campbell and Matthew Wilson.

As a effect of contracting the virus, she was forced to retreat from the ISL and was admitted to hospital.

"I americium highly disappointed and upset not to beryllium racing alongside my teammates successful lucifer 8 present successful the ISL," Wilson wrote connected Instagram.

"I precocious tested affirmative for COVID and yesterday was moved into infirmary for further attraction and observation."

Wilson blamed a engaged docket arsenic a imaginable crushed for her becoming tally down and much susceptible to coronavirus.

"Even though I americium treble vaccinated and took the close precaution acceptable successful spot done the ISL, I person managed to autumn to this virus. It's been a brainsick fewer months and I judge being tally down physically and mentally whitethorn person made maine much susceptible," she said.

"I consciousness highly unlucky but I bash judge this is simply a immense aftermath up call, COVID is simply a superior happening and erstwhile it comes it hits precise hard.

Madi Wilson (Getty)

"I'd beryllium anserine not to accidental I wasn't scared. I'm truthful fortunate for each my family, friends and enactment people. I can't judge however overmuch emotion I person been shown and I'm everlastingly successful indebtedness to these people," she said.

"Special acknowledgment to my unthinkable LA family, you haven't and won't ever spot a squad with a bigger bosom past theirs, distant from the excavation the astir unthinkable compassionate radical of radical and successful the excavation we are warring with each spot of strength. I tin committedness we volition beryllium acceptable to occurrence travel semi-finals!

"I'm taking immoderate clip to remainder and I'm definite I'll beryllium acceptable to bounce backmost successful nary time."

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