Automatically backup your phones while charging with the Qubii Pro

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(Pocket-lint) - We cognize that we should backmost up our phones regularly, preferably connected an outer drive. But fewer of america really fuss backing up regularly. Most radical debar backing up due to the fact that the process involves utilizing outer hard discs and performing analyzable maneuvers, usually via laptops. Furthermore, the information connected your telephone keeps changing each day, truthful the information from a fewer days agone mightiness beryllium useless, which means you person to bash the full happening regularly. That’s excessively overmuch clip and effort.

However, Qubii makes the backup process highly elemental and convenient! Qubii Pro is an highly tiny charger and backup device. You tin stack it connected apical of your charging block, link your phone, and automatically backup your precious photos, videos,  contacts, and euphony successful the device. The process is wholly automatic, truthful you don’t person to bash thing extra. The Qubii Pro has capable retention abstraction to clasp each the contents of your phones, including photos, music, and messages.

Qubii Pro is specifically designed to enactment ideally with iPhones and iPads. Below, we item Qubii’s unsocial features and capabilities.

Features astatine a glance:

  • Qubii Pro is an outer thrust for backing up iOS devices
  • Automatically backmost up erstwhile charging
  • Designed to beryllium plugged successful the charging adapter
  • Supports microSD cards up to 2TB
  • Comes with a escaped app to negociate and reconstruct the backup files

Charge and backup your devices simultaneously

The infinitesimal you commencement charging your phone, the contents of your telephone are automatically  backed up to this device. You don’t request to instrumentality immoderate further steps oregon actions — simply plug, charge, and backup. The instrumentality tin store contacts, videos, photos, music, and societal media’s photos and videos.

Furthermore, since Qubii Pro performs the backup portion charging, you don’t person to carve other clip to backmost up the data. Nor bash you person to acceptable reminders to execute backups regularly. Every clip you link your telephone for charging, which volition beryllium astir erstwhile a day, your  new contented volition beryllium backed up successful the Qubii device. If you ever acquisition information loss, you tin remainder assured that you tin retrieve your precious data.

Fast charging and backup speeds

You mightiness beryllium acrophobic that the Qubii Pro mightiness beryllium dilatory due to the fact that it performs 2 actions astatine erstwhile — charging and backing up. However, Qubii Pro supports the iPhone “Fast Charge” diagnostic with 12W 5V 2.4A charging power, truthful the iPhone tin support accelerated charging portion backing up.

Extensive retention successful a tiny size

Qubii Pro is an highly tiny and portable device, not overmuch bigger than an mean charger. And due to the fact that the backup  is saved to a microSD card, you tin get a retention abstraction of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB oregon adjacent 2TB, which is much than capable to accommodate the contented successful your phone. You tin besides question with a Qubii Pro instrumentality due to the fact that it doesn’t request net connectivity. Qubii Pro works with iPad, Mac and PC.  Users tin transportation files betwixt antithetic devices without the internet. Plug-and-play connected Mac and PC conscionable similar a mean paper scholar oregon USB.

Extremely elemental setup and installation

Qubii is an highly elemental instrumentality to acceptable up and install. You person to simply instal the microSD paper into the Qubii paper slot, link the instrumentality to your powerfulness adapter, and past link your telephone to Qubii. You’ll person to download the Qubii Pro app to implicit the setup. You lone person to implicit the setup once, pursuing which the backup volition hap automatically whenever you complaint your phone.

Qubii Pro is simply a  revolutionary devices due to the fact that they streamline and simplify the backing up process, linking it to your charging capability. As such, you tin simply link your telephone portion sleeping and aftermath up to find it wholly charged and backed up!

Learn much astir the Maktar Qubii Pro connected the official Maktar website close here, and beryllium definite to bid 1 soon truthful that you tin commencement backing up your devices.

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