Awesome Games Done Quick Hits Event Donation Record

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Over the weekend, the yearly Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon concluded, breaking records on the way, including the magnitude of wealth the lawsuit has ever collected for foundation during 1 event. 

#AGDQ2022 has raised a full magnitude of $3,416,729 for @preventcancer! This is officially the astir we've ever raised successful the past of @GamesDoneQuick - ANOTHER WR🏆
Thank you to everyone who made this marathon possible, and convey you each for your generosity & support❤️

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) January 16, 2022

Taking the apical spot successful donation totals for immoderate Games Done Quick event, astatine the clip of the marathon ended the expansive donation sum clocked successful astatine $3,416,729 with adjacent much wealth sent successful aft the fact. The anterior grounds sat astir $3.1 million, with the caller full handily surpassing that number.

Awesome Games Done Quick and its aptly-named summertime lawsuit sibling Summer Games Done Quick are week-long watercourse marathons where speedrunners amusement disconnected their quickest times to implicit games and cod funds for a deserving charity. This year's AGDQ featured immoderate precise amusive exhibitions of games similar Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, a blindfolded tally of Sekiro, Eternal Darkness (played for the archetypal clip astatine AGDQ), and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Capping disconnected the amusement was a 1 hr 21 infinitesimal "All Bosses" playthrough of Metal Gear Solid. Check retired immoderate of the runs from this past week astatine the Games Done Quick YouTube page.

Congratulations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the unit of Games Done Quick and runners progressive successful ADGQ, and those who donated for a large cause. If you're funny successful bolstering the donation full adjacent more, it looks similar the AGDQ leafage is inactive accepting submissions.

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