AWS re:Invent 2021 kicks off with an announcement-filled keynote

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From rapidly-deployable backstage 5G to no-code instrumentality learning workflows, determination was a ton of worldly announced during AWS CEO Adam Selipsky's keynote.


AWS CEO Adam Selipsky kicks of re:Invent 2021.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky took to the signifier to footwear disconnected the 10th AWS re:Invent, and helium announced a lengthy database of caller services available, oregon coming soon, from the web hosting giant. 

The keynote kicking disconnected re:Invent 2021 was lengthy, truthful you'd beryllium forgiven if you didn't ticker it all, oregon if you simply didn't person clip to tune in. There's a batch to cover, truthful let's dive successful and speech astir each the caller products that were announced. 

New hardware and chips announced astatine AWS re:Invent 2021

The keynote started disconnected with a treatment of however AWS's EC2 instances were the archetypal existent game-change for the company, and however its adjacent large determination was its in-house Arm-based Gravitron chips it built. Today brought the announcement of the Gravitron 3 chip.

Gravitron 3 is reportedly 25% faster connected wide machine workloads than Gravitron 2, arsenic good arsenic being 2 times faster connected technological floating constituent calculations, 3 times faster for wide instrumentality learning workloads, and uses 60% little vigor than the erstwhile procreation chip.

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The archetypal lawsuit to diagnostic the Gravitron 3 is the caller C7g lawsuit for EC2, which was announced alongside it and is disposable successful preview today.

Along with a caller Gravitron 3 spot and lawsuit type, Selipsky besides announced caller EC2 instances for AWS's Trainium instrumentality learning chip. These instances tin beryllium clustered unneurotic successful the tens of thousands for aggravated grooming and ML needs, and tin enactment on with AWS's Inference instances, too. 

Along with caller chips, AWS announced the rollout of respective different products champion considered hardware alternatively of purely being a service. The archetypal announcement, portion small, is large quality for users of its AWS Outpost service, which puts AWS hardware on-premise for peculiar usage cases: There are caller Outpost signifier factors available. Selipsky didn't spell into large detail, but described the outposts arsenic designed "for immoderate facility," including unsmooth environments similar factories.

Straddling the enactment betwixt hardware merchandise and work is the adjacent announcement: AWS Private 5G service. The crushed it straddles the enactment is because, erstwhile purchased, it comes with each the indispensable hardware to physique a backstage 5G network. Selipsky described it arsenic "shockingly easy, and volition let customers to acceptable up and standard backstage 5G successful days alternatively of months." 

The work is pay-as-you-go, and volition get with each the hardware and SIM cards indispensable to physique retired a web of the specified size for the specified fig of users. Further enlargement tin beryllium done successful the AWS console, and there's nary per-device complaint oregon spectrum licence needed due to the fact that the work operates connected a shared spectrum. 

New services announced astatine AWS re:Invent 2021

The bulk of what was announced during the keynote was caller services, oregon caller features being added to existing AWS services. Like this tiny one, for example: AWS Wavelength, a 5G borderline computing service, is expanding into Canada successful 2022, with bearer Bell Canada providing the infrastructure.

Additional smaller work announcements see serverless and on-demand analytics options for EMR, MSK, Kinesis and RedShift that tin standard arsenic needed, enactment and cell-level information for AWS Lake Formation and transactions for governed tables successful AWS Lake Formation. 

Amazon besides announced a caller automated integer duplicate making work successful preview present called AWS IoT TwinMaker. TwinMaker is designed for concern and manufacturing uses, oregon immoderate lawsuit wherever integer twinning is simply a invaluable portion of analytics. It tin beryllium connected to IoT sensors and devices to cod data, model, and physique a integer twin.

A caller work called IoT FleetWise was besides announced for gathering information from astute conveyance sensors for analytics. The instrumentality tin reportedly cod adjacent real-time conveyance sensor information successful bid to supply reports for things similar fleet health, autonomous driving show and more. 

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A concern with Goldman Sachs resulted successful the adjacent caller service, called Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud for Data. Designed with superior absorption companies successful mind, the caller work brings Goldman Sachs ain fiscal information analytics capabilities to AWS for usage by customers. 

The last 2 announcements are what person maine astir excited astir re:Invent 2021: AWS Mainframe Modernization Service, and SageMaker Canvas. 

The former, Mainframe Modernization Service, is particularly invited successful the post-pandemic world, which saw mainframes and COBOL backmost successful the quality owed to old, outdated mainframes being unable to grip unemployment assertion loads. This brought mainframes backmost into nationalist consciousness, on with the realization that everyone wants them gone, but astir inactive trust 1 them.

AWS Mainframe Modernization Service whitethorn beryllium the reply to the occupation of ridiculously analyzable mainframe migrations. According to Selipsky, AWS MMS tin chopped migration clip by 2 thirds done its adjacent implicit automation of the process. Starting with an investigation of the mainframe, MMS decides if refactoring oregon replatforming is the champion enactment earlier providing options. It tin besides automate codification rewriting: Selipsky specifically mentioned it tin person COBOL to Java each connected its own.

The past diagnostic is definite to excite those who privation to usage instrumentality learning and its investigation capabilities, but deficiency the inheritance to bash so. Amazon SageMaker Canvas is simply a no-code module for SageMaker that uses a point-and-click interface to locomotion anyone done the full process of gathering and utilizing a instrumentality learning workflow. "We democratized instrumentality learning with SageMaker, and present we're democratizing it adjacent further with SageMaker Canvas," Selipsky said. 

AWS re:Invent is happening present done December 3rd successful Las Vegas, and each sessions volition besides beryllium disposable to watercourse online for free.

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