Back 4 Blood Content Roadmap Includes Story Expansion And Offline Solo Play

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Millions of Back 4 Blood players who person spent the past fewer weeks moving done its gauntlet of horrors ad nausem person caller updates to look guardant to. Turtle Rock has laid retired the contented roadmap, which begins successful earnest this December and extends into adjacent year.

First and foremost, each update volition beryllium escaped of charge. For lone wolf players, the astir welcomed summation is solo offline play and run progression. The afloat contented calendar is arsenic follows (which you tin also view successful the header above):  


  • Quality of Life improvements/bug fixes


  • New Supply Lines
  • Ridden signifier area
  • Holiday seasonal event
  • Solo offline mode with run progression
  • New paper type
  • All caller cards


  • New trouble level
  • New Player cards
  • New Corruption cards
  • Melee updates
  • Quality of Life improvements

Turtle Rock besides plans to launch Back 4 Blood's first communicative expansion, titled Tunnels of Terror, successful 2022. The enlargement is part of the $39.99 Annual Pass and it introduces new playable characters and Ridden, arsenic good arsenic a caller enactment type, weapons, cards, and exclusive skins. Those who acquisition the Annual Pass volition person 2 aboriginal expansions arsenic well. The Annual Pass comes included successful the Back 4 Blood Deluxe Edition ($89.99) and Ultimate Edition ($99.99).

For much connected Back 4 Blood, beryllium definite to cheque retired our review

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