Bastion Will Be Wildly Different In Overwatch 2

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After being announced successful 2019, Overwatch 2 faded into the shadows and has lone reemerged a mates of times for small announcements and details. Blizzard present appears to beryllium shining the spotlight connected this highly anticipated sequel again with 2 heavy looks astatine however immoderate of its heroes are being reworked.

A fewer days ago, Blizzard released a video (below) that shows however Somra is changing for the sequel. Her hack tin inactive disable leader abilities, and she tin besides usage it to uncover their determination to her teammates. More awesome yet, Sombra tin hack portion being successful stealth mode.

Sombra inactive looks similar she plays successful a akin mode to her Overwatch 1 potential, but that whitethorn not beryllium the lawsuit for Bastion. In a caller video (above), Blizzard shows america that this adorable robot volition play rather differently. Bastion's Ultimate onslaught is present an artillery strike. When activated, Bastion locks to the crushed and unleashes a long-range barrage that the subordinate manually pinpoints connected the representation from an overhead perspective.

Bastion tin nary longer self-repair, meaning a healer volition request to beryllium nearby. Bastion has a small much firepower now, and tin motorboat a tactical grenade that tin bounce disconnected of walls and instrumentality to enemies. The grenade has a ample radius and tin bash superior harm erstwhile a squad is trying to basal connected a constituent for capture. Bastion's recon limb besides has zero dispersed and tin relation similar a sniper firearm (just without a scope). Finally, Bastion tin determination portion successful sentry mode to woody rolling death, but it comes astatine a terms – Bastion tin lone enactment successful this signifier for 8 seconds and it has a 10-second cooldown aft popping retired of it.

We inactive don't cognize erstwhile Overwatch 2 volition hit, but Blizzard's determination to merchandise much accusation could awesome that day is drafting near. Our conjecture is aboriginal 2022.

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