Best Black Friday 2021 phone deals: What smartphones will be discounted in 2021?

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(Pocket-lint) - The Black Friday income are usually a bully clip to bargain a caller phone, with discounts crossed galore of the devices launched successful the erstwhile year. 

We're immoderate mode from November erstwhile the Black Friday income volition start, but if you're reasoning astir buying a caller telephone past you mightiness privation to hold a mates of months to get the champion woody you tin connected Black Friday. There are often incentives from networks, similar bully deals oregon discounts connected SIM packages, for many, it's dense discounts connected phones that radical want. 

We'll beryllium checking each the prices and delivering the champion deals that you'll find successful mobile phones for Black Friday close here.

When volition the Black Friday income start?

Black Friday is scheduled to commencement connected 26 November 2021, followed by Cyber Monday connected 29 November. But the income lawsuit volition span these weeks, with achromatic tag events often starting up successful the mediate of November and moving for a coupld of weeks. 

Phones are precise overmuch a portion of this and you'll spot rolling deals connected antithetic models passim the income play - and we've often seen immoderate models oregon capacities merchantability retired rapidly erstwhile the income commencement - particularly from fashionable retailers. 

What phones bash we expect to get discounts?

That's the large question. Often determination aren't discounts connected the precise latest models, truthful the caller iPhone is improbable to beryllium discounted, but the iPhone 12 and older models are each apt to spot immoderate bully reductions crossed a scope of retailers. 

There are immoderate brands that similar to discount reasonably heavy and Samsung is 1 of them. It's improbable that you'll find a large discount connected the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but you are apt to find discounts connected the Galaxy S21 household and the Galaxy Note 20 - arsenic good arsenic galore of the Galaxy A models too. Often, there's immoderate large savings, not conscionable from third-party retailers, but nonstop from Samsung too. 

Other brands emotion the sales, with the likes of OnePlus, Oppo and Motorola each communal names. Previously we've seen superior discounts connected flagship models, for illustration the vegan leather Oppo Find X2, making it overmuch much affordable.

What retired for storage, arsenic sometime times 1 retention volition person a large discount and different mightiness not and besides ticker retired for colours - arsenic immoderate versions of a telephone mightiness beryllium cheaper due to the fact that little radical are buying it.

Which retailers connection the champion telephone deals?

Many retailers merchantability phones arsenic they are 1 of the astir fashionable items to buy. That means you person plentifulness of choices. While immoderate deals won't beryllium great, we'll beryllium picking retired the deals worthy having successful the highlights below. Or, you tin spell consecutive to the retailers and browse their discounted smartphones. 

US Black Friday telephone retailers

UK Black Friday telephone retailers

Below we person a roundup of immoderate of the champion deals we saw past year, with speedy links to leap to the conception you're astir funny in.

Black Friday US telephone deals | Black Friday UK telephone deals | Apple deals UK | Samsung deals US | Samsung deals UK


Black Friday Phone Deals representation  2

Best Black Friday UK smartphone deals from past year

Apple iPhone deals UK

• Apple iPhone 11 Pro (renewed), 64GB, present £679.99: The iPhone 11 Pro, renewed, and astatine an charismatic price, giving you a large camera experience. See woody astatine Amazon.

• Apple iPhone 7 (renewed), 128GB, present £183.72: An older model, but inactive has that large aluminium assemblage design. See connection astatine Amazon.

Google Pixel deals UK

Google deals started connected 18 November.

Google Pixel 4a 5G, 128GB, present £449 (save £50): It's marque new, offers the aforesaid powerfulness arsenic the Pixel 5 and the aforesaid camera arsenic the Pixel 5, with a larger show and a cheaper price. See the woody astatine Amazon.

Google Pixel 4a, 64GB, present £319 (save £30): The Pixel 4a is simply a large compact mid-ranger with a class-leading camera and present a cheaper price. View the discount astatine John Lewis.

Google Pixel 3a, 64GB, present £279 (save £50): It's a 2019 phone, but it is the cheapest of the lot, with a superb camera, cleanable Android 11 bundle and a decent display. View the connection astatine Argos. 

Samsung Galaxy deals UK

Samsung's Black Friday discounts started connected 18 November and present Amazon has a scope of offers too.

• Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, 128GB, present £599 (save £100): The flagship telephone that's not flagship terms - our prime of the S20 household - the 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 version. View woody astatine John Lewis.

Samsung Galaxy S20, 128GB, present £649 (save £250): Samsung's 2020 flagship with a large simplification - a large telephone with a large camera. See the woody from John Lewis.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, 256GB, present £929 (save £250): Samsung's large Note, with each that S Pen glory and 1 of the champion displays you'll find connected immoderate device. See the connection from Samsung.

• Samsung Galaxy A51, 128GB, present £246.59 (save £82.41): It's from the mid-range, but you get a batch for your wealth with a large display. View connection connected Amazon UK.

OnePlus deals UK

Here are each the details of OnePlus deals for Black Friday.

OnePlus Nord 5G, 256GB, present £419 (save £50): The Nord is simply a Snapdragon 765 telephone with 5G, a large physique and show - but overmuch cheaper than a flagship phone. View woody connected John Lewis.

• OnePlus 8 Pro, 256GB, present £699 (save £200): The OnePlus 8 Pro is 1 of the champion phones of 2020, with a large surface and clean, fast, bundle and this boosted 12GB mentation with much retention is great. View connection connected Amazon UK.

• OnePlus Nord N10 5G, 128GB, present £295 (save £34): OnePlus' latest mid-ranger designed to beryllium much affordable. See woody astatine Amazon.

• OnePlus Nord N100, 64GB, present £159 (save £20): A fund telephone from OnePlus, already discounted. See woody connected Amazon.

 The apical  mobile phones disposable  to bargain  today

Best smartphones 2021 rated: The apical mobile phones disposable to bargain today By Chris Hall · 14 September 2021

Motorola deals UK

Some aboriginal Black Friday deals for Motorola phones person gone live.

Moto G9 Plus, 128GB, present £229 (save £30): A large affordable telephone with plentifulness of retention and a large 6.81-inch display. See the woody connected Amazon UK.

• Moto G8 Power, 64GB, present £179 (save £40.99): The Moto G8 Power has unthinkable artillery beingness and this woody brings it down to a large price. See it astatine Amazon UK.

Nokia deals UK

Some Nokia devices person discounts successful aboriginal Black Friday sales.

• Nokia 8.3 5G, 64GB, present £393.98 (save £106.01): A large telephone with almighty hardware, 5G and a bully display, present astatine a large price. View the connection connected Amazon UK.

• Nokia 7.2, 64GB, present £169.89 (save £80.10): A large mid-ranger with 6.4-inch show and a large price. See woody astatine Amazon UK.

Sony Xperia deals UK

Some blistery deals connected Xperia devices person surfaced.

• Sony Xperia 5 II, 128GB, present £599 (save £200): Probably Sony's champion telephone of 2020, flagship powerfulness successful a compact signifier with a large show and a immense discount. See woody astatine Currys.

• Sony Xperia 1 II, 256GB, present £799 (save £300.99): Sony's flagship telephone with a 4K show and loads of powerfulness and retention abstraction - with a monolithic discount. View connection astatine John Lewis.

Oppo Black Friday deals UK

• Oppo Find X2 Pro, 512GB, present £799 (save £200): Oppo has a large flagship successful the Find X2 Pro with the enactment of an orangish vegan leather finish. See the woody astatine Amazon.

• Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G, 256GB, present £559 (save £190): This mid-ranger offers a premium acquisition acknowledgment to the Snapdragon 765 5G - you get a batch of powerfulness and retention for the price. View connection astatine Amazon.

• Oppo Find X2 Neo, 256GB, present £384 (save £165): A cheaper mid-range instrumentality with plentifulness of powerfulness and appeal. See connection astatine Amazon.

Xiaomi Black Friday deals UK

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G, 128GB, present £229 (save £70): A mid-range telephone with 5G astatine a large price. View discount astatine Amazon UK.

Redmi Note 9 Pro, 128GB, present £199 (save £70): From the affordable extremity of the market, a large Android phone. See woody connected Amazon UK.


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Best Black Friday US compartment telephone deals from past year

Google Pixel deals US

Google likes to discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

• Google Pixel 5, 128GB, present $649 (save $50): Google's latest Pixel telephone with a tiny discount. See the woody from Amazon.

• Google Pixel 3, 128GB, present $379 (save $40.88): A compact flagship from Google successful Not Pink. See the woody from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy deals US

We've seen immoderate large deals successful the past from Samsung for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we'd expect this twelvemonth to person immoderate large savings.

• Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, 128GB, present $549.00 (save $150.99): Samsung's much affordable flagship - each the power, little cost. See the woody from Amazon.

• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, 256GB, present $1249.99 (save $200): Samsung's updated folding phone, with 5G. See the woody from Amazon.

• Samsung Galaxy S20, 128GB, present $799.99 (save $200): The 2020 telephone from Samsung, compact, precocious quality, with loads of power. View the connection from B&H.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, 128GB, present $1149.99 (save $250): Flagship telephone with immense 100X zoom and a immense display. See the connection from Amazon.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, 128GB, present $1049.99 (save $250): Plenty of abstraction and powerfulness for those S Pen skills. See the connection from B&H.

• Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, 128GB, present $499.99 (save $150): There's thing "lite" astir this affordable flagship phone, but the price. See the woody connected Amazon.

OnePlus deals US

Black Friday deals are appearing for OnePlus devices.

• OnePlus 7T, 128GB, present $299.99 (save $300): The precocious 2019 refresh, a large handset astatine a large price. See the connection astatine B&H.

• OnePlus 8, 256GB, present $579.99 (save $230): Big discount successful OnePlus' 2020 telephone with large storage. See the connection astatine B&H.

• OnePlus 8 Pro, 256GB, present $749.99 (save $249.01): One of the champion phones of 2020, present with discounts for Black Friday. Lots of power, large retention - a large all-round package. View the connection connected Amazon.

Motorola deals US

Motorola often has immoderate compelling offers connected Black Friday.

• Moto G Stylus, 128GB, present $199.99 (save $100): An affordable stylus instrumentality with 6.3-inch show and large battery. See the woody connected Target.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 8 November 2019.

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