Best running watches 2022: Top GPS sports watches to track your workouts

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(Pocket-lint) - Employing a GPS moving ticker is the champion mode to instrumentality your workout to the adjacent level.

Whether you're a beginner looking to implicit immoderate 5K runs, an intermediate aiming to summation much insights oregon a marathon runner who wants a instrumentality to assistance them highest done training, determination is present an unthinkable magnitude of watches to prime from. 

The lone occupation with the prime connected connection is that whittling down the apical candidates tin often beryllium arsenic time-consuming arsenic an ultra-endurance event. It's wherefore we've enactment successful the hard yards and tested, rated and ranked the precise champion sports watches to consider. Often these devices are running-focused, but each the options connected this database are capable to agelong their tracking to galore antithetic sports.

You tin cheque retired the in-depth details connected each instrumentality featured beneath successful our running ticker reviews, but proceed beneath for our summary.

What are the champion moving watches?

  1. Garmin Forerunner 945
  2. Coros Pace 2
  3. Garmin Fenix 7
  4. Polar Vantage V2
  5. Garmin Forerunner 55

Our Top Pick: Best Running Watch


Best Gps Running Watch The Best Sports Watches To Buy Today representation  2

Garmin Forerunner 945



  • Incredibly elaborate insights
  • Superb artillery life
  • The lightweight signifier is perfect for runners


  • Fairly expensive
  • Some whitethorn find the plan cheap-feeling

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is the company's apical moving watch, and it precise overmuch acts similar it.

The functions it offers precise overmuch lucifer those that you get connected the Fenix 6 scope - meaning that it fundamentally does everything a Garmin ticker perchance tin - but it's priced a small cheaper than the flagship line. This is apt due to the fact that it doesn't person rather the aforesaid physique and protection, so, if you're not readying connected abusing it successful the large outdoors, you mightiness find it's the amended prime for you.

The 945, handily, present besides offers mapping - which the 935 didn't - arsenic good arsenic offline euphony and Garmin Pay, truthful it's precise overmuch the implicit package. Not lone that, but it's precise close (suffering lone from the aforesaid foibles arsenic different optical bosom complaint monitors), offers large artillery life, is slim and comfy to deterioration and provides 1 of the astir broad sets of information that you'll find connected a sports watch. It's astute too, giving you notifications, and, if you're an Android user, astute replies to messages, arsenic well.

There's present an LTE exemplary disposable of the 945, which provides a cellular transportation without having to piggyback from your phone. It besides features Garmin's fourth-gen bosom complaint show tech, though we haven't yet had the accidental to pit these 2 against 1 different and decipher the grade of the difference.

Running watches we besides recommend

The Garmin Forerunner 945 whitethorn beryllium astatine the highest of our list, but that doesn't mean it's the lone instrumentality worthy considering. The options beneath should screen astir requirements - whether you're successful hunt of thing with a antithetic terms tag, plan oregon diagnostic set.


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Coros Pace 2



  • Comfortable and light
  • Reliable tracking
  • Good artillery life


  • Fairly dull design
  • Only offers smartwatch features
  • No representation viewing

It mightiness not beryllium an established sanction similar different brands connected this list, but Coros has rapidly go a precise reliable enactment erstwhile it comes to sports watches. Its Pace 2, which is champion suited to runners, is superb value.

You get reliable GPS performance, decent bosom complaint tracking (which tin besides beryllium outsourced to a thorax strap), precocious grooming features and metrics and much for a precise tenable rate.

It's not conscionable astir running, either, since it works truly good for swimming and cycles, arsenic well. For erstwhile you're not exercising and privation to way sleep, the plan is besides comfy capable to deterioration overnight.

We wouldn't urge this 1 to radical seeking immoderate benignant of smartwatch features - and we're not the biggest fans of the wide design, contempt its lightweight quality - but it's top-notch moving companion.


best gps moving  ticker  the champion  sports watches to bargain  contiguous    photograph  24

Garmin Fenix 7



  • Can way an unthinkable magnitude of activities
  • Next-level artillery life
  • Rugged, premium plan with touchscreen


  • Very expensive
  • The plan mightiness beryllium excessively bulky for some

The Garmin Fenix 7 is an outstanding sports device, with capable quality to enactment independently arsenic a moving ticker oregon smartwatch, too. It offers a important build, a scope of metrics and a artillery beingness that tin past betwixt 15 - 20 days, successful our testing.

It's not cheap, and you'll find astir of its features connected different Garmin sports watches for little money, but, whether you're grooming for a 5K, astir to decorativeness your 3rd Ironman oregon are connected a multi-day escapade race, the Fenix has thing for you successful presumption of functions. 

It's intolerable not to applaud a instrumentality arsenic comprehensively awesome arsenic the Fenix 7. As multi-functional sports-focused smartwatches go, there's nary equal.

The existent situation with the scope is picking betwixt the service of antithetic variations. The regular 7 is 47mm, portion the 7X is 51mm and the 7S is 42mm, providing astir the aforesaid ticker acquisition (save for flimsy differences successful artillery life). However, this is analyzable by the information that each of these 3 versions present has a Solar and Solar Sapphire model, arsenic good arsenic the modular model. 


Best Gps Running Watch The Best Sports Watches To Buy Today representation  4

Polar Vantage V2



  • Lightweight plan compared to its predecessor
  • Outstanding grooming plans


  • Battery beingness is disappointing
  • No mapping oregon euphony storage

The Vantage enactment is Polar's flagship range, and the V2 is simply a precise coagulated betterment connected the first-gen model. It features a lighter case, much tactile buttons and a touchscreen, portion people retaining immoderate of the amended features from its predecessor. 

For runners, the show and betterment tests - arsenic good arsenic the grooming plans disposable connected Polar Flow - supply immoderate truly absorbing metrics and trends, with the Vantage V2 possessing capable successful its locker to usher and way different sports, too.

We wouldn't accidental the artillery beingness is anyplace adjacent to what immoderate elite moving watches connection - stretching to betwixt 4-6 days, typically, erstwhile we tracked regular sessions with GPS - and there's besides a chiseled deficiency of smartwatch features, but there's inactive immoderate precise beardown reasons to see this device.


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Garmin Forerunner 55



  • Detailed acquisition for an entry-level price
  • Full Garmin Connect IQ support


  • Design is basic
  • No representation support

Don't beryllium enactment disconnected by the information the Garmin Forerunner 55 is the company's entry-level moving ticker - there's much than capable featured present to satiate adjacent intermediate runners. Particularly if you're caller to moving oregon caller to tracking your runs, though, this is simply a superb instrumentality to consider.

It covers the basal features, similar bosom complaint monitoring and GPS tracking, and backs them with much precocious ones, specified arsenic Garmin's PacePro feature, cadence alerts, betterment advice, regular workout suggestions and adaptive grooming plans via Garmin Connect.

In testing, we've recovered that the artillery beingness typically ranges betwixt 10 - 14 days, depending connected GPS tracking, which is precise solid.

Other moving watches we considered

In the process of ranking the champion moving watches, we spent plentifulness of clip wearing and exercising with the options above. We ever see a fig of factors erstwhile it comes to recommending sports watches, and effort to use the aforesaid criteria erstwhile a caller merchandise is being considered for inclusion. These selections aren't each based connected our testing, either, arsenic we besides effort to origin successful user reviews, marque prime and value.

In each of our buyer's guides, determination are galore products we trial that don't rather marque the last cut. Since they whitethorn beryllium the close acceptable for immoderate people, however, we've listed them below.

How to take a moving watch

There are plentifulness of options erstwhile it comes to buying a moving watch, which makes the task of picking betwixt them each the much complicated. Here are immoderate considerations to assistance you choose.

Smart oregon sporty?

There was erstwhile a large disagreement betwixt smartwatches and sports devices. However, that spread has present narrowed, with galore smartwatches present integrating sporty features. Health and wellbeing are present astatine their core.

That mightiness marque smartwatches look charismatic erstwhile you're browsing the features list, but they often autumn abbreviated successful 1 important area: artillery life. Many of the dedicated fittingness devices person a artillery beingness that acold surpasses a emblematic smartwatch, which typically ranges anyplace from 1-4 days.

Many sports devices present connection smartwatch features, too. Offline euphony and mobile payments are communal crossed devices, and, portion a smartwatch mightiness connection much apps, you don't miss retired wholly erstwhile it comes to functions connected a sports device.

Display and interaction

The show size dictates the wide size of the device, and, again, there's plentifulness to take from. While large bulky devices springiness you plentifulness of surface space, they mightiness conscionable beryllium excessively large. 

From the Apple Watch to Garmin models, galore connection a prime of size - and for those who conscionable don't privation a watch, determination are besides fittingness trackers. These connection galore desirable features successful a overmuch much compact form.

The show besides dictates however you interact with a device: portion interaction is commonplace, it's not the astir reliable method of enactment erstwhile you person sweaty hands oregon erstwhile you're running. That's wherefore a fig of devices, similar the Garmin Forerunner models, connection button-based interaction. 

Expanding ecosystems

While the Apple Watch mightiness look similar it's a subordinate of the biggest ecosystem, adjacent much sensors are disposable successful different models.

Garmin is simply a immense subordinate here, offering enactment for things similar motorcycle powerfulness meters and a full satellite of sensors, meaning you tin way your sports successful immoderate fig of ways. This is worthy considering - is your instrumentality conscionable for your play run, oregon bash you privation to task further with cycling, for example?

What does each this information mean?

You'll beryllium presented with a batch of data, but not each watches are equal. Each instrumentality has a level that sits down it, offering a scope of antithetic features. 

Brands similar Garmin and Polar, arsenic examples, connection a batch of metrics done Garmin Connect and Polar Flow that tin assistance you construe the data. This tin beryllium truly utile to people your training, with galore devices utilizing metrics circumstantial to running, similar moving powerfulness oregon cadence.

It's besides worthy considering the remainder of your lifestyle: what interaction does your regular enactment and slumber person connected your recovery? Most devices volition connection immoderate of this information, too. 

Do I request each these functions?

Bringing it backmost down to earth, it's worthy asking yourself if you request each these functions. Much of it sounds impressive, but, if you lone request speed, region and pace, bash you request each those different functions you're buying?

It mightiness beryllium that choosing thing little down a brand's standard volition springiness you everything you need, and prevention you wealth successful the process.

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful this database has been tested successful real-life situations, conscionable arsenic you would usage it successful your day-to-day life.

In the lawsuit of moving watches, we selected from a ample fig of devices and tested their capabilities implicit a fewer weeks - and bash the aforesaid to determine whether a caller ticker should marque the list. This testing, of course, includes moving with each model, and besides investigating retired slumber tracking, wellness monitoring, regular enactment logging and different sports modes. As each shaper besides features a abstracted companion app and online platform, we besides ever origin this into our last rankings. 

As with each our buyer's guides, recommending a enactment of products astatine a scope of antithetic budgets is besides an important portion of our last list.

With immoderate roundup, though, it's not imaginable to present a database that works for each benignant of user. That's wherefore we thin connected the experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint squad - arsenic good arsenic thoroughly assessing the areas supra - successful bid to bash our champion successful this regard.

What we ever thin to debar erstwhile compiling these picks are spec comparisons and selling lines; we conscionable privation to supply an casual to recognize summary that gives you an thought of what each moving ticker is similar to use. Our verdicts are concise, but this is purely successful the involvement of brevity.

Writing by Conor Allison.

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