Best senior dating sites for singles over 40 and 50 in 2021

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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to your dating life, property is simply a number. There is nary bounds to however aged you person to beryllium to inactive beryllium capable to date. For that reason, determination are a assortment of elder dating sites presently contiguous successful the marketplace that tin cater to your circumstantial needs, whether you are looking for a stable, fulfilling relationship, oregon thing casual.

If you are unclear astir wherever to begin, you person travel to the close place. As you work further, you volition find a broad database of the champion elder dating sites. 

The champion dating sites for seniors to find love

The thought of dating erstwhile you are implicit 40 oregon 50 whitethorn look daunting. With a batch of radical wrong this property radical already taken, uncovering idiosyncratic worthy your clip mightiness beryllium challenging. However, that does not mean you should not leap into the dating scene, arsenic galore elder online dating sites tin travel to your service. 

Below, we person listed the apical elder online dating sites. Check retired their reviews to spot which 1 fits you the best. 

Here are our apical picks:

  1. Ashley Madison: Best casual dating site 
  2. eHarmony: Most fashionable dating app for like-minded people
  3. SilverSingles: Best for seniors

#1. Ashley Madison: Best casual dating site 

Ashley Madison

Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  4

This level is rather notorious successful the dating arena, arsenic it targets lone joined people. To clarify, if you are joined and funny successful an extramarital affair, Ashley Madison is your champion bet. If you are good with the concept, you volition find plentifulness of like-minded radical to mingle with. 

And, who knows? You whitethorn yet adjacent find a mode to flight an empty-shell matrimony arsenic you conscionable caller radical and find retired what has been missing from your beingness each along.

Is it risky? No, it is not. The level boasts being 1 of the astir discreet dating services successful the market. Whether you are seeking a casual, serious, sexual, oregon unfastened relationship, you are bound to find idiosyncratic sharing akin interests. This speech volition hap minus the drama, minus the judgment, and minus each realms of what is considered close by society.  

Moreover, they person a immense idiosyncratic basal and online assemblage that is ever-expanding; so, you volition person plentifulness of opportunities to link with people. The tract comes with a Travelling Man option, which lets you link with section men oregon women erstwhile you are connected the move.  

To get started, you conscionable request to acceptable up your relationship with a illustration photograph and narration status. Do not worry, arsenic the tract offers galore features to conceal oregon fell your identity. 

Additionally, you volition beryllium gladsome to cognize the tract besides caters to divorced individuals. 


  • High discretion offered 
  • Massive idiosyncratic database of elder users 
  • Offers escaped and paid basal rank options
  • Every subordinate required to notation their narration status 
  • PayPal and each recognition cards accepted 


  • Ideal for married, single, oregon divorced users 
  • Excellent location-based connections with Travelling Man feature 
  • Premium rank escaped for women 
  • Ability to nonstop virtual gifts 
  • Available arsenic iOS and Android apps, on with a web version 


  • Not suited for superior relationships 
  • Might not beryllium considered morally close for all 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Ashley Madison

#2. eHarmony: Most fashionable dating app for like-minded people


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  3

The adjacent elder dating tract connected our database is eHarmony, which is, itself, an old-timer successful the online dating circuit. Catering to the narration and emotion lives of galore users worldwide, this level offers thing to everyone. It besides has fantastic success stories erstwhile it comes to elder dating. 

Although it is not strictly targeted astatine elder singles, eHarmony has an progressive idiosyncratic database with much joining each minute. So, this allows you to constrictive down your dating excavation to find your imaginable partners.  

Moreover, the tract has an effectual Compatibility Matching System, which lets you link with a fig of like-minded individuals. The compatibility quiz during registration helps with this process, which solidifies eHarmony’s attack to lucifer you with radical who stock akin interests. When it comes to dating astatine a elder age, cipher has clip for games.

Additionally, the tract has a well-balanced male-to-female ratio and boasts of accommodating the champion prime singles online. Be it casual hookups, superior dating, oregon long-lasting relationships, the level is suitable to find immoderate and each benignant of companionship. 

You should besides spot eHarmony with your emotion life, due to the fact that the tract has astir 20 years of matchmaking acquisition and is actively utilized successful much than 200 countries worldwide. Furthermore, they person an progressive online assemblage and blog offering dating advice. What other bash you need? For each of these reasons and more, which are mentioned below, we fertile eHarmony 2nd connected our database of the champion elder dating sites you request to cheque out.


  • Good ratio of male-to-female users 
  • Active database spanning worldwide 
  • More than 2 cardinal messages sent weekly 
  • Suitable for casual and superior relationships 
  • Available for iOS and Android users 


  • Excellent compatible complaint of matching system 
  • Video dating for ensuring information and convenience 
  • Accommodates users having a assortment of preferences 
  • Very user-friendly web platform 
  • Free and paid premium and basal rank plans offered 


  • Time-consuming illustration registration process 
  • Might not suit members looking for casual hookups   

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eHarmony 

#3. SilverSingles: champion dating tract for 50+ singles


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  2

If you privation a prime level for elder dating, you indispensable cheque retired SilverSingles

The champion portion is the tract has an planetary database of high-quality elder singles waiting to conscionable astonishing radical similar you. 

The tract is geared towards radical supra the property of 50 and makes dating amusive for all. Why should young radical person each of the fun?

The level boasts of matching much than 2,000 radical each period successfully. They are capable to propulsion this disconnected by taking a property trial erstwhile users register. This property trial makes it easier for imaginable matches to cognize much astir you.

Your determination is besides taken into information truthful you mightiness conscionable idiosyncratic astonishing staying nearby. 

After the test, you request to acceptable up your illustration with immoderate basal info and pictures. After that, you volition get a escaped and paid rank option. The escaped mentation is good, arsenic it lets you presumption others’ idiosyncratic accusation easily.  

However, you cannot spot anyone’s illustration photos if you are browsing for free. For that, you request to pay. So, it genuinely depends connected however superior you are astir this.       


  • Suited for singles implicit 50 
  • Detailed questionnaire for matchmaking 
  • Profile photos viewable for paid subscriptions 
  • Available successful much than 20 countries 
  • Both desktop mentation and mobile app available 


  • Sending smiles and viewing illustration accusation is free 
  • Uses an outstanding matching algorithm
  • Caters to users much funny successful superior relationships 
  • Affordable rank plans 
  • User-friendly mobile app  


  • Registration process is excessively lengthy 
  • Site members are not highly active   

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of SilverSingles 

#4. Best dating tract with female-to-male ratio

Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  1 is 1 of the apical elder dating sites that has been successful the concern for rather immoderate clip now. It was launched successful 1995 and inactive continues to assistance much than a cardinal singles find their soulmates online and prosecute steadfast relationships offline. Be it casual meetups oregon thing serious, this is an fantabulous level to research if you person been toying with the thought of elder dating. 

The tract stands isolated from the remainder owed to its high-end matching algorithm. You person to instrumentality a elaborate property trial during registration and reply immoderate questions, which volition beryllium utilized by the matching algorithm to find imaginable matches and amended your chances. 

You volition get galore features to acceptable up your preferences for amended matchmaking. Therefore, it volition fto you constrictive down your hunt and dating pool. You volition announcement the profiles are precise detail-rich, and users stock their apical pics for everyone to see.  

Moreover, the app offers a Discover diagnostic that equips you with much filters to marque the hunt easier. Also, the level has fantabulous video chat features to conscionable your imaginable “forever” earlier gathering them successful person. 

For each of these reasons and more, we fertile fig 4 connected our database of the champion elder dating sites you request to cheque out.


  • Web mentation and app available
  • Simple with galore features 
  • Excellent matchmaking algorithm 
  • Detailed illustration setup including galore idiosyncratic questions 
  • High occurrence complaint and galore satisfied users 


  • Discover diagnostic allows for amended illustration browsing 
  • Completely harmless and unafraid platform 
  • Suitable for singles looking for emotion and semipermanent relationship 
  • Vibe Check diagnostic lets you put a unrecorded video chat session   
  • Take your chats to the adjacent level easy via the Dates features 


  • Profile support takes time 
  • Membership plans are expensive

⇒ Visit the Official Website of

#5. OurTime: online dating tract for men and women implicit 50


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  10

Almost each lists connected elder dating sites volition person this platform, arsenic it has go truthful fashionable implicit the past fewer years. OurTime understands and acknowledges the difficulties that travel with wanting to day successful your midlife and the situation it tin initiate. This is however the level is capable to assistance 50-year-olds bask amended dating experiences. 

When you articulation the site, you volition find galore like-minded seniors waiting to conscionable and get to cognize you more. 

OurTime is specifically targeted astatine the  50+ users, which helps you filter retired galore radical automatically. It is effortless to usage and has convenient features to filter retired irrelevant profiles. Moreover, the tract has a precise high-quality idiosyncratic database, truthful you bash not person to interest astir fake profiles and scammers. 

You tin cheque retired astir of the site’s features via the escaped membership, oregon you tin opt for the paid subscription, too. In addition, you tin nonstop Flirts and cheque profiles of the ones you fancy the most. You besides get to spot important events, specified arsenic the birthdays of the radical you are funny in, which helps you punctual tiny speech better.    

The champion portion astir the tract is that radical are not looking for casual flings, lone superior relationships. So, if you privation to find emotion adjacent aft the property of 50, this is the spot for you. 


  • Geared towards the property scope of 50+ 
  • Excellent matchmaking services 
  • Usable successful a escaped mentation on with 3 paid rank options 
  • Offers a harmless and unafraid level for elder dating 
  • Straightforward illustration acceptable up 


  • Quickly cheque illustration pictures and details 
  • Perfect for singles looking for a superior relationship 
  • Simple video chat and substance messaging services 
  • Efficient 24/7 lawsuit service 
  • Site arranges section activities wherever you tin conscionable singles 


  • Pricey memberships 
  • Location-based searches are not efficient 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of OurTime

#6. Best online chatroom for 40+


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  9

If you are looking for a level for singles supra 40, LoveBeginsAt is among the finest you volition find retired there. As you mightiness person understood, this is simply a tract that accommodates each types of singles successful their 40s who are looking for existent love, connection, and intimacy. Therefore, your hunt already gets easier erstwhile you caput implicit to this site. 

It offers you high-quality hunt filters wherever you tin browse imaginable matches based connected property range, assemblage type, interests, and goals. You tin motion up for escaped and cheque retired the fantastic idiosyncratic database. In nary time, you volition beryllium texting your mode done amusive chat rooms and uncovering radical to speech to. 

The level besides arranges for section events wherever you tin conscionable much singles similar you. So, you mightiness get to conscionable idiosyncratic you person been chatting with frequently. In summation to that, the tract besides offers dating proposal and enactment for illustration acceptable up truthful you tin marque the astir of your clip there.


  • Developed for singles implicit 40 
  • Simple website interface with casual to usage features 
  • Chat rooms disposable for escaped and paid users 
  • Provides organized azygous night-outs to conscionable different eligible seniors
  • Not suitable for flings oregon hookups 


  • Set up your illustration wrong 10 minutes 
  • All of your information and idiosyncratic accusation is kept secure 
  • Offers dating proposal and illustration setup help 
  • Excellent lawsuit service 
  • High-quality profiles and plentifulness of occurrence stories 


  • Email validation is simply a spot tricky 
  • No ID verification 

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of LoveBeginsAt

#7. SeniorMatch: Most effectual dating tract for seniors and babe boomers


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  8

An astonishing dating level to find elder singles implicit 50 and adjacent 60 years of age, SeniorMatch is perfect for mature conversations. 

Whether you privation to date, question companionship, oregon are simply funny successful a superior relationship, this tract tin cater to each of your preferences.  

With implicit 6,000 members participating actively each day, you are bound to find idiosyncratic to link with emotionally arsenic good arsenic physically. The level boasts much than 36,600 stories and much than 20 years of acquisition successful the dating arena.  

SeniorMatch has reached truthful overmuch occurrence owed to its blase matchmaking system, which allows you to link with different singles who person akin preferences.

For those who similar chatting online, this is 1 of the astir convenient elder dating sites for doing truthful effortlessly. Moreover, the tract has the enactment to browse done assorted idiosyncratic profiles easily, which allows you to truly research your tract and not repetition choices of the past.

Therefore, adjacent if the matching algorithm does not find the 1 for you, a speedy hunt tin bash the trick.      


  • Huge database of progressive singles 
  • Thousands of occurrence stories and businesslike matching 
  • You tin find dating partners, question mates, and enactment mates 
  • Offers dating tips and proposal for amended experiences 
  • Secure level for dating and gathering people 


  • User-friendly site 
  • Read subordinate blogs to cognize much astir them 
  • Free rank provides galore breathtaking features 
  • App available 
  • Excellent and in-depth hunt filters 


  • Many unresponsive members 
  • Takes excessively agelong to match

⇒ Visit the Official Website of SeniorMatch

#8. Plenty of Fish: Most fashionable Canadian dating app


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  7

Like the sanction suggests, Plenty of Fish reminds you of the multitude of matches successful the oversea of radical astir you, truthful you tin commencement dating and find your emotion story. It is 1 of the astir premium elder dating sites, which besides comes with an app version. Although it is not exclusively designed for elder dating, you tin easy find your lucifer from their expansive lawsuit database. Overall, the level has plentifulness of features, truthful you tin person an breathtaking elder dating experience. 

So, does it unrecorded up to its name? Yes, it does. More than 3 cardinal progressive users log successful daily, truthful determination are "plenty of fish" indeed. Be it a bustling metropolitan oregon a quaint countryside town, the app has your back.  

It has an fantabulous idiosyncratic excavation wherever radical from assorted regions participate, truthful you tin link with locals, too. 

If you are inactive struggling to find dates, the tract has a refined search, which lets you filter profiles based connected age, gender, education, and thing you deliberation is indispensable successful a relationship. 


  • Well-reputed tract for elder dating 
  • Lots of hunt filters and high-quality features 
  • More than 3 cardinal progressive members
  • Excellent matching algorithm 
  • Available arsenic an app for iOS and Android 


  • Effective tract for casual dating and relationships 
  • Offers escaped unlimited messaging 
  • Excellent unrecorded streaming enactment to conscionable people 
  • Meet Me diagnostic allows you to prime radical instantly 
  • Location-based searches 


  • Complaints astir spam users 
  • No linking to Instagram oregon Spotify accounts 

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Plenty of Fish 

#9. CoffeeMeetsBagel: Best for superior online dating 


Best elder  dating sites for singles implicit    40 and 50 successful  2021 photograph  6

The last introduction connected our database of elder dating sites is CoffeeMeetsBagel, which centres chiefly connected big dating. If you person tried galore dating sites and person not recovered emotion yet, past springiness this 1 a try. It is simply a level that is each astir making existent connections, and nary casual dating is entertained here.

The tract offers you easy-to-use filters to zero successful connected your imaginable match. Based connected your preferences and personality, the tract curates a acceptable of matches, a fewer of which are bound to stick. These are sent to you each afternoon, truthful you get thing caller each time — conscionable similar your java and bagel. 

The tract gives you lone a constricted magnitude of clip to take oregon cull a profile. So, if you lucifer with someone, you lone person a week to determine if you privation to prosecute successful a text-based speech with them. In addition, the tract offers personalized ice-breakers for you to skip the tiny speech and commencement in-depth conversations. 

Besides each of this, you tin cheque retired different profiles that involvement you, too. The tract besides has astir nary fake profiles oregon scammers; so, you bash not person to interest astir your idiosyncratic accusation being breached.


  • Built for superior relationships 
  • Powered by an precocious matchmaking system 
  • High-quality azygous profiles 
  • iOS and Android app available 
  • Curated matches provided each time astatine noon 


  • Most features are escaped to use 
  • Free to motion up 
  • Paid relationship upgrades besides available 
  • Promotes in-person meetups 
  • Offers personalized ice-breakers to person much meaningful conversations 
  • Offers the quality to easy artifact oregon study a shady profile 


  • Not capable radical to meet 
  • No desktop mentation available 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CoffeeMeetsBagel 

Staying harmless connected elder dating sites 

With online dating being the caller norm, the fig of radical utilizing the net to find their soulmates is rising. While it is usually a comparatively harmless experience, risks are ever there, particularly if you are gathering idiosyncratic for the archetypal time. 

Whether you take to usage Ashley Madison oregon CoffeeMeetsBagel, safety should beryllium the archetypal thing you deliberation about. So, present are immoderate captious tips for a harmless modulation from an online narration to an intimate one. 

Take your clip to consciousness comfy first

You are bound to stumble crossed a fistful of profiles that volition clarify they are not looking for conscionable an online date. Such profiles are not ever a reddish flag, and you volition yet person to conscionable radical successful person. However, bash not leap into a gathering earlier you are wholly comfy and are definite of your decision. 

There is nary request for you to consciousness embarrassed if you privation to hold longer. If the idiosyncratic connected the different broadside of the surface is pressuring you, it is champion to wantonness the substance altogether.

Do a inheritance cheque if possible

When dating online, you person to employment the indispensable means to transportation retired inheritance checks for assurance. While this does not mean hiring a backstage investigator, you surely should cheque retired a person’s societal media profiles. 

So, earlier you conscionable a imaginable spouse successful person, spell done their societal media and effort to spot immoderate signs of alarm. 

Update friends oregon household connected your whereabouts 

When you yet determine to spot idiosyncratic you met connected a dating site, ever fto friends oregon household members know. A adjacent 1 should beryllium alert of wherever you are going oregon wherever you are astatine each times. You tin besides deliberation astir giving them unrecorded updates connected your determination done apps similar Find My Friends oregon via iOS. 

Services specified arsenic ADT SoSecure are besides an option, arsenic it shares your determination with your household and besides has provisions for exigency calls. 

Meet up successful a nationalist place

When you determine connected a spot to conscionable up with your date, prime a nationalist spot similar a java shop, restaurant, oregon park. It is champion to person tons of radical astir you to debar immoderate shady situations. 

Several dating sites and apps urge remaining wrong nationalist show for the full duration of your date. No substance however good you get along, it is not a bully thought to spell location with idiosyncratic you person met for the archetypal time. 

Take attraction of your transportation 

You already cognize it is safer to ever beryllium wrong nationalist sight. Therefore, it is evident that you should grip your transportation, too. So, get a cab for yourself oregon usage the subway. It whitethorn look similar a polite offer, but bash not get carried distant if your day offers to prime you up oregon driblet you off. Besides, it lets you take erstwhile and however you privation to permission if things bash not spell arsenic expected. 

Avoid alcohol

For galore people, getting a portion unneurotic whitethorn dependable similar the astir realistic enactment for a archetypal date. However, it is not the astir advisable erstwhile you are gathering idiosyncratic you came crossed online. It is indispensable to enactment sober and person implicit power of your surroundings erstwhile successful the institution of a idiosyncratic you bash not cognize well. 

Even if you take to conscionable astatine a bar, enactment wrong your limits and bash not get drunk. You person to beryllium capable to get yourself to your location safely. When you are intoxicated, you enactment yourself astatine precocious risk. Alternatively, a java day is ever a bully idea, too. 

Do not uncover backstage information 

Scammers are everywhere, and the dating satellite has its just stock of them. The fig of online dating fraudsters is perpetually rising, fixed the idiosyncratic and susceptible quality of the substance and the deficiency of fraud detection. "Romance scams" are targeting radical crossed each property groups. 

To debar getting caught successful specified a scam, debar revealing backstage accusation to your day erstwhile interacting online. Even erstwhile you meet, bash not springiness retired immoderate delicate information, and if your day seems excessively funny successful money-related details, bash not entertain them. 

Prioritize your comfort 

Nothing is much trustworthy than a atrocious gut feeling. If you bash not consciousness wholly harmless oregon comfy with idiosyncratic you met online, permission the situation. You bash not person immoderate obligations to enactment with a idiosyncratic if they marque you consciousness apprehensive before, during, oregon aft a date. Any signs of awkwardness oregon fearfulness wrong yourself are alarms, and you request to extremity things close past and there, arsenic harmless dating is simply a apical priority. 

FAQs: Senior dating sites 

If you are inactive uncertain astir immoderate aspects, possibly these communal questions and their answers volition help.

Q1. Which elder dating tract has the highest female-to-male ratio?

As per the information from SurveyMonkey Intelligence, CoffeeMeetsBagel has the highest proportionality of women to men, arsenic it has 57.3% women. Next successful enactment is eHarmony, with 55.2% women, followed by, which has 44.7% women. Additionally, Plenty of Fish has a percent of women astatine 42.2%. 

When searching for idiosyncratic of the other gender, you bash not privation to beryllium connected a level wherever you are already overrepresented. So, the female-to-male ratio comes successful useful astatine this time. 

Q2. Which elder dating tract oregon app is the astir popular?

According to the information from different survey utilizing SurveyMonkey Intelligence, the astir fashionable elder dating tract is Plenty of Fish. It is arsenic per the marketplace stock of monthly users. 

Q3. Which dating tract has the astir magnitude of elder oregon aged users?

SeniorMatch is simply a fantastic dating tract wherever you whitethorn find older singles implicit 50 and adjacent 60 years of age. This work caters to each of your preferences, whether you privation to date, find a companion, oregon prosecute a superior relationship. is besides an fantabulous dating tract for radical successful their 50s. 

Q4. Which is the astir utilized dating tract oregon app?

You tin justice however utilized a dating app oregon tract is connected the lines of idiosyncratic engagement per day. Engagement metrics amusement the modular mundane sessions that users are online and are actively being progressive successful something. On this note, Plenty of Fish sits astatine the apical of the database with 4.1 mean sessions per day. 

Another statistic to look astatine is the engagement ratio of a dating site. That is the percent of the play assemblage of a tract that uses it connected an mean day, which shows however good an app engages its users. Once again, Plenty of Fish comes successful first, with an mean engagement ratio of 58%.

Q5. Which tract caters to the needs of radical looking for a superior relationship?

eHarmony is the champion dating site if you are successful hunt of a superior relationship. According to the website, much than 400 radical who met connected the app wed each different each day. eHarmony has won awards and gained designation for being the champion dating tract for processing unchangeable and superior relationships. The crushed down the site's occurrence is its data-driven and highly selective methods. 

Q6. Is Ashley Madison a harmless tract for having extramarital affairs?

Ashley Madison is simply a one-of-a-kind website, arsenic it functions lone for joined radical who privation to beryllium a portion of extramarital affairs that are highly private. For this reason, determination are nary societal media connections connected this elder dating site. 

There are respective privateness restrictions and galore features that assistance each users support anonymity connected Ashley Madison. If you are acrophobic of getting caught, these assistance with assurance and safety. In summation to this, the tract offers an enactment for travel, which gives users the state to hunt an upcoming determination sufficiently successful advance. 

Conclusion: What is the champion dating tract for seniors? 

Online dating whitethorn beryllium uncharted waters for galore people, but it is worthy a shot. The thought of gathering idiosyncratic online whitethorn dependable absurd. Even so, it has a beauteous convincing complaint of restitution for antithetic expectations. 

The instrumentality to dating online is to beryllium wide with what you privation and request from your experience. If you are definite of what you are looking for, you person a higher accidental of uncovering it. We person offered you the champion imaginable elder dating sites contiguous successful the market. However, if we were to urge our picks, we would accidental you should spell for eHarmony (if you are seeking a lasting relationship) and Ashley Madison (if looking for a fling).

Overall, ever cognize that information has to travel archetypal successful the satellite of online dating.

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