Boaters On American River Rescued After Boat Catches Fire

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Sacramento Fire Department unit came to the rescue of 2 boaters connected the American River Sunday evening.

At astir 7 p.m., what was meant to beryllium a relaxing thrust connected the river, rapidly turned into a precarious situation, according to the Sacramento Fire Department.

“So past we decided to spell retired contiguous and it was bully for 5 minutes…and past it started smoking, and past we started drifting, and past we started sinking. I mean it’s beauteous surreal due to the fact that you ne'er deliberation you’re going to beryllium successful that concern yourself,” said 1 boater who was rescued.

One of the radical who was rescued couldn’t aquatics due to the fact that of immoderate caller surgeries.

CBS13 Staff

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