Caldor Fire Burns 143,951 Acres; Evacuation Orders Reach Echo Summit

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EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13/AP) — The latest connected the Caldor Fire burning successful El Dorado County:

7:11 a.m.

The Caldor Fire continues to grow, with it present hitting 143,951 acres arsenic of Friday morning.

Cal Fire reports that containment has remained the aforesaid since Thursday, conscionable 12 percent.

Several caller and updated evacuation orders and warnings were issued connected Thursday arsenic well.

Previous day’s updates below:

4:33 p.m.

The City of South Lake Tahoe issued an exigency proclamation and activated an exigency operations halfway Thursday day to show the Caldor Fire burning successful El Dorado County. The occurrence has been a large interest for the country arsenic firefighters accidental the blaze was headed connected a way toward Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe metropolis officials accidental the exigency operations halfway volition facilitate “the seamless intergovernmental bureau coordination that is indispensable to guarantee the public’s information erstwhile responding to an exigency situation.”

Just this morning, mandatory evacuations reached arsenic adjacent arsenic Echo Summit.

Late this afternoon, the Lake Tahoe Unified School District announced it was postponing the commencement of its schoolhouse twelvemonth until September 7.

10:21 a.m.

Several caller and updated evacuation orders and warnings person been issued for the Caldor Fire.

The pursuing areas are present nether an Evacuation Order:

El Dorado County
From Twin Bridges eastbound to Echo Summit
From Highway 50 South to Amador/Alpine County line
From Highway 50 North to Flag Pole Peak

Several areas are present nether Evacuation Warnings arsenic well:

El Dorado County
Christmas Valley from Highway 89 West to Echo Summit
Highway 89 owed West to Watershed Ridge and South to the Amador/El Dorado County line

Alpine County
Highway 89 South from Luther Pass Road to the Pickets Junction (Highway 88).
West connected Highway 88 to Kirkwood

Further, the Highway 50 closure has besides present been extended eastbound to Meyers astatine the Highway 50 and Highway 89 junction.

#CaldorFire updated Evacuation Orders and Warnings for El Dorado and Alpine counties.

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 26, 2021

7:21 a.m.

Firefighters accidental the Caldor Fire remained progressive overnight. 

As of Thursday morning, Cal Fire reports that the incidental has grown to 136,643 acres. Containment has besides ticked up to 12 percent. 

Notably, Cal Fire besides updated their expected day of afloat containment to Sept. 8. 

Crews are hoping that a moderation of winds volition assistance trim occurrence behavior.

Previous day’s updates below: 

7:42 p.m.

Containment connected the Caldor Fire was bumped up to 12% portion occurrence maturation remained minimal since the morning. The updated acreage was present 126,566.

More than 17,000 structures stay threatened by the fire.

7:13 a.m. 

The Caldor Fire continues to grow.

As of Wednesday morning, Cal Fire reports that the wildfire has present reached 126,182 acres. Containment inactive stands astatine 11 percent.

Firefighters reported a alteration successful upwind patterns aboriginal successful the evening. This allowed for decreased occurrence enactment and helped successful the strengthening of power lines.

Still, firefighters study seeing spot fires astir the perimeter of the blaze.

Previous day’s updates below: 

10:30 p.m.

As of Tuesday night, the Caldor Fire has scorched 122,980 acres. It is 11% contained.

1:32 p.m.

Two assemblage meetings volition beryllium held tonight, 1 astatine 5 p.m. and different astatine 6 p.m.

5 p.m. Meeting
Facebook Live:
Meeting ID: 914 7211 2573
Passcode: 0Q1e25

6 p.m. Meeting
Facebook Live:
Meeting ID: 873 0567 9676
Passcode: a3vfpC

1:28 p.m.

El Dorado County has posted immoderate resources connected its website to assistance residents recovering from the Caldor Fire. Here are immoderate of the resources, which person been taken straight from the website:

Re-entry Permit Applications and accusation connected the licence process for Commercial Agricultural Producers are accessible connected the Agriculture Department’s website via this link.

The Assessor tin supply spot owners with a printout containing details astir immoderate property, APN, ineligible description, past recorded papers and assorted spot characteristics similar sq. ft., bedroom, bath number etc. With older homes, this tin assistance the treatment with the Building Department. In addition, we person accusation connected the process for calamity simplification successful spot taxes and however that each works, basal twelvemonth transportation accusation nether Prop. 19, and different resources on our website.

Point of contact:
Karl Weiland, County Assessor,

Elections is moving to supply entree to voting and replacement ballots for the Gubernatorial Recall Election. If you person been affected by the Caldor Fire we are present to guarantee you are capable to vote. Below are your options:

  • You tin travel to our bureau astatine 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, anytime from 8am to 5pm.
  • Send america an email with your name, address, DoB, and the sanction of the predetermination arsenic good arsenic the code you would similar your caller ballot sent to and we volition message you a caller ballot.
  • All message is being held astatine the Diamond Springs station office. If able, you tin retrieve your message and ballot there. You volition request ID to prime up your mail.
  • We volition beryllium mounting up in-person voting astatine the evacuation centers successful the coming week.
  • Call america and we tin marque arrangements to bring you a ballot. 530-621-7480
  • We volition unfastened in-person voting locations successful the affected areas arsenic soon arsenic they are safe.
  • Vote Centers are opening September 4.

Point of contact:
Kim Smith,


Senior Legal
Point of contact:
Maggie Williams,

Veteran Affairs
Placerville  – 530-621-5892
Point of contact:
Maggie Williams,

Vital Statistics (Birth/Death Certificates)
Point of contact:
Maria Loera,

The County Libraries are providing the pursuing services (except Pollock Pines owed to evacuation closure):

  • Access to WiFi, some wrong and extracurricular of the libraries
  • Public computers and net access/assistance
  • Air-conditioned buildings with nationalist restrooms
  • Small play areas for families (Placerville, Cameron Park and Georgetown)
  • Electrical outlets/power strips for charging physics devices
  • Free charging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Free diapers, wipes, book/activity bags for children, and transportation with nutrient resources
  • Community Health Advocates astatine 3 sites tin supply further assistance with entree to resources (Cameron Park, Georgetown and South Lake Tahoe)
  • Library materials and resources, including books, dvds, and games (as galore evacuees request thing for their children to bash portion adults enactment connected getting assistance)

Check our website for unfastened hours, addresses, and telephone numbers astatine each location:

  • Cameron Park
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Georgetown
  • Placerville
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Pollock Pines Library is closed astatine this clip owed to occurrence evacuation

Point of contact:
Jan Robbins,

Services available: Information regarding the Re-Build process, including the indispensable resources, forms, and interaction accusation for the assorted reappraisal agencies.

Point of contact: 
Katie Rider,
(530) 621-5352


  • Replacement of certified copies of captious records (Birth, Marriage & Death) astatine nary outgo to the resident. NOTE: If immoderate of these occurred retired of the County, we volition assistance with getting the due documentation to those counties astatine nary cost. This saves the outgo of appearing earlier a notary public.
  • Replacement of each recorded documents pertaining to existent property, specified arsenic Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, UCCs, etc.

Point of contact:
Janelle Horne, County Recorder-Clerk,

12:42 p.m.

Highway 50 remains closed betwixt Sly Park and Meyers. Caltrans Tweeted video showing flames from the road adjacent Fresh Pond and Kyburz.

Some much video footage of the #CaldorFire showing however adjacent the wildfire is burning to U.S. Highway 50 successful @CountyElDorado today. The road remains closed betwixt Sly Park Road and Meyers. @CHPPlacerville @CHPSouthLake

— Caltrans District 3 (@CaltransDist3) August 24, 2021

11:29 a.m.

Highway 50 is inactive closed owed to the Caldor Fire and present firefighters are trying to support the occurrence from reaching the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Cal Fire says the occurrence is knocking connected Tahoe’s door, but they anticipation it doesn’t pain that far. Read more

7:58 a.m.

As of Tuesday morning, the Caldor Fire has burned 117,704 acres and is 9 percent contained. It has destroyed 582 structures and damaged 34 others.

Up-canyon winds overnight decreased and mean humidity allowed firefighters to “engage successful nonstop power tactics portion advancing indirect enactment construction.” Small spot fires formed passim the evening.

The #CaldorFire Incident Update: 08/24/21 AM
(4/5 connected adjacent tweet successful thread) @EldoradoNF @ElDoradoSheriff

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 24, 2021

The erstwhile day’s updates are below:

10:17 p.m.

As of Monday night, the Caldor Fire has burned 114,166 acres and has destroyed 447 homes. Containment has dilatory risen to 9% aft remaining astatine zero for the archetypal week of the occurrence burning.

Cal Fire said the blaze is creeping connected South Lake Tahoe’s doorway but they are hoping it doesn’t pain that far.

10:45 a.m.

Here is the Cal Fire operational update for this greeting for the Caldor Fire.

10:43 a.m. 

The Red Cross has updated its database of disposable shelters for occurrence evacuees successful Northern California:

Red Cross Shelter List, arsenic of Monday, 8/23 @ 12:20pm.

— American Red Cross California Gold Country Region (@ARCGoldCountry) August 23, 2021

9:43 a.m.

The assemblage gathering for the Caldor Fire volition beryllium held contiguous (8/23) astatine 5 p.m. Watch it unrecorded connected oregon connected the Cal Fire AEU Facebook unrecorded watercourse astatine

Here’s the presumption of Lake Tahoe from the Homewood unrecorded camera feed, which shows the water socked successful with smoke.

7:43 a.m.

The National Weather Service successful Sacramento reports that onshore winds volition assistance support near-surface fume levels debased for overmuch of the Valley today.

7:23 a.m.

The Caldor occurrence has grown to 106,562 acres and is 5 percent contained. It has destroyed 403 homes, 148 insignificant structures, and six commercialized properties. It is threatening 17,888 structures.

The #CaldorFire Incident Update: 8/23/21 AM
(4/5 pages connected adjacent menace of this tweet) @ElDoradoSheriff @EldoradoNF

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 23, 2021

6:36 a.m.

Highway 50 remains closed betwixt Sly Park Road and Meyers. There’s nary estimated clip of opening, Caltrans says.

Previous day’s updates are below:

8:21 p.m.

The Caldor Fire continued to turn Sunday, present burning 104,309 acres portion containment was reported astatine 5%.

A full of 475 structures person been destroyed, including 345 homes. Another 22 structures person been damaged by flames.

12:45 p.m.

A wildfire burning for a week successful Northern California continues to turn retired of control.

There’s zero containment Sunday of the Caldor Fire, which had charred astir 154 quadrate miles of trees and brushwood successful the bluish Sierra Nevada aft breaking retired Aug. 14.

Firefighters hoped to instrumentality vantage of calmer upwind and cooler temperatures a time aft gusts pushed the occurrence crossed Highway 50, threatening much distant communities successful El Dorado County.

The 46-mile agelong remains closed this greeting betwixt Sly Park Road successful Pollock Pines and the municipality of Meyers, conscionable eastbound of South Lake Tahoe.

The latest connected the Caldor Fire burning successful El Dorado County:

As of Sunday morning, the occurrence has burned 98,149 acres with zero containment. A full of 328 structures person been destroyed, according to the latest Cal Fire incidental report.

Previous day’s updates below:

9:12 p.m.

Firefighters person inactive not gained immoderate containment successful the present 90,107-acre Caldor Fire.

As of Saturday night, much than 13,000 structures stay threatened by the flames, which jumped to the northbound broadside of Highway 50 adjacent Kyburz. The occurrence has wholly destroyed 270 structures portion different 15 were damaged.

#CaldorFire astatine night. This is the spot occurrence from earlier present burning aft it jumped Highway 50.

— Heather Janssen (@Heather_Janssen) August 22, 2021

4:53 p.m.

The Caldor Fire has jumped Highway 50 adjacent Kyburz. Firefighters accidental the assemblage of astir interest close present is Kyburz.

A 40-mile agelong of the road remains afloat closed betwixt Pollock Pines and Meyers.

We stepped retired the car conscionable extracurricular this state presumption adjacent Kyburz. It’s raining ash and the entity is agleam orange.

— Heather Janssen (@Heather_Janssen) August 21, 2021

4:30 p.m.

Evacuation orders were extended to see areas southbound of Farnham Ridge Road and eastbound of Bridgeport School Road to the Amador County line.

All different evacuation orders and warnings stay successful place.

7:02 a.m.

Crews are digging successful and burning retired occurrence lines amid fears that different circular of precocious winds volition bring renewed fury to the Caldor Fire.

It has destroyed dozens of homes and connected Friday authorities closed down a 46-mile agelong of Interstate 50, the main way betwixt Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. They’re acrophobic astir forecasts of winds Saturday up to 40 mph.

Overnight, it grew by adjacent to 7,000 acres, according to Saturday morning’s update.

The occurrence has present burned 82,444 acres and destroyed 245 homes.

El Dorado County Sheriff, successful collaboration with Cal Fire, has released a representation displaying properties that person been inspected for immoderate harm oregon immoderate that person been destroyed. View it here:

Previous day’s updates below:

7:52 p.m.

The Caldor Fire has grown to pain 75,845 acres arsenic of Friday evening. There was inactive nary containment of the blaze, portion astir 15,000 structures remained threatened, according to Cal Fire.

The fig of structures destroyed grew to 164 and different 8 were reported arsenic damaged.

Evening update for 8/20/21 for the #CaldorFire. 1/2

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 21, 2021

4:55 p.m.

A closure of Highway 50 was being implemented arsenic of 4:30 p.m. owed to information concerns with the Caldor Fire. The closure volition beryllium from Sly Park Road successful Pollock Pines to Meyers.

Additionally, Cal Fire added much evacuation orders Friday afternoon. Mandatory evacuations are present successful spot for:

  • Silver Fork Road successful Kyburz eastbound to Twin Bridges
  • North and southbound successful a enactment extending from Twin Bridges to the Placer County enactment and southbound to the Amador County line.

Anyone successful Kyburz oregon eastbound of Kyburz who is nether mandatory evacuation orders is advised to caput eastbound connected Highway 50 toward Lake Tahoe.

Evacuation warnings are successful spot for:

  • The mandatory evacuation bid enactment successful Twin Bridges to the Echo Summit country and from Highway 50 southbound to the Amador and Alpine County lines and northbound to the Placer County line.
  • Dry Lakes Section, northbound of Wentworth Springs Road up to the Placer enactment and the remaining country of El Dorado County southbound of Placer County to Loon Lake

9:55 a.m.

Highway 50 remains unfastened but the on-/off-ramps astatine Sly Park Road and Ridgeway Drive successful El Dorado County stay closed. There are elevated occurrence concerns this play owed to accrued winds.

7:22 a.m.

The Caldor Fire is 73,415 acres successful size and is 0 percent contained. It has destroyed 104 structures and is threatening 6,905 homes.

#CaldorFire greeting update for 8/20/21

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 20, 2021

Latest Coverage: Caldor Fire Evacuees Adjusting To Living In Shelters

Previous day’s updates below: 

9:22 p.m.

The Caldor Fire has grown to pain 68,630 arsenic of Thursday evening with zero containment.

According to Cal Fire, much than 100 structures person been destroyed successful the fire, portion astir 7,000 much stay threatened. It is unclear however galore of those are homes.

At slightest 2 civilian injuries person been reported truthful far.

2:02 p.m.

A assemblage gathering astir the occurrence is scheduled for 5 p.m. tonight. It’ll beryllium unrecorded present and connected the Cal Fire Amador-El Dorado Unit Facebook page.

10:27 a.m.

Visibility is improved contiguous connected the Highway 50 corridor successful El Dorado County but the on-/off-ramps astatine Sly Park Road and Ridgeway Drive stay closed.

9:18 a.m.

Cal OES is reporting that 23,000 radical successful El Dorado County person been evacuated owed to the Caldor Fire. That’s 10,000 much than each of the different fire-related evacuations statewide.

9:14 a.m.

The Red Cross has opened up different structure successful El Dorado County. This 1 is astatine District Church, which is astatine 7000 Rossmore Lane.

We’ve opened up an further #shelter successful #ElDorado County, astatine District Church, 7000 Rossmore Ln 95762. #CaliforniaWildfires #CaldorFire

— American Red Cross California Gold Country Region (@ARCGoldCountry) August 19, 2021

8:41 a.m.

The Eldorado National Forest remains closed for the information of the nationalist and firefighters. Those who are recovered connected National Forest lands, roads, oregon trails could beryllium fined up to $5,000 arsenic an idiosyncratic oregon up to $10,000 arsenic a group, the Forest Service warns.

6:57 a.m.

Cal Fire AEU has issued a caller incidental update connected the Caldor Fire.

At past check, the authoritative acreage of the occurrence stands astatine 65,474.

The occurrence maturation was mean overnight, owed to accrued humidity. Spot fires stay hidden owed to dense timber stands and constricted roadworthy access. Authorities expect occurrence behaviour to summation successful the day arsenic the inversion furniture lifts.

Multiple spot fires are expected to popular up successful the northbound and northeast areas of the incident, causing imaginable occurrence growth. The reddish emblem informing expires astatine 11 a.m.

The fig of structures threatened present stands astatine 6,905. The fig of structures destroyed is inactive undetermined.

Morning update for the #CaldorFire 8/19/21.

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 19, 2021

Previous day’s updates below: 

9:06 p.m.

The Caldor Fire is present 62,586 acres successful size. It’s 0% contained and is threatening 5,897 structures. Full containment is estimated to hap by August 31, 2021.

5:50 p.m.

With the menace of the Caldor Fire, the Red Cross has announced 2 impermanent evacuation points successful Amador County.

  1. Amador Fairgrounds: 18621 Sherwood Street, successful Plymouth
  2. Evelyn Bishop Hall: 701 CA 124, successful Ione

They besides impulse residents to parkland their car successful the absorption of their evacuation way if they request to rapidly escape.

5:25 p.m.

#CaldorFire Amador County Evacuation Warning and Updated Shelter List

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 19, 2021

5:23 p.m.

Evacuation Warnings person been issued for the pursuing areas southbound of the El Dorado-Amador County enactment from:

  • Shenandoah Road astatine the Amador County enactment westbound done the River Pines community, continuing westbound connected Shenandoah Road to Ostrom Road.
  • South connected Ostrom Road to Jibboom Street, westbound connected Jibboom Street to Fiddletown Road.
  • East connected Fiddletown Road to Hale Road.
  • South connected Hale Road to Shake Ridge Road.
  • East connected Shake Ridge Road to Charleston Road.
  • South connected Charleston Road to the intersection of Charleston Road and Rams Horn Grade.
  • Due eastbound to Highway 88 astatine Tiger Creek Road.
  • Tiger Creek Road eastbound to Salt Springs Reservoir Road.
  • East connected Salt Springs Reservoir Road to the eastbound extremity of the Salt Springs Reservoir.
  • Due northbound from the eastbound extremity of Salt Springs reservoir to Highway 88. From this location.Amador County Sheriff’s Office is urging radical to motion up for their CodeRED assemblage notification system. Click here:

#Caldorfire Amador County Sheriff has this representation to spell with the Evacuation Warning.

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 19, 2021

5:17 p.m.

Cal Fire Press Conference:

  • The occurrence stands astatine 53,772 acres and is 0% contained.
  • It volition instrumentality clip until residents are allowed backmost home.
  • Inversion conditions contiguous helped to dilatory the dispersed of the fire, though the occurrence is inactive growing.
  • The occurrence is heading towards Highway 50 and distant from populated areas.
  • It’s burning successful “challenging terrain.”
  • Sheriff’s deputies are well-staffed and patrolling the evacuated areas. They are stopping and making interaction with each radical they encounter.
  • Evacuation informing areas: Ok to beryllium in. Be prepared to permission arsenic needed.
  • Evacuation bid areas: Not unfastened to beryllium in.
  • Multiple harm inspection teams are retired and volition person immoderate accusation successful astir a week oregon so.
  • The occurrence has not crossed Highway 50. It’s a fewer 100 yards distant from the Highway astatine Ice House.
  • Amador County is present nether an evacuation informing successful the Caldor Fire. The Office of Emergency Services said authorities are evacuating radical sooner, which they recognition with nary nonaccomplishment of life. A informing means, get acceptable to evacuate and permission present if you request other time.
  • Amador County Sheriff’s Office is urging radical to motion up for their CodeRED assemblage notification system. Click here:

1:32 p.m.

While plumes are little defined aft the Caldor Fire exploded yesterday, fume inactive fills the aerial successful El Dorado County.

Right present we are seeing plumes of fume disconnected the Mormon Emigrant Trail. We are heading person to the occurrence @CBSSacramento

— Renee Santos (@RSantosTV) August 18, 2021

Down successful the valley, fume has pulled aerial prime down to unhealthy levels.

The Sacramento portion plagued by fume this morning. The AQI successful galore areas is unhealthy for delicate groups: People with bosom and lung disease, older adults and children are astatine a greater hazard and should bounds prolonged outdoor exertion. @CBSSacramento @GoodDaySac

— Dina Kupfer (@DinaKupfer) August 18, 2021

10:18 a.m.

The Red Flag Warning for the Sacramento Valley and occidental Sierra has been extended until Thursday night.

According to the National Weather Service, the strongest winds are inactive expected Wednesday night.

The Red Flag Warning has been extended done tomorrow. Gusty winds volition proceed done contiguous for the occidental Sierra & time evening for the Valley, creating captious occurrence upwind conditions. Strongest winds are inactive expected tonight. #CAwx #CAfire

— NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) August 18, 2021

9:01 a.m.

The Eldorado National Forest is present nether an exigency closure done September owed to the Caldor Fire.

This means that radical are present prohibited from going into oregon being connected National Forest System lands successful the Eldorado National Forest. Further, radical are besides prohibited from being connected a National Forest System roadworthy oregon trail.

People look a good of $5,000 per idiosyncratic to $10,000 for an organization, oregon 6 months successful prison, for violating the order.

EMERGENCY CLOSURE OF THE ELDORADO NATIONAL FOREST – An exigency wood bid was issued past nighttime to adjacent the Eldorado National Forest. See quality merchandise –
and Forest Order 03-21-14-

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 18, 2021

8:45 a.m.

Stop lights done Placerville are present backmost to mean operations aft being changed to springiness Caldor Fire evacuees priority.

The signals astatine Canal Street, Spring Street, and Bedford Avenue are present backmost to mean and transverse postulation is again accessible.

7:42 a.m.

Cal Fire reports that the Caldor Fire has grown to a full of 53,772 acres arsenic of Wednesday morning, much than doubling its size since Tuesday evening.

No containment has been reported astatine this point.

Extremely adust fuels coupled with southwest winds caused Tuesday’s explosive growth, firefighters say. A Red Flag Warning remains successful effect for the country done Wednesday night.

Caldor Fire Incident Update: 8/18/21 AM#caldorfire @EldoradoNF @ElDoradoSheriff

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 18, 2021

7:10 a.m.

The American Red Cross’ evacuation halfway astatine Cameron Park Community Center is present full, officials say.

At the moment, officials accidental determination is immoderate availability astatine the Green Valley Community Church on 3500 Missouri Flat Road successful Placerville.

6:16 a.m.

Several caller evacuation orders person been issued for the Caldor Fire aboriginal Wednesday morning.

The pursuing areas person been ordered to evacuate immediately:

South of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Silver Fork Road, including the assemblage of Kyburz.

North of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Silver Fork Road, including Ice House Reservoir, Union Valley Reservoir, and Loon Lake.

Update to Evacuation Orders from the @ElDoradoSheriff for the #CaldorFire.

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 18, 2021

Further, owed to occurrence evacuations, the pursuing schools volition beryllium closed connected Wednesday:

Gold Oak Union School District: Gold Oak Elementary School & Pleasant Valley Middle School

Pioneer Union School District: Walt Tyler Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Mountain Creek Middle School

District officials accidental it appears that Walt Tyler Elementary School field successful Grizzly Flats is simply a full loss.

Previous day’s updates below: 

9:56 p.m.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office says the evacuation centers successful Diamond Springs and Cameron Park are astatine capacity. They impulse residents to usage the evacuation halfway astatine Green Valley Church, which is astatine 3500 Missouri Flat Road, Placerville.

Also, California has secured national assistance to enactment the effect to the Caldor Fire.

9:15 p.m.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has issued evacuation orders for each areas betwixt Mormon Emigrant Trail and Highway 88.

8:03 p.m.

For the archetypal clip today, determination are mandatory evacuations successful effect northbound of Highway 50.

Mandatory Evacuations (source: Eldorado NF):

  • South broadside of Highway 50 northbound of Sly Park to widen westbound to Shows Road.
  • North broadside of Highway 50 from Larsen Drive to the westbound and Ice House to the east.

Evacuation Warnings:

  • Crystal Basin northbound of Highway 50 to see the country of Loon Lake Ice House, and Union Valley Reservoir.
  • Area southbound of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Kyburz, extending southbound of Highway 88.

CALFIRE says resources are coming from downstate for the Caldor Fire.

“We person continuously brought successful further resources overnight and passim the time from Southern California and different areas that person not yet been affected and are not presently predicting important winds”

Watch: CBS13 toured portion of Grizzly Flats to amusement residents what was standing.

6:47 p.m.

The Red Cross is opening up an evacuation structure astatine Green Valley Community Church, which is astatine 3500 Missouri Flat Road successful Placerville.

As a effect of the #CaldorFire successful #ElDorado and #Amador counties, an #evacuation #shelter is opening at:
Green Valley Community Church
3500 Missouri Flat Rd
Placerville CA 95667
El Dorado County

— American Red Cross California Gold Country Region (@ARCGoldCountry) August 18, 2021

6:35 p.m.

CBS13 reporters shared these updates Monday:

I took this video astir noon today. The #CaldorFire has exploded to 30,000 arces @CBSSacramento

— Renee Santos (@RSantosTV) August 18, 2021

Lots of yellowish portion up marking homes nether mandatory evacuation orders astir the #CaldorFire. Some leaving, immoderate not. Pleasant Balley residents are present being told to evacuate.

— stevelarge (@largesteven) August 18, 2021

6:18 p.m.

All hotels successful the Placerville country are wholly booked. Management astatine Best Western determination tells CBS13 they’ve turned 100-plus evacuees distant aft booking their past country aboriginal this morning. They besides accidental each hotels down to Folsom are full.

5:48 p.m.

Cal Fire held a gathering Tuesday nighttime to sermon the latest developments successful the Caldor Fire. Here are the main points of the meeting:

  • 30,000 acres burned (yesterday acres burned were 1,400); zero containment.
  • Roughly 242 unit members are battling the fire.
  • Officials are considering a afloat forest-wide closure.
  • The occurrence has crossed Mormon Emigrant Trail
  • Crews expect continual south/southwest travel of upwind tonight, which volition support the occurrence flowing successful a northerly direction.
  • In airy of rumors of looters successful the area, 30-40 sheriff’s deputies successful the country of occurrence successful information teams to support homes.
  • There was nary reply arsenic to whether oregon not h2o sources volition beryllium impacted.
  • Crews are asking the nationalist for patience arsenic they combat the fire.
  • There’s nary connection connected a timeline of erstwhile radical could perchance caput backmost location and measure damages.

5:05 p.m.

Cal Fire says the occurrence has burned 30,000 acres and is 0% percent contained.

Watch the latest unrecorded update here:

#caldorfire gaining ground- and quickly- it’s present astatine 30,000 acres. It was 6,500 this morning. @CBSSacramento

— Marissa Perlman (@MPerlmanNews) August 18, 2021

4:25 p.m.

The pursuing areas are presently nether mandatory evacuation orders:

  • Pollock Pines
  • East of Sly Park Road
  • South of Highway 50 up to Ice House Road, including northbound of Mormon Immigrant Trail and Jenkinson Lake
  • Grizzly Flats/Somerset eastbound of Mt. Aukum Road
  • Happy Valley

Governor Newsom has proclaimed a authorities of exigency successful El Dorado County owed to the fire.

4:12 p.m.

Other quality outlets are reporting a fig of structures damaged; however, determination is nary authoritative appraisal of harm astatine this time, says a occurrence spokesperson.

3:53 p.m.

Cal Fire reports that the Caldor Fire has burned 6,500 acres and is 0% contained.

(This is simply a simplification successful the full acreage Cal Fire reported earlier of 8,000 acres.)

3:50 p.m.

Placerville Police pass that WB Highway 50 volition beryllium congested arsenic radical from the Pollock Pines permission their homes. Manual postulation power volition beryllium implemented and officers volition not let transverse postulation during these times.

3:44 p.m.

The Diamond Springs evacuation halfway has been closed and has moved to Cameron Park. Here are the evacuation centers presently open:

  • Cameron Park (CSD, 2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park)
  • Large Animal Shelter (Amador County Fairgrounds, 18621 Sherwood St., Plymouth, (Empire Street Gate)
  • Small Animal Shelter: (530) 621-5795

3:30 p.m.

Highway 50 from Meyers to Ice House Road whitethorn beryllium closed successful the adjacent mates of hours owed to the Caldor Fire, the CHP says. They impulse radical leaving South Lake Tahoe to bash truthful arsenic soon arsenic imaginable and use alternate routes specified arsenic SR-89 to I-80 oregon US-50 to I-395.


US-50 from Meyers to Ice House Rd. whitethorn beryllium closed successful the adjacent mates hours owed to the Caldor occurrence successful El Dorado County.

Please program accordingly. Leave South Lake Tahoe arsenic soon arsenic possible. Use alternate routes specified arsenic SR-89 to I-80 oregon US-50 to I-395.

— CHP South Lake Tahoe (@CHPSouthLake) August 17, 2021

2:49 p.m.

The Diamond Springs Fire Hall evacuation halfway is present full, Cal Fire says.

Evacuees are being urged to spell to the Cameron Park CSD astatine 2502 Country Club Drive.

People with ample animals tin caput to the Amador County Fairgrounds astatine 18621 Sherwood Street successful Plymouth.

A representation with the latest details connected evacuation orders tin beryllium recovered here:

1:15 p.m.

Mandatory evacuation orders are present successful effect for parts of Pollock Pines.

According to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s, the pursuing areas are present nether evacuation orders:

  • East of Sly Park Road.
  • South of Hwy 50 up to Ice House Road.
  • North of Mormon Emigrant Trail (including Jenkinson’s/Sly Park Lake).

Evacuation warnings are besides successful effect for the pursuing areas:

  • South of Hwy 50 to Pleasant Valley Road.
  • From Sly Park Road, westbound to Snows Road and Newtown Road, including the assemblage of Rancho Del Sol.

#CaldorFire CALDOR FIRE News Release – Evacuations

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 17, 2021

Evac Centers:
✅Diamond Springs Fire Hall is FULL
✅Cameron Park CSD, 2502 Country Club Drive,
Cameron Park
✅Large Animal Shelter:
Amador County Fairgrounds, 18621 Sherwood
St, Plymouth, (Empire Street Gate)
✅Small Animal Shelter: (530) 621-5795

— CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) August 17, 2021

12:55 p.m.

Tuesday’s Red Flag Warning has present been extended done 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Gusty winds are predicted for the mountains and portions of the Sacramento Valley starting aboriginal Tuesday afternoon. Coupled with the highly adust conditions, the occurrence information level is critical.

⚠️Red Flag Warning is present successful effect from 1pm contiguous done 8pm Wednesday for the mountains & portions of the Sacramento Valley owed to gusty winds & highly adust conditions.

Are you prepared for wildfire? Visit for preparedness tips. #CAwx #CAfire

— NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) August 17, 2021

11:46 a.m.

Placerville authorities accidental they are intimately monitoring the Caldor Fire burning nearby, but accidental determination is nary denotation astatine this constituent that it’s moving towards the city. 

People are being urged to motion up for El Dorado County’s CodeRED notification strategy to cognize if and erstwhile evacuation orders person been fixed out. 

10:15 a.m.

Evacuation orders person present been issued for the Sly Park country owed to the Caldor Fire, authorities say. 

An evacuation informing has besides been fixed to the Pollock Pines area. 

#CaldorFire EDSO has issued caller evacuation orders for Sly Park country and a Warning for Pollock Pines area. Make definite you person signed up for Code Red alert system.

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 17, 2021

9:48 a.m.

As the Caldor Fire grows, its way of demolition is besides becoming much clear.

No nonstop fig of homes destroyed oregon damaged has been released astatine this point, but it’s wide that galore houses person been lost.

Starting to spot a batch of the #CaldorFire demolition astatine Evergreen Dr and String Canyon @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento @JohnDabkovich @DinaKupfer

— DG (@CameraGuyDave1) August 17, 2021

Lots of homes successful way of #CaldorFire are gone. @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento @DinaKupfer @at_clausen @JohnDabkovich

— DG (@CameraGuyDave1) August 17, 2021

The unpredictable quality of the Caldor Fire has besides forced our ain quality unit to beryllium escorted retired of imaginable danger.

#CalFire escorting america retired thru the #CaldorFire connected String Canyon Rd! @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento @allyaredas @DinaKupfer @JohnDabkovich #CaliforniaFires #wildfires

— DG (@CameraGuyDave1) August 17, 2021

7:25 a.m.

New evacuation orders person been issued aboriginal Tuesday greeting for the Caldor Fire.

The pursuing areas are affected:

Grizzly Flats/Somerset
• All roads disconnected of Grizzly Flat Rd., eastbound of Mt. Aukum Rd. successful Somerset (Known arsenic Four Corners) into Grizzly Flats Proper
Happy Valley
• All roads disconnected of Happy Valley Road, eastbound of Mt. Aukum Rd. successful Somerset to Sciaroni

The caller evacuation orders came aft much residents were ordered to permission precise aboriginal Tuesday morning. These areas included:

Grizzly Flats
• Henry Diggins disconnected Caldor Rd
• Areas of Grizzly Flats from Grizzly Flats Rd & Arctic Lane, eastbound to include:
o Consumnes Mine Rd o String Canyon Rd
o Sciaroni Road o Capps Crossing eastbound to North South Rd
o North to String Canyon Road

Happy Valley
• Happy Valley Rd from Sweeneys Crossing to Sciaroni Rd

As of Tuesday morning, the Caldor Fire has grown to 6,500 acres.

Previous day’s updates below:

11:45 p.m.

Due to rapidly expanding occurrence Monday night, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has issued mandatory evacuations notices for the Grizzly Flats.

#CaldorFire 11:45 pm. Due to rapidly expanding occurrence contiguous the El Dorado County Sheriff has issued mandatory evacuations notices for the Grizzly Flats.

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 17, 2021

7:34 p.m.

MANDATORY EVACUATON ORDERS person been issued for the pursuing areas: Creek South of Caldor Road
Barney Ridge East of Omo Ranch Road
Omo Ranch Road to North South Road
Caldor country including North South Road
Pi’Pi Valley up to Armsrong Hill

— EldoradoNF (@EldoradoNF) August 17, 2021

11:14 a.m.

The evacuation announcement for the Leoni Meadows and Big Mountain areas person present been upgraded to Mandatory Evacuation Orders, authorities say.

According to the El Dorado National Forest, the sheriff’s bureau notified homeowners successful those areas of the evacuation orders connected Monday morning.

8:30 a.m.

The Caldor Fire has present grown to 754 acres arsenic of Monday morning, the wood work reports. 

No containment is reported astatine this point. 

Yesterday, smoky conditions grounded fixed-wing craft that could person helped conflict the fire. Helicopters are inactive helping successful the firefight, however. 

Firefighters volition beryllium continuing to physique lines wherever possible. 

High temperatures coupled with gusty winds are giving firefighters origin for interest connected Monday. 

Previous day’s updates below:

Mandatory evacuations are successful spot for a caller vegetation occurrence adjacent Grizzly Flats successful El Dorado County.

The Caldor Fire was reported Saturday astatine astir 7 p.m. and is estimated astatine 400 acres with zero containment, arsenic of Sunday afternoon, according to the ElDorado National Forest Service.

It is located astir 1 mile eastbound of Omo Ranch, burning successful the country of Middle Fork Cosumnes River.

Firefighters study that challenging terrain and acheronian made accessing the occurrence hard and it burned actively passim the night.

There are presently 90 unit assigned to the fire, with further resources en route.

An evacuation halfway has been acceptable up astatine the Diamond Springs Fire Hall astatine 501 Pleasant Valley Road.

The origin of the occurrence is nether investigation.

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