Caldor Fire Evacuees From Grizzly Flats Can Begin Returning Home This Sunday

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GRIZZLY FLATS (CBS13) — Caldor Fire evacuees from the Grizzly Flatz country volition beryllium capable to instrumentality location opening Sunday.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said residents will beryllium notified by its ain societal media accounts oregon the county’s astir 24 hours anterior to a designated day and clip based connected their code that they tin spell backmost home.

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Different sections of the country volition beryllium repopulated astatine antithetic times, the sheriff’s bureau said. This is to forestall postulation jams, hazards and information issues. Repopulation should beryllium implicit by Monday.

Returning evacuees volition person to cheque successful astatine Pioneer Park and supply impervious of residence. Residents volition beryllium provided accusation connected resources, hazards and much to beryllium prepared for their instrumentality home.

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The check-in process is to guarantee radical who bash not unrecorded successful the country don’t summation entree to it, truthful returning residents should marque definite they person due identification. Residents are besides being asked to fill retired this interaction form anterior to arrival.

Residents volition beryllium provided a licence to entree their homes earlier being allowed to participate the evacuated area.

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Mandatory evacuations were initially ordered for Grizzly Flats backmost connected August 16 arsenic the occurrence began moving its mode eastbound done El Dorado County.

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