Call of Duty: Vanguard Shows Off First Look At Single-Player Campaign

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At Gamescom 2021, Call of Duty: Vanguard treated players to a look astatine the “birth of peculiar forces” absorption that the run features. Think of it benignant of similar an Inglourious Basterds instrumentality connected a tiny unit heading into Berlin to foil plans for a successor to Hitler and the Reich. Can they halt Project Phoenix? We’ll cognize connected November 5th, but contiguous we got to spot a portion of run play.

Polina Petrova is 1 of these captious characters, voiced by Laura Bailey and loosely based connected celebrated WWII sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. In an extended run slice, we spot Petrova maneuvering astir Nazi forces, showing disconnected immoderate of the civilian interiors that Call of Duty: Vanguard is acceptable to feature. Unarmed, a room weapon becomes a deadly limb to instrumentality retired the archetypal of what is definite to beryllium galore slain force forces. Soon, Petrova is equipped and into aggravated unit arsenic she works her distant astir Stalingrad. Our peculiar forces leader soon finds a sniper firearm and begins annihilating a squad of soldiers beneath with precise shots. Watch the trailer close here, and support speechmaking for a breakdown!

As the forces unreserved her position, she mounts down screen and destroys her adversaries handily. The interior locations are rather elaborate to look astatine arsenic Petrova travels done rooms and down stairways, yet making her mode retired onto the streets. This situation is dangerous, with deadly tanks and soldiers patrolling the streets, truthful Petrova rapidly heads backmost wrong to different building, stabbing an unsuspecting worker successful the cervix with an assassination takedown. Clearing retired a position, she rapidly dominates the full determination with an effectual array of some shooting and incendiary grenades earlier she’s knocked unconscious.

We’re past treated to a flashback of an hr before, wherever things were overmuch calmer successful the aforesaid area. From a peaceful exposition, things rapidly crook brutal arsenic airstrikes laic siege to the metropolis and trim it to smoldering rubble. There’s a hail of aerial gunfire arsenic good to harvester with each the occurrence and explosions, and it sells the imaginativeness that Sledgehammer is selling present well. After Petrova’s country ends, we get a spot of a abbreviated sizzle reel and then the known November 5 merchandise date. It’s a reasonably important look astatine a run conception for the upcoming Call of Duty title. What did you think?

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