Call of Duty Warzone Season 5: What's new in COD Warzone?

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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone has settled into its caller 1984 clip setting, which updated the acquainted Verdansk representation with immoderate caller locations and a lick of caller paint.

Now, though, Season 5 has kicked off, bringing a caller slate of contented and changes. Here's everything we cognize astir the adjacent play of Warzone.

When did Warzone Season 5 start?

First up, the cardinal timing - Season 5 started connected 12 August 2021, and the play looks acceptable to past for astir 2 months, with the Battle Pass kicking disconnected with a 57-day countdown active.

What's caller successful Season 5?

Season 5 hasn't brought the astir titanic acceptable of changes that Warzone's seen, it's just to say. Here are each the details.

New communicative developments

The Call of Duty selling instrumentality started to rotation up earlier the play launched, with Treyarch posting the beneath clip to get things started:

“This is Wraith... the Verdansk tests are looking good."

After the demolition of the Jumpseat outer constellation, captious information stolen from Yamantau is passed to an Operator with the unsocial skills to execute Stitch's endgame.

The countdown to Season Five begins.

— Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) July 29, 2021

It makes it wide that the overarching communicative that's been playing retired is continuing, with the mysterious reddish doors lone getting much powerful. Hopefully, we mightiness adjacent find retired however the ruddy things work. It swiftly followed that up with a communicative trailer for the season.

The trailer showcases the caller main relation that's been added, called Kitsune, on with the akimbo Tec-9 pistols she's toting.


Call of Duty caller   play   details photograph  8

New weapons

We've got a mates of caller weapons, speech from the Tec-9 instrumentality pistol, including the EM2 battle firearm and the Marshal handgun (plus the Cane melee option). The Tec-9 and EM2 volition beryllium unlockable successful the conflict walk erstwhile it comes out, though we'd besides expect to spot immoderate blueprints successful the store aboriginal doors.

New perks

The bigger quality is the summation of 2 caller Warzone-specific perks. The first, Tempered, makes you quicker to armour up by having each sheet clasp 75 points of armour, truthful that your maximum is 2 alternatively of one. It besides refills your armour erstwhile you archetypal equip it from a loadout drop. That could beryllium large for much rapidly resetting during a fight. It's successful the aforesaid slot arsenic Ghost and High Alert, though, truthful we'd ideate it'll beryllium a niche pick.

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The different is Combat Scout, which volition unrecorded ping and item immoderate force you're doing harm to for your squad - this could beryllium large for playing with random teammates, arsenic connection tin beryllium a challenge, portion much experienced squads mightiness spot it arsenic a small redundant.

Meanwhile, High Alert has been updated to antagonistic Dead Silence by negating its effects, and Cold-Blooded has besides been tweaked to antagonistic Combat Scout.

Map update and caller gulag

The representation update for this play looks minimal, with caller mobile broadcast stations dotted astir Verdansk sending retired the codes that Kitsune enactment unrecorded successful the cinematic trailer, but we're getting different caller gulag astatine least, based connected the multiplayer representation Rush.

In-season event

Shortly aft it started, Season Five hosted a large lawsuit called The Battle for Verdansk to denote Call of Duty Vanguard - the lawsuit saw players battling unneurotic to destruct an armoured bid and gain cosmetic rewards, earlier debuting Vanguard's archetypal afloat trailer.

That mightiness not beryllium all, though - we besides cognize that there's an lawsuit called The Numbers planned, which is seemingly abstracted from the past event. That hopefully means that we're successful for different due unrecorded lawsuit astatine immoderate point.

Given that Vanguard is going to bring a caller representation to the array entirely, that could adjacent mean that we get immoderate benignant of lawsuit to accidental a last farewell to Verdansk (even if its existent demolition already happened further guardant successful the timeline).

What was caller successful Warzone Season 4 Reloaded?

Season 4 Reloaded, the erstwhile patch, besides wasn't a immense update connected the contented broadside - determination was a caller weapon, the OTs 9 SMG, and a Mace enactment for melee fans, positive a caller operator, Weaver.

We besides cognize that the reddish doors added successful Season 4 mightiness beryllium getting much complicated, though not precisely how. One happening they'll get is the uncommon accidental of providing a caller killstreak, the sentry gun, which volition scan and sprout enemies for a infinitesimal erstwhile you deploy it.

That could shingle the meta up a little, and we'll person to anticipation it's balanced and genuinely scarce. Beyond that, the existent nutrient of this update for keen players comes successful the signifier of sweeping equilibrium changes to a immense fig of in-game weapons.

The #Warzone Season Four Reloaded update is going unrecorded soon!

Includes assorted Gameplay changes, Bug Fixes, a large ol' Weapon equilibrium pass, caller Accessibility features, and more.

The Patch Notes tin beryllium recovered here:

Screenshots successful the thread below:

— Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) July 15, 2021

You tin spot the afloat scope of buffs and nerfs successful the extended patch notes but, successful short, it looks similar Raven Software is making bully connected its committedness to lengthen the time-to-kill successful Warzone from its antecedently brutal levels.

There are large changes to harm multipliers connected loads of battle rifles and SMGs successful particular, and it'll beryllium absorbing to spot what that does to the meta successful the coming weeks.

What did Season 4 add?

Looking backmost to Season 4's main launch, Raven Software afloat elaborate the main changes that arrived arsenic portion of themupdate, and determination were perfectly loads of points to cheque out.

The #Warzone Season Four update is going unrecorded soon!

New Battle Pass, caller Operators, caller Weapons, caller POIs, and...

The Patch Notes tin beryllium recovered here:

Screenshots successful thread below:

— Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) June 17, 2021

The biggest ocular alteration was the accomplishment of a assortment of crashed satellites astatine assorted points astir the Verdansk map, which added immoderate absorbing screen and combat opportunities. Plus, determination was a caller conveyance for the precise archetypal clip since motorboat - a ungraded motorcycle that's cleanable for a azygous rider with 1 passenger.

There was besides a caller gulag map, which was invited - it's based connected the cardinal portion of multiplayer representation Hijacked, truthful volition beryllium acquainted to immoderate successful layout. Finally, the Black Ops series' signature reddish doors started to look astir Verdansk, zapping players astir to rewarding loot.

We besides got caller operators, arsenic usual: Jackal and Salah. They brought caller weaponry to play with too, successful the signifier of the C58 battle rifle, MG 82 LMG and a stealthy nail gun,. There was besides a seasonal lawsuit called Groundfall which brought immoderate challenges and cosmetic rewards for a week oregon two.

Big quality was besides determination connected the method beforehand for PS5 players - the crippled yet added enactment for 120Hz displays for improved framerates, similar the Series X. We'd been nether the content this wouldn't get until a afloat autochthonal PS5 mentation is yet released, but Raven seems to person cracked the codification somehow.

The biggest changes successful immoderate ways mightiness beryllium those elaborate successful Raven's super-extensive spot notes, though, which included loads of detail. There person been large changes to however tube attachments enactment connected Cold War guns, making them much viable than ever, arsenic good arsenic large equilibrium changes to idiosyncratic weapons (and yet different nerf for the beloved AMAX!).

Perhaps astir absorbing of all, it looks similar we've yet got a large accommodation to the much-hated Roze skin, Rook - its all-black vantage seems to person been shaved distant by a caller greyer colour-scheme. Here's hoping radical don't conscionable migrate to a caller sweaty tegument if this alteration truly does work!

What arrived successful the mid-season Season Three Reloaded update?

Looking further back, Warzone's Season 3 update whitethorn person been sizeable, but it inactive near plentifulness to beryllium fixed and updated, truthful Raven Software didn't hold excessively agelong to bring a sizeable mid-season update to bear.

The spot brought immoderate caller content, including unlocking the caller AMP63 SMG, which players had been looking guardant to equipping and levelling up.

We besides got immoderate large tweaks to a fig of weapons including archetypal equilibrium passes for the fashionable AMAX battle rifle, the FARA, Sweetsweeper shotgun and the Bullfrog SMG, each of which had felt a small overpowered astatine times. 

More person arrived, successful the signifier of changes to however suppressors enactment connected Cold War weapons, and immoderate tweaks to marque Cold War snipers consciousness much viable compared to their Modern Warfare counterparts. Plus, and this is hugely welcome, there's been a large simplification successful the spawn complaint of Stopping Power rounds. 

Most pressingly, though, the Reloaded update brought a caller contented driblet focusing astir a mates of 80s enactment icons - Rambo and Die Hard's John McClane. The beneath trailer gives a bully consciousness of the madness that kicked disconnected earlier the lawsuit ended.

There was a load to descend into, including the accomplishment of Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza successful Downtown with a big of caller insignificant objectives to implicit successful and astir it. It's the tallest operation ever successful Warzone, truthful sniping is inactive hugely amusive from its peak.

There are plentifulness of different points of interest, including subsister camps successful homage to Rambo, wherever you could cod canine tags arsenic portion of different caller ngo type. On apical of that, determination were caller weapons arriving and an in-game lawsuit to marque everything consciousness easier to follow.

You tin find the afloat details connected the Call of Duty blog, alongside Raven's much elaborate mechanical patch notes.

What was caller successful COD Warzone Season 3? 

— Call of Duty  (@CallofDuty) April 19, 2021

Looking backmost to erstwhile Season 3 kicked off, it brought a batch of changes to the look that has made Warzone truthful popular, with plentifulness of antithetic elements to consider.

New Verdansk 1980s map

Warzone players person been waiting for ages to beryllium capable to research a full-sized caller representation for the game, with the smaller Resurgence Island representation not large capable to truly number for much. For a agelong time, the communal presumption was that we'd get a representation acceptable successful the Ural mountains, bringing successful a clump of multiplayer locations that were acceptable successful that locale.

However, caller leaks person indicated that this representation was shelved a portion ago, successful favour of the caller mentation of Verdansk that replaced the existent representation astatine the commencement of Season 3. This, arsenic we present know, is acceptable successful the 1980s, tying the crippled into the timeline utilized by Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. 

The map's layout is mostly the same, but cardinal landmarks are noticeably different, with a little built-up Downtown, a stadium's much a gathering site, and nary dam astatine each - instead, there's a gangly span to navigate present instead, on with a Summit installation. There's loads much to explore, too, truthful it'll instrumentality a portion for everyone to get utilized to each change.

New operators and weapons

A mainstay of Warzone's conflict walk strategy is the instauration of astatine slightest 1 caller relation to enactment arsenic the beforehand for the season. Past passes person introduced Naga, Captain Price and Ghost, among galore others.

We're already seeing a batch of players moving astir donning the caller skins released successful the conflict pass, successful peculiar Wraith, who has been heavy featured successful the promotional material. 

Similarly, aft the immense driblet of caller weapons erstwhile Cold War integrated with Warzone successful precocious 2020, the trickle of caller weaponry is backmost to a much tenable and manageable complaint (after all, galore of the Cold War weapons inactive don't consciousness afloat balanced adjacent months down the line). 

Battle passes and caller seasons person typically introduced 2 caller weapons, and they're besides mostly included arsenic escaped tiers to guarantee that everyone has the aforesaid accidental to unlock them without having to fork retired immoderate COD Points. The caller play brought adjacent more, though, including the PPSH-41 SMG, Swiss K31 sniper, the Ballistic Knife melee, CARV.2 rifle, and AMP63 SMG arsenic good - a bumper harvest of caller hardware to use.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 7 April 2021.

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