Call Of Duty Warzone Trailer Reveals New Look At Incoming Caldera Map

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One is conscionable a small implicit a week distant from the merchandise of its caller Warzone map, Caldera, and a caller trailer highlighting it has been released. 

Dubbed a “Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone - Season One” teaser trailer, it oddly has virtually thing to bash with Vanguard, the latest Call of Duty merchandise that’s centered connected World War 2. Instead, it oddly positions itself arsenic a question bureau video from a institution called Pacific Horizon Airlines that’s astir the earthy wonders and touristy locales of Caldera. 

As you tin spot successful the trailer above, it’s not the accustomed Warzone-guns-explosions-boom-boom benignant of video we’ve travel to expect erstwhile Call of Duty highlights its conflict royale. Instead, it adds a consciousness of enigma to the caller Caldera map. Perhaps each is not what it seems connected the map, which the trailer seems to suggest. It adjacent ends by showing Caldera locales blown to bits and connected fire, apt owed to the enactment of a conflict royale match. 

Regardless of the trailer’s tone, we bash get a glimpse astatine what to expect connected Caldera: earthy Pacific wonders, a hidden paradise, ridges and peaks, “sites from Caldera’s storied past,” hidden caves, rivers and streams, fields and farms implicit with “artisanal integrated nutrient harvested locally,” skis lifts, and more. 

The teaser trailer besides cheekily alludes to the much conflict royale-centric events that volition beryllium happening connected Caldera with a informing substance astatine the bottommost of the screen:

“Warning: Pacific Horizon Air is not liable for immoderate death, capture, imprisonment, forced one-on-one combat betwixt chap visitors, drowning, parachute-related accidents, gas-related deaths oregon injury, shrapnel, anti-aircraft fire, tennis elbow, nutrient poisoning, oregon immoderate different akin instances. Should Pacific Horizon Air go engaged successful aerial combat with force aircraft, an aboriginal exit whitethorn beryllium required. Travel to Caldera is not insurable. By deploying parachute, travelers indemnify Pacific Horizon Air, its pilots, and each work unit of each liability, careless of destination oregon result connected landing. Baggage fees...included.”

Flights to Caldera volition statesman connected December 9 which is alluding to the motorboat day for the caller Warzone map. However, arsenic antecedently revealed, those who person purchased Vanguard tin leap into Caldera a afloat 24 hours earlier connected December 8.

The authoritative Call of Duty Twitter relationship besides released a changeable of the Caldera representation and marked the 15 named locations players tin expect to find connected it. 

While waiting for the caller representation to spell live, cheque retired these recently-revealed details astir Caldera

Will you beryllium jumping into the caller Caldera representation adjacent month? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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