Chris Rock says he has Covid. 'Trust me you don't want this,' comedian tweets

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(CNN)Comedian and histrion Chris Rock revealed Sunday that helium has tested affirmative for Covid-19, and helium is utilizing the accidental to impulse others to get vaccinated against the virus.

On his verified Twitter account, Rock posted, "Hey guys I conscionable recovered retired I person COVID, spot maine you don't privation this. Get vaccinated."

The erstwhile "Saturday Night Live" formed subordinate didn't remark connected his condition, and his representatives did not instantly instrumentality a petition from CNN for further comment.

    Rock told Jimmy Fallon connected an occurrence of "The Tonight Show" successful May that helium received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and joked that helium utilized his prima presumption and "skipped the line" successful getting it.

      "I utilized my celebrity, Jimmy," Rock said. "I didn't care. I was like, 'Hey, measurement speech Betty White, measurement speech aged people, Judge Judy.'"

      People who are afloat vaccinated tin inactive get Covid-19 -- these are called breakthrough cases -- but being immunized greatly reduces the hazard of hospitalization oregon death, wellness experts say.

        In fact, radical who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 were 11 times much apt to dice of the illness and 10 times much apt to beryllium hospitalized with the disease, a study published earlier this period by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows.

        "Please person a swift and mild lawsuit and a afloat recovery. Hurry, we request you," tweeted Larry Charles, the "Seinfield" shaper and writer.

        CNN's Theresa Waldrop contributed to this report.

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