Chuck Schumer Bluntly Tells America That Republicans Are Taking Away Voting Rights

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Republicans are trying to instrumentality distant voting rights from young people, minorities, and the poor.

Video of Majority Leader Schumer:

Schumer said connected the Senate floor:

This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. And it is the one present trying to instrumentality distant the vote. From younger Black and brown, elderly, minority, and low-income voters. And yet every time we tried to prosecute our Senate Republican colleagues they resisted.

So we person no choice. We are moving up on our own. Once again nary one denies the way up is an uphill struggle. Republicans have been wide they will entertain nary bipartisan compromise connected voting rights. But long likelihood are nary excuse for this chamber to debar this important issue. Again, members of this chamber were elected to debate. And to vote. We’re going to vote. We’re each going to spell on the record. And Republicans will have to take which broadside they stand connected protecting democracy. 

We’re offering their implicit endorsement of Donald Trump’s big lie. For months, Senate Republicans person travel up with excuses and subterfuges to avoid doing what they cognize is the right thing. Just similar truthful many others person travel up with similar lame excuses and subterfuges in the past. But its past shows Doing the close thing. Will eventually prevail. Justice will flow similar mighty waters. As the Prophet Amos has said. 

Republicans Can’t Hide From Voting Rights

The constituent of this week is to hopefully devise a way guardant connected voting rights, but much realistically, this week successful the Senate is astir moving the voting rights contented forward.

It would beryllium large if Sens. Manchin and Sinema would travel to their senses and hold to a filibuster carve retired connected voting rights, but that is not going to happen.

Republicans person been hiding down the mode excessively casual filibuster rules for years, and the intent of the Senate process is to marque them basal up successful beforehand of the federation and explicit their content with their votes that definite radical should not beryllium allowed to easy formed their ballots.

The voting rights contented is not going away, and the conflict volition spell connected and past says that state can’t beryllium denied forever, nary substance however hard Republicans try.

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