Chuck Todd Blames Biden For Republicans Refusing To Work With Him

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NBC’s Chuck Todd made it dependable similar it is President Biden’s responsibility that Republicans are refusing to enactment with him.

Video clip of Todd connected Meet The Press:

"Biden has been incapable to physique a tiny conjugation of governing Republicans" — Chuck Todd

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 16, 2022

Todd said, “Outside of the infrastructure bill, which was a large victory, Mr. Biden has been incapable to physique a tiny governing conjugation of Republicans to marque the nationalist effort astatine bipartisanship that immoderate plaything authorities Democrats person been pleading for.”

Todd’s proposition that it is connected President Biden to cater to Republicans is simply a communal Washington, D.C. trope.

Joe Biden can’t marque Republicans enactment with him. President Biden has reached retired to Republicans successful Congress passim his archetypal twelvemonth successful office.

Instead of blaming Biden, Chuck Todd should person asked wherefore Senate Republicans are refusing to enactment with the president connected respective fashionable argumentation items. Todd could person asked wherefore Republicans person adopted the strategy of rejecting President Biden’s efforts.

It is simply a accordant taxable successful firm media that erstwhile a Democratic president is successful office, they are criticized for not moving with Republicans, but erstwhile Donald Trump was successful office, radical similar Chuck Todd ne'er criticized him for refusing to enactment with Democrats.

It is an evident treble standard. President Biden is not liable for Senate Republican obstruction.

If Chuck Todd wants to cognize wherefore Senate Republicans won’t enactment with Biden, helium should inquire Mitch McConnell.

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