Comical brain fade caps Zverev's AO win

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"That's not thing you spot each day."

It was with those words that erstwhile English tennis subordinate Mark Petchey called the winning infinitesimal of Alexander Zverev's first-round Australian Open victory.

The German satellite No.3 yet completed a 7-6 (7-3), 6-1, 7-6 (7-1) triumph implicit tenacious countryman Daniel Altmaier, but helium was presumably truthful engrossed successful the clash that helium hadn't realised helium was connected lucifer point.

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The effect was sealed erstwhile Altmaier returned a backhand into the net, but Zverev instantly began to reset for different point.

When the 24-year-old did realise helium had polished disconnected the lucifer helium began jogging toward the nett to greet his rival and the umpire.

Alexander Zverev defeated Daniel Altmaier successful the archetypal circular of the Australian Open, but helium hadn't realised helium was connected lucifer point. (Getty)

"Zverev doesn't adjacent cognize it's over," said erstwhile Australian tennis subordinate John Fitzgerald.

"He didn't realise it was lucifer point!"

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Petchey was amused.

"Brilliant stuff," helium laughed.

"That's not thing you spot each day.

"I was truthful seldom astatine lucifer constituent (that) I warrant you I knew it was lucifer point.

"This feline does truthful overmuch winning helium didn't adjacent realise."

Zverev volition conscionable Australian John Millman successful the 2nd circular of the Melbourne Park event.

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