COVID Patient Returns To Colorado Hospital To Serenade Health Care Workers Who Took Care Of Him

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August 27, 2021 astatine 3:44 pm

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – One of Colorado’s archetypal COVID-19 patients to beryllium hospitalized returned to the infirmary that treated him for the archetypal clip since his release, this clip successful an effort to convey the radical who helped prevention his vocation and life. Jacob Larson was archetypal idiosyncratic hospitalized with COVID-19 astatine UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital past year. He sang for aesculapian workers connected Wednesday arsenic portion of the hospital’s yearly summertime barbecue.

(credit: CBS)

Larson, a vocalist who often performs astatine weddings and different celebrations, amazed galore of his erstwhile doctors and nurses by singing to them portion they ate lunch.

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Larson, who has since been vaccinated, wanted his show to service arsenic a convey you to workers portion besides being a grounds for wherefore others should get their vaccines.

“On March 22, 2020, close erstwhile COVID was starting, I was admitted to the ICU,” Larson told CBS4.

Larson was intubated for 13 days and was hospitalized for 20. For the archetypal clip since being discharged, Larson met with 1 of the doctors who saved his life.

“Jacob! Hi, I americium Dr. Rauf. I admitted you to this hospital. It is truthful bully to spot you,” doc and Hospitalist Dr. Aiman Rauf told Larson arsenic they embraced.

(credit: CBS)

Rauf said she was erstwhile acrophobic that Larson’s singing vocation would beryllium over.

“I was disquieted that helium would ne'er beryllium capable to sing again,” Rauf said.

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While the yearly barbecue isn’t caller for UCHealth staff, being serenaded by a erstwhile diligent was a unsocial and welcoming acquisition for most.

“It’s a surreal acquisition to beryllium capable to travel and execute for the radical who saved my life,” Larson said.

While grateful for the quality to erstwhile again beryllium with the unit astatine UCHealth, Larson said helium hoped astir radical would ne'er person to conscionable them. Though the vaccine didn’t beryllium erstwhile Larson was hospitalized, helium has since been vaccinated and said vaccination tin assistance everyone debar getting sick.

“I’m perfectly encouraging radical to get their vaccine. Let’s get done this. This is the answer. It is clip to determination past and bash this together,” Larson said.

Rauf said each idiosyncratic presently admitted to Longs Peak Hospital owed to COVID-19 is unvaccinated.

She said radical getting vaccinated would assistance relieve accent workers are presently experiencing successful hospitals worldwide.

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(credit: CBS)

“The biggest ‘thank you’ anyone tin springiness their wellness attraction supplier is to spell get their COVID vaccine,” Rauf said. “I’m grateful that helium made it to this constituent due to the fact that a batch of our patients person not.”

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