Coyote Likely Behind ‘Suspicious’ Animal Deaths In Citrus Heights, Police Say

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CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Officers accidental a coyote is apt liable for the bid of dormant animals being recovered with “suspicious” injuries successful Citrus Heights recently.

Citrus Heights constabulary accidental they are alert of respective societal media posts successful immoderate section assemblage groups astir animals being recovered dead. With the animals having suffered suspicious-looking injuries, determination was immoderate interest from assemblage members astir who oregon what was responsible.

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An probe by the city’s Animal Services Officer has recovered a overmuch much mundane apt culprit: a coyote.

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Police accidental the lawsuit is simply a bully reminder for residents that they bash stock immoderate neighborhoods with wildlife.

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Still, constabulary impulse radical to study dormant oregon injured animals to the Animal Services Unit online.

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