Dave Chappelle didn't text Bob Saget back and regrets it

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(CNN)Life is abbreviated and Dave Chappelle has been reminded of that with the decease of his person and chap comedian, Bob Saget.

In a video posted connected TMZ Friday, Chappelle talks astir the loss.

According to the site, Chappelle was performing Thursday nighttime astatine the Peppermint Club successful West Hollywood erstwhile helium noted that arsenic helium has aged, truthful person his drama peers, galore of who are older than him since helium started successful the manufacture truthful young.

    They are, helium joked, "dying similar hotcakes."

      Bob Saget's household  awaiting aesculapian  examiner's study  connected  his origin  of death

      Saget was recovered dormant successful his edifice country successful Orlando, Florida pursuing 1 of his gigs.

      "But I didn't spot [the decease of] Bob coming," Chappelle said. "Man, helium conscionable texted maine and I saw the substance yesterday and I ne'er texted him backmost due to the fact that I was conscionable busy. It happens."

      John Stamos says he's 'just not acceptable   to accidental    goodbye' to Bob Saget

        "I'm conscionable saying this to punctual you that these moments are precious," helium added. "When I travel retired astatine night, I'm not conscionable hanging out. I'm making memories."

        The investigation into the origin of Saget's decease continues, but authorities said determination was nary grounds of drugs oregon foul play.

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