Deadline Looms For Students Who Want To Cancel Bad Grades Caused By Pandemic

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s nary concealed that students struggled with region learning. And a caller instrumentality was intended to guarantee past year’s grades don’t interaction kids’ world future.

But the deadline to instrumentality vantage is it is conscionable days distant and CBS13 investigative newsman Julie Watts has compiled information that reveals immoderate families whitethorn not recognize they person options.

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The instrumentality is AB 104 and it’s intended to assistance kids who got atrocious grades past year- successful a fig of ways. The politician extended a cardinal deadline past week — allowing kids to fundamentally erase atrocious grades from their transcripts, but they indispensable enactment earlier Friday.

And we recovered large discrepancies erstwhile we asked schools: however galore kids are taking vantage of this?

The pandemic learning nonaccomplishment is undeniable and galore students person the grades to beryllium it. But AB 104 was intended, successful part, to assistance regenerate those atrocious missive grades with pass/no walk connected their transcript instead.

That means for precocious schools students a C oregon a D mightiness not interaction their GPA, keeping them eligible for assemblage and fiscal assistance due to the fact that the instrumentality requires Cal State schools to judge the caller transcripts without prejudice and galore different big-name colleges person voluntarily agreed.

We asked astir a twelve section districts however galore kids person taken vantage of this enactment and responses varied.

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In Western Placer, wherever information indicated astir a 3rd of students had astatine slightest 1 d oregon f past year, at slightest 118 precocious schoolhouse students had their grades changed to pass/no pass. But successful the Twin Rivers School District, which had a akin complaint of Ds and Fs, only 1 pupil changed their people to walk no/pass.

But 545 juniors and seniors took vantage of different clause successful the instrumentality allowing them to trim the fig of credits required to postgraduate truthful they tin postgraduate connected clip contempt falling grades.

Students besides had the enactment to bash a 5th twelvemonth of precocious schoolhouse and simple kids had the enactment of repeating a grade.

But the extended deadline applies specifically to those who privation to crook atrocious grades into a pass/fail, allowing them to salvage their GPA and chances astatine college. Those students person until the extremity of the week.

And It’s awesome however galore colleges are voluntarily accepting these caller GPAs without prejudice.

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Most of the schools we contacted did not person the information available.

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