Dell announces expanded portfolio of multi-cloud services

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The institution is readying to simplify the multi-cloud attack utilizing caller APEX services and DevOps capabilities.


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Dell Technologies has announced respective multi-cloud capabilities that volition supply companies with the information and exertion absorption tools to easy link retention and information extortion to preferred nationalist clouds and services. The 4 caller developments announced by Dell travel successful the signifier of the APEX Multi-Cloud Data Service, APEX Backup Service and Project Alpine to spell on with DevOps acceptable platforms.

APEX services announced

The APEX Multi-Cloud Data Service is planned to supply retention and information extortion as-a-Service with simultaneous entree to large nationalist clouds from a azygous information source. This volition beryllium afloat managed, with features specified arsenic high-speed, debased latency unreality connectivity and the quality to summation simultaneous nationalist unreality entree without moving data. In addition, the multi-cloud work should assistance debar vendor lock-in and precocious egress fees with information autarkic of the cloud. 

The work volition let users entree to unreality computing services specified arsenic Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. This work is planned to beryllium disposable successful the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, per the announcement.

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Dell says the APEX Backup Service volition support Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) applications, specified arsenic Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, providing endpoints and hybrid workloads successful a nationalist cloud. The extremity is to simplify information information by providing users with expanded and unafraid information extortion utilizing centralized monitoring and absorption for SaaS applications. This globally disposable solution volition person the quality to deploy successful minutes and grow to support increasing workloads to conscionable idiosyncratic needs. The exertion provides resilient information capabilities to assistance support against cyberattacks with instant detection, accelerated effect and accelerated recovery. 

Project Alpine

In tandem with the APEX Backup Service, Project Alpine volition physique connected information extortion by bringing Dell's artifact and record retention bundle to nationalist clouds, helping present its users flexibility successful managing information successful some on-premises and nationalist unreality environments arsenic needed. Alpine volition enactment the quality to acquisition retention bundle arsenic a managed work utilizing existing unreality credits and let its users to instrumentality shared information crossed aggregate clouds. 

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"Today's multi-cloud world is analyzable arsenic information becomes much distributed crossed on-premises and colocation information centers, aggregate nationalist clouds and borderline environments," said Jeff Boudreau, president of the Infrastructure Solutions Group astatine Dell Technologies. "We person the industry's broadest exertion portfolio, accordant tools, acquisition gathering unfastened ecosystems and starring information retention capabilities, services and proviso chain. All this uniquely positions Dell to assistance customers instrumentality power of their multi-cloud strategy."  

Project Alpine hopes to elevate the nationalist unreality retention acquisition by centralizing the absorption of the acquisition crossed clouds, successful summation to simplifying the lifecycle absorption of the unreality and providing commerce flexibility to its customers.

DevOps updates

As a portion of Dell's DevOps update, the institution is expanding the Dell Technologies Developer Portal to service arsenic a one-stop store for exertion developers and DevOps teams looking to supply infrastructure arsenic code. The portal volition supply continual entree to the latest Dell APIs, SDKs, modules and plug-ins. Dell besides announced expanded enactment for Kubernetes-based services Amazon EKS Anywhere and SUSE Rancher. 

The Amazon EKS Service volition beryllium disposable connected Dell EMCs PowerFlex and PowerStore, giving organizations the quality to tally Kubernetes crossed nationalist oregon on-premises clouds. SUSE Rancher volition beryllium disposable connected chap Dell EMC VxRail, providing a multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes absorption and giving customers the flexibility to take their unreality orchestration platform.

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