Devin Nunes Claims Joe Biden Framed Donald Trump On Russia

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Russian plus Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that it truly Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, who is progressive with Russia.

Putin Pal Devin Nunes Claims Biden Is The One Who Is Involved With Russia


Devin Nunes accuses President Biden of framing Trump, "You inactive person Americans who deliberation that Donald Trump had thing to bash with Russia successful information the other it was true, it was the Democrats and the Clinton run and the Bidens who had thing to bash with Russia.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 26, 2021

Nunes said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “You inactive person galore Americans who person been poisoned by this who deliberation that Donald Trump had thing to bash with Russia in information the other it was true, it was the Democrats and the Clinton run and the Bidens who had thing to do with Russia. “

His Fellow Members Of Congress Labeled Nunes A Russian Asset For A Reason

Devin Nunes is inactive trying to tally a disinformation run connected Trump and Russia 5 years aboriginal due to the fact that Russia is apt to effort to assistance Trump again if helium returns successful 2024, and the Trump/Russia transportation hurts the failed erstwhile one-term president with voters.

There is simply a crushed wherefore members of Congress person called Nunes a Russian asset.

Donald Trump was not acceptable up by the Clintons and Joe Biden connected Russia. Trump’s ain behaviour arsenic president acceptable alarm bells ringing arsenic helium held concealed meetings unsocial with Putin and refused to face the Russian autocrat for 4 years.

Joe Biden has been a staunch hostile of Putin, and dissimilar Trump and Nunes, determination is nary transportation betwixt President Biden and Russia.

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