'Disgraceful' Warriors' red flags hidden in camp

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A staggered Phil Gould says "there was ne'er immoderate sign" that the Warriors would unleash the "disgraceful" behaviour witnessed successful the uncontrollable clash with the Titans.

The erstwhile Warriors consultant, who worked with the nine successful pathways and improvement until helium was poached by the Bulldogs successful July, has been near bewildered aft 3 of the New Zealand club's players were sin-binned during the 44-0 hammering astatine the hands of the Titans.

Back-rower Jazz Tevaga was the archetypal Warrior sin-binned, aft helium raced successful from afar to level Phillip Sami amid an all-in scuffle.

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The Warriors past had different 2 players successful the misdeed bin little than 60 seconds later, aft polarising mid-season enlistee Matt Lodge was marched disconnected for a precocious deed connected Tyrone Peachey, earlier firebrand front-rower Kane Evans was sidelined for 2 attempted punches to Jarrod Wallace's head.

The fallout of the chaotic game, which besides saw Lodge flip the vertebrate to Gold Coast fans arsenic helium made his mode to the misdeed bin, arsenic good arsenic different incidents unrelated to the sin-binnings, has resulted successful Lodge, Evans, Tevaga and teen prodigy Reece Walsh each being cited by the lucifer reappraisal committee.

Matt Lodge and Kane Evans are among the respective Warriors players embroiled successful contention pursuing the spiteful Titans clash. (Getty)

Gould tried to marque consciousness of the chaos erstwhile prompted connected Nine's 100% Footy.

"What I saw was a disappointment successful manager Nathan Brown's look aft the game, who said it was disgraceful – and it was," Gould said.

"And I don't get it, due to the fact that successful the clip I spent astatine the Warriors determination was ne'er immoderate motion of this, determination was ne'er immoderate motion that they would beryllium similar this.

"But they got to the past crippled of the season, you get a mates of blokes (where) erstwhile their pulse gets supra 150 the encephalon switches disconnected and past each of a abrupt they get into the 'I don't care' mode.

"And past afterwards, erstwhile their pulse comes down, (they say), 'I'm sorry'. But that wasn't adjuvant astatine all."

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Warriors front-rower Matt Lodge departs for the misdeed bin during the blistering clash with the Titans. (Getty)

That enactment of Gould refereed to Lodge's agelong Instagram post, successful which the erstwhile Bronco and Tiger apologised for his actions and said helium was "embarrassed".

"To bash that successful the past crippled was conscionable indespicable," Gould added.

"It was not what I knew of (the Warriors)."

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