DJI Action 2 reinvents the action camera, makes it modular

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(Pocket-lint) - Having antecedently launched a GoPro-competitor called the Osmo Action, DJI has decided to rip up the signifier publication and commencement again from scratch with thing wholly different. 

Like each its different products previously branded 'Osmo', this latest camera is simply called DJI Action 2, and it features a modular design. 

The main camera portion itself is simply a precise compact quadrate signifier with a ample lens connected the beforehand and a surface taking up the abstraction connected the back. It's dust-proof, water-proof and drop-proof according to the company's property release. 

It's worthy noting present that portion the camera itself is waterproof, the snap-on further modules aren't, and truthful if you privation to movie underwater with that attached you'll request to instrumentality it successful a waterproof case, akin to those GoPro ones from years ago. 

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It weighs conscionable 56 grams, is built from aluminium, and tin beryllium mounted to a full big of mounts and systems, including a lanyard you tin bent astir your neck. 

Being mounted isn't a caller feature, but the mode it does truthful is surely unique. DJI went with a magnetic system, truthful the camera tin conscionable drawback connected to the lanyard, oregon drawback connected to the equine that attaches by accepted screw to immoderate different mounting accessories. 

So whether you privation to instrumentality it to the apical of your kayak, oregon deterioration it connected your head, you tin bash so. Small grips besides clasp it successful spot to guarantee it won't conscionable go detached. 

It's this magnetic strategy that besides allows the modular diagnostic set. Combined with outer interaction points, the magnets alteration the quality to drawback to a surface mod that besides has a built successful artillery oregon a powerfulness module that's axenic battery. 

This surface mod - arsenic good arsenic boosting your artillery - gives you an further touchscreen that you tin spot and power portion you're shooting footage oregon photos of yourself. 

As for camera specs, the azygous lens acts arsenic a model to a 1/1.7-inch sensor that tin sprout 4K solution video up to 120 frames per second. 

That allows slow-motion seizure astatine precocious resolutions. Plus, it features a wide 155-degree field-of-view, and has a dedicated colour somesthesia sensor that helps the colour merchandise close colours successful hard lighting conditions. 

It includes a caller mentation of the algorithmic RockSteady stabilisation too, utilizing EIS (electronic representation stabilisation) to creaseless retired footage, portion HorizonSteady besides ensures the skyline is level. 

On its own, the camera portion tin movie for up to 70 minutes, but you're improbable to get that shooting astatine 4K resolution. With that said, the further surface tops that up with different afloat complaint and tin refill the camera's artillery rapidly erstwhile attached. 

There's the accustomed hyperlapse and timelapse modes, QuickClip for shooting precise abbreviated clips for societal media, positive livestreaming up to 1080p resolution. You tin adjacent usage it arsenic a webcam. 

There are plentifulness of added extras disposable too, similar an further snap-on artillery module without a screen, assorted tripods, a distant power hold rod (selfie stick), a floating handle, magnetic headband a macro lens that you connect to the beforehand and adjacent a dual transmission mic. 

DJI Action 2 is disposable to bargain from today, with the Dual-screen combo (which includes the show mod) costing £455 successful the UK oregon €519 successful Europe. The Power Combo which includes the screen-less artillery mode volition beryllium disposable astatine the extremity of November for £349/€399. Both combos see the magnetic lanyard, magnetic ball-joint adapter equine and magnetic adapter mount. 


Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 27 October 2021.

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