'Dramatic' impact of new NRL rule irks legend

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Six-again calls connected ruck infringements indispensable beryllium "looked astatine and modified" successful a propulsion to halt teams exploiting the regularisation to summation an advantage, rugby league fable Peter Sterling says.

Sterling's comments travel a Twitter station of rugby league icon Phil Gould, who reiterated aft the Panthers' 8-6 semi-final triumph implicit the Eels that the six-again regularisation was not liable for the lopsided scorelines that had marred the 2021 season.

Gould, who specialises successful pathways and improvement and is presently utilising his expertise arsenic the Bulldogs' wide manager of football, alternatively pointed to an uneven organisation of top-end endowment passim the league.

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While Sterling agrees with Gould, helium highlighted an incidental successful the Panthers-Eels semi-final that showed six-again calls indispensable beryllium addressed.

Parramatta skipper Clint Gutherson speaks to referee Ashley Klein during the Eels' semi-final nonaccomplishment to the Panthers. (NRL Imagery)

Despite the information NRL caput of shot Graham Annesley said successful May that teams would beryllium deed with a punishment oregon adjacent a sin-bin for repetition offences, referees person failed to enforce that stance.

"Parramatta had defended, defended, defended 3 sets, I deliberation Clint Gutherson brings the shot backmost and got successful the presumption for a speedy play-the-ball and past determination was a deliberate, a cynical punishment fixed away," Sterling said connected Wide World of Sports' Sterlo's Wrap.

"That should beryllium a penalty.

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"The other tackle didn't truly assistance them, due to the fact that what it did was Penrith got backmost to support and the ceramic partition was backmost successful place, whereas (with) a speedy play-the-ball they would person been kicking the shot from implicit halfway into an attacking position.

"We support saying that what you bash successful tackles one, 2 and 3 determines what four, 5 and six look like.

"So, yes, I tin spot wherever Gus is coming from, but I inactive deliberation the six-again has had specified a melodramatic interaction that determination are times wherever a punishment is simply a overmuch much just determination for the squad that gets the six-again."

The six-again regularisation was introduced for ruck infringements this play successful an effort to velocity up play, arsenic an alternate to stopping for a penalty.

"I inactive deliberation it needs to beryllium looked astatine and modified," Sterling said.

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