Dune: Spice Wars Devs Shed More Light On The Upcoming Strategy Game

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The uncover of Dune: Spice Wars was an unexpected dainty during The Game Awards 2021. The upcoming crippled reunites the long-running (and recently relevant) sci-fi spot with the genre it helped popularize: 4x strategy. Fans person patiently waited for much details astir the crippled and got their privation acknowledgment to a developer FAQ connected the game’s Steam page.

Developer Shiro Games answered immoderate communal questions astir the title. It clarifies that Spice Wars is simply a operation of 4x and real-time strategy elements that includes, among different things, base-building. The crippled has been developed from the crushed up, meaning it won’t diagnostic immoderate elements from Shiro’s erstwhile strategy game, Northgard. Maps volition besides beryllium procedurally generated and athletics a assortment of unsocial traits players tin tinker with. 

Shiro Games antecedently announced 2 playable factions: House Harkonnen and House Atreides. It plans to person 2 much factions astatine motorboat and a 5th location during Early Access. Shiro wants to stay faithful to the publication bid archetypal and foremost, stating that houses that appeared successful anterior Dune games but not successful the root materials, specified arsenic House Ordos, aren’t guaranteed to instrumentality successful Spice Wars. 

Other nuggets see confirmation of multiplayer and plans to adhd a run astatine immoderate constituent successful Early Access. Shiro is besides unfastened to the thought of adding mod enactment depending connected the level of demand. 

Dune: Spice Wars is slated to motorboat successful PC Early Access sometime this year, but Shiro volition beryllium eyeing different platforms aft launch, truthful don’t regularisation retired an eventual console release.

Be definite to sojourn the full FAQ to spot if your burning questions person been addressed. If they haven’t, don’t despair. Shiro Plans to supply further gameplay updates passim the coming months.

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