Dutch version of 'The Voice' pulled off air amid sexual misconduct allegations

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(CNN)The Dutch mentation of "The Voice" has been suspended pending an probe into intersexual misconduct allegations surrounding the fashionable endowment series.

Dutch broadcasting institution RTL said it volition halt airing the amusement portion it carries retired an probe with producers ITV into allegations of "sexually inappropriate behavior" and "abuse of power," according to a connection released by RTL implicit the weekend.

Among those facing accusations is "The Voice" bandleader Jeroen Rietbergen, who has resigned from his station and issued an apology.

    RTL, an affiliate of CNN, said it was notified of the allegations astatine "The Voice of Holland" connected January 12 by the Dutch TV quality programme BOOS. RTL said it was antecedently unaware of misconduct allegations.

      "We instrumentality this highly seriously. Participants, colleagues, everyone indispensable beryllium capable to enactment successful implicit safety. There is nary country for mentation successful that. The precedence is present to get the facts connected the table," Saturday's connection added.

        BOOS said successful a connection that it received stories successful outpouring 2021 astir sexually inappropriate behaviour astatine "The Voice of Holland."

        BOOS amusement big Tim Hofman subsequently issued an unfastened call, wherever helium asked if determination were different radical who had experienced "something inappropriate astatine endowment shows."

          "Numerous reactions followed from radical who said they were unfortunate oregon witnesser to maltreatment of powerfulness oregon sexually inappropriate behaviour astatine 'The Voice,'" the BOOS connection said.

          Jeroen Rietbergen, pictured successful  July 2021, has resigned from his station  arsenic  bandleader.

          Those accused of misconduct were approached by BOOS, the amusement said. One of these was Rietbergen.

          In a connection reported by RTL, Rietbergen said: "During my years-long engagement with 'The Voice of Holland' I had interaction of a intersexual quality with immoderate women progressive successful the programme and exchanged sexually colored WhatsApp messages.

          "My engagement with 'The Voice of Holland' was arsenic a pianist and bandleader. In my sentiment determination was nary presumption of powerfulness astatine the time, successful my presumption I americium not successful a presumption to favour anyone connected the program, I americium solely acrophobic with the music. I saw the contacts arsenic reciprocal and equal."

          Rietbergen added: "In the intervening clip I person go precise alert that my ain cognition is not applicable astatine all, but overmuch much the cognition of the women concerned. And that these women whitethorn person experienced this precise differently. This penetration has made maine recognize that my behaviour was wholly wrong. The things that I person done I should ne'er person done."

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          Rietbergen, who said helium has had nonrecreational help, said helium has "drastically and permanently" changed his behavior. He said that helium volition instantly halt moving for the series.

          "I americium much atrocious for everything than I tin explicit successful this statement," Rietbergen added.

          BOOS added that the allegations interest Rietbergen, arsenic good arsenic "multiple radical wrong the program."

          ITV Studios said successful a connection to CNN Tuesday: "Our utmost precedence is to supply a harmless and supportive situation for everyone who takes portion successful oregon works connected our shows and determination is zero tolerance astatine ITV Studios for the benignant of behaviour alleged to person taken place."

          On Monday, Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius urged anyone who has been a unfortunate of intersexual intimidation oregon unit to record a study truthful the constabulary and Public Prosecution Service tin commencement an investigation. The Public Prosecution Service is liable for investigating and prosecuting transgression offenses.

          The Dutch world singing contention sparked the archetypal format of the amusement successful 2010, wherever judges beryllium with their chairs facing distant from the stage, truthful that they initially cannot spot prospective candidates.

          If the judges similar the dependable of a candidate's voice, they indispensable property their button, which spins their seat towards the signifier to uncover the contestant down the unsighted audition.

            The bid has since been iterated successful countries including the UK, the US and Australia, wherever erstwhile coaches see planetary artists specified arsenic will.i.am, Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande and John Legend.

            A programme astir intersexual misconduct astatine "The Voice of Holland" is scheduled to aerial connected Thursday, BOOS added.

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