East Sacramento Intersection Transforming Into Sac State ‘University Village’

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Don’t telephone Sacramento State University a commuter schoolhouse anymore.

Student lodging connected and disconnected field has added thousands of units successful the past fewer years—and present adjacent much is connected the way.

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Sacramento State is abruptly go students’ “home saccharine home.” James Treydte conscionable moved into the dorms.

“It’s been beauteous great, you know, I’ve truly been enjoying it,” Treydte said.

Jennifer Schmidt moved into an off-campus house.

“It’s convenient for me,” Schmidt said.

University President Robert Nelson has prioritized adding lodging to assistance escaped the field of the representation helium present describes arsenic a soiled word.

“I bash telephone the commuter schoolhouse the ‘c’ word,” Nelson said. “And we don’t usage that connection astir field anymore.”

The newest lodging program astatine 65th and Folsom Boukevard is called Opus Student Housing.

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The program calls for a six communicative flat with much than 300 beds. And views of the Hornets Football Stadium.

The caller lodging is planned to spell up astatine an intersection that has been transformed implicit the past decennary to cater to students, including adding a Grocery Outlet metropolis councilmember Jeff Harris worked to bring to the vicinity for students.

“We’re trying to make a assemblage colony benignant of feel,” Harris said.

Approximately 31,000 students be Sacramento State, and astir half—13,000—live connected oregon adjacent campus. That’s treble the fig from a decennary ago.

President Nelson says students who unrecorded connected oregon adjacent field person an mean GPA of a afloat constituent higher than commuting students.

“They tin spell sojourn with their module members, they tin spell to bureau hours, they’re there,” Nelson said. “There’s a sticky-ness.”

More students are present calling Sacramento State home. Goodbye commuter school.

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“I’m joining a sorority this weekend,” Schmidt said. “So we’ll spot however that goes.”

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