Ezra Miller Reveals A Speedy Look At The Flash Film's Time Travel Turmoil

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Barry Allen himself, Ezra Miller, introduced the archetypal look astatine his much-anticipated solo movie pursuing the events of Justice League. He said they don’t person a trailer to amusement due to the fact that the movie is inactive successful accumulation but does person thing to amusement fans successful anticipation of the film’s merchandise precocious adjacent year.

The abbreviated tease opens with a large question surrounding galore of The Flash’s biggest adventures: “Tell maine something. You tin spell anyplace you want, right? Any timeline. Any universe.” The Flash appears extracurricular his puerility home, we presume this is the nighttime his parent tragically died, to alteration destiny and prevention the beingness of his mom.

This communicative known arsenic Flashpoint is well-worn territory from DC comics and the CW TV show, but it's incredibly important to the scope of Barry Allen’s powers and responsibilities and tin beryllium played successful truthful galore ways owed to the infinite possibilities of clip question and alternate timelines. Barry learns that actions, nary substance however noble, person the top consequences that tin ripple passim time. We spot imaginable outcomes of these actions with a changeable of a bloody Bat-cowl lying bare connected a floor, but different country reveals different cowl, perchance different Batman from an alternate timeline who we haven’t seen connected the large surface successful adjacent to 30 years… Also, are determination 3 Barry Allens hanging retired successful the Bat Cave?

The sneak peek was acold excessively short, and I’m excited to spot more! Check retired different large trailers from DC Fandome including the communicative trailers for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and Gotham Knights. What did you deliberation of this speedy tease of The Flash? What benignant of clip question shenanigans would you similar to spot Barry (or Barrys) get into successful theaters? Let america cognize successful the comments! 

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