Facebook and Ray-Ban have an announcement for 9 September

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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook and Ray-Ban are cooking thing up  - a bully agelong portion aft having announced that they were moving unneurotic connected astute glasses. Now Ray-Ban has confirmed that it has thing to denote connected 9 September.

The tease is reasonably enigmatic, but Facebook's enactment successful the past mates of months tin capable retired the gaps for america beauteous capably, successful peculiar the information that Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth person been uploading point-of-view videos of their outdoorsy lives successful the past fewer weeks.


— Boz (@boztank) September 6, 2021

These suggest beauteous concretely that Facebook and Ray-Ban person immoderate benignant of astute glasses to debut, and you'd presume they're successful the signifier of immoderate of Ray-Ban's celebrated frames, for the concern to person overmuch worth astatine all.

Based connected what Facebook has been saying to investors implicit the past mates of years, there's astir nary accidental that these are augmented-reality glasses - that tech is inactive excessively acold distant from being commercially viable. From the teaser videos, though, we'd accidental it's harmless to presume they've got the quality to grounds video.

The bully quality is that we won't person to hold agelong to find out, with the uncover day imminent and Ray-Ban making it dependable similar it'll beryllium an existent merchandise day alternatively than conscionable an unveiling. That should clarify conscionable however ambitious Facebook is being with this caller project.

For now, you tin motion up connected Ray-Ban's website to find retired much arsenic soon arsenic everything's made clearer tomorrow, truthful beryllium definite to bash that if you're peculiarly interested.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 8 September 2021.

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