Family builds giant igloo shelter in front yard

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OWATONNA, Minn. (WCCO) — A confederate Minnesota household is embracing the acold successful a creative, vibrant way.

Ashley and Ryan Thorson built a elephantine igloo successful their beforehand gait for their 3 sons.

“To support 3 boys occupied and entertained takes immoderate originative doing sometimes,” Ashley said.

For 3 nights, they froze colored h2o successful aluminum trays into hundreds of blocks of ice. Then it took much than 12 hours implicit 4 days to conception the igloo, sticking the crystal blocks unneurotic with snow.

“You get astir 2 thirds of the mode done and you don’t privation to bash it anymore, but you’re mode excessively invested truthful you benignant of person to finish,” Ryan said.

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He says the extortion was the astir hard part. He and his woman had to enactment arsenic a squad to marque definite it held up.

“We lone had 1 partition autumn down erstwhile we were astir 5 rows up, but since then, since it was bully and lukewarm it benignant melted and present it’s really beauteous solid,” Ashley said.

The Thorsons estimation much than 250 blocks of crystal are holding the igloo upright. It stands taller than six feet.

“Hopefully it brings arsenic galore smiles to different radical arsenic it has our family,” Ashley said.

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