Faultless Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix

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Australian operator Daniel Ricciardo has won the Italian Grand Prix successful a contention marred by satellite title person Max Verstappen and defending champion Lewis Hamilton crashing retired successful a frightening collision.

It was Ricciardo's archetypal triumph since Monaco successful 2018 and McLaren's archetypal triumph successful astir 9 years, since Jenson Button took the chequered emblem successful Brazil successful 2012.

The Western Australian finished 1.747 seconds up of McLaren teammate Lando Norris and 4.921 up of Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas, who turned successful a beardown show aft starting from the backmost of the grid owed to a punishment for taking a caller engine.

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But the biggest talking constituent of Sunday's contention came connected thigh 26.

Hamilton had pitted from the pb and returned to the way conscionable successful beforehand of Verstappen.

The Red Bull operator tried to travel up the wrong connected a crook arsenic the seven-time champion defended his position.

As the 2 made contact, Verstappen's car catapulted onto the apical of the Mercedes arsenic some slid into the gravel.

Daniel Ricciardo successful the heavy of Italian Grand Prix celebrations. (Getty)

The protective halo ringing astatine the beforehand of Formula 1 car cockpits whitethorn person saved Hamilton from superior injury.

"That's what you get erstwhile you don't permission the space," said a furious Verstappen implicit squad radio.

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Both drivers were capable to locomotion distant from their cars though Hamilton took a agelong clip getting retired of his, lone clambering retired aft Verstappen had agelong gone.

The stewards are present investigating the incident.

Max Verstappen's Red Bull sensationally ends up connected apical of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes astatine the Italian Grand Prix. (Getty)

Ricciardo won the Monza contention aft a superb commencement allowed him to walk Verstappen, who started from rod position, astatine crook one.

Behind them Hamilton, who started fourth, managed to walk Norris.

But Hamilton past tried to get astir the extracurricular of Verstappen heading into the 2nd chicane and was alternatively forced disconnected crossed the grass, allowing Norris to regain his place.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen stranded successful the gravel aft their melodramatic clang successful Monza. (Getty)

"He (Verstappen) pushed maine wide!" Hamilton said implicit squad radio.

Hamilton was past held up by Norris and could lone ticker successful vexation arsenic Ricciardo and Verstappen stretched their vantage thigh by lap.

Ricciardo was archetypal to pit, connected thigh 23, and came retired seventh.

Verstappen was struggling with his tyres and stopped connected the pursuing lap.

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But a botched pit halt that lasted 11.1 seconds saw him travel retired successful 10th and, to marque matters worse for the Dutch driver, Hamilton had successful the meantime passed Norris to instrumentality the lead.

But catastrophe struck for some drivers soon afterward.

Daniel Ricciardo soaking up triumph successful Monza. (Getty)

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