Final Fantasy XIV Services Are Coming Back Soon

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Last month, owed to the overwhelming queue times to entree Final Fantasy XIV servers, digital crippled income and definite services were suspended until things calmed down. Now, Square Enix is preparing to let caller accounts to beryllium created successful a mates of weeks.

According to a developer blog post, January 25 will be the day integer income of Final Fantasy XIV volition beryllium resumed. The determination coincides with the already-planned opening of a caller Oceanian data center, bringing 5 caller worlds into existence, hopefully alleviating congestion connected different worlds. This besides means the suspended Home World Transfer Service volition besides beryllium brought backmost connected January 25, letting players bring their quality to these caller servers, oregon elsewhere barring immoderate limitations imposed connected still-overpopulated worlds. The often-memed escaped proceedings for FFXIV volition proceed to beryllium frozen for the clip being.

Also connected the docket is the Data Center Travel System, which expands players' quality to sojourn different worlds to play with friends oregon quest/etc. Currently, a akin functionality is contiguous successful game, but lone allows you to sojourn worlds that stock a information halfway with your character's location world. However, with the caller Data Center Travel System, you'll beryllium capable question to servers housed wrong a different information center. There are immoderate restrictions however, arsenic listed connected the blog post.

  • Players volition beryllium capable to sojourn Worlds successful different logical information centers wrong the aforesaid carnal information center.
  • Players volition not beryllium capable to sojourn Worlds successful different regions/physical information centers.
  • Though cross-region question is technically possible, implementation is inactive nether consideration.
  • Travel is initiated not portion logged into the game, but from the quality enactment screen.

FFXIV shaper Naoki Yoshida says successful the post, "there are conscionable astir nary restrictions. Be it undertaking quests, forming parties, oregon utilizing the Duty Finder, you'll beryllium capable to play the crippled arsenic usual." Some connection services won't beryllium disposable erstwhile traveling to different information center, though, truthful put for different means of chatting with your Free Company oregon location satellite friends if necessary.

Other information centers astir the globe also person updates planned successful the coming months and years, letting adjacent much radical play astatine the aforesaid time. You tin work each astir those expansions successful the developer blog station here.

Have you been playing FFXIV: Endwalker? What bash you deliberation astir the latest expansion? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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