Fittler's question to NRL in wake of Latrell charge

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Rugby league large Brad Fittler has questioned whether the seriousness of an wounded should beryllium factored into the charges laid connected unsafe tackles.

Fittler's query comes aft Storm prima Brandon Smith was placed connected study for a precocious changeable connected Marata Niukore during Melbourne's nonaccomplishment to the Eels past night.

There are fears Niukore whitethorn person suffered a jaw injury, which remains to beryllium confirmed.

But successful the aftermath of Rabbitohs prima Latrell Mitchell's precocious changeable connected Joey Manu, which near the Rooster with a depressed facial fracture, Fittler questioned whether Smith's incidental should beryllium enactment "in the aforesaid category" arsenic the South Sydney fullback's complaint based connected the wounded broadside of things.

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"So tonight, Brandon Smith comes crossed and hits Marata Niukore high," Fittler said connected Nine's Saturday Night Footy post-show.

"You see, Niukore was deed with much than conscionable a slap successful the chemoreceptor and he's lying down.

"Nothing similar the interaction of Latrell's [hit connected Manu] and however melodramatic that was.

"They're present saying Niukore has a jaw problem... truthful bash we enactment Brandon Smith successful the aforesaid class due to the fact that there's an injury?

"It's precise hard to justice incidents erstwhile determination is simply a large injury, and Joey Many's was a large injury. If Niukore's jaw is fractured, he's retired for the remainder of the season. What happens?"

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While Fittler said the "human quality broadside of you" mightiness let the seriousness of the wounded to beryllium factored into the punishment, Parramatta large Peter Sterling said helium wasn't successful favour of that argument.

"I've ne'er liked to instrumentality that into account, but I understand," Sterling replied.

"My archetypal absorption is, sometimes you get a truly superior wounded from thing reasonably innocuous."

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